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B writes...

You once said that Medusa, as part of her mother Ekidna's isolationist faction, was "reluctant".

1. Since the originally conceived role of Medusa in The New Olympians was replaced by Sphinx, I imagine them as being the same age, so is being a friend/classmate of Sphinx part of the reason for Medusa's reluctance?

2. If there are other reasons, would you please elaborate on them?

Greg responds...

They are the same age. I'm not going to go into the reasons.

Response recorded on January 08, 2014

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B writes...

You said once that Sphinx, of the New Olympians, comes from a big family.

1. Are Sphinx's family sphinxes? Or are they a wide range of different phenotypes instead? I tend to think the latter, since she's the one named Sphinx.

2. If you can share any more details about members of Sphinx's family (names, personalities, appearances, roles), would you please?

Greg responds...


2. I can, but I won't. Sorry.

Response recorded on January 06, 2014

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Litwolf writes...

A few questions about Sphinx (all I know about her is her GargWiki profile and Im dying to know more):
1) Despite her appearance looking very much like an English gargoyle (wings, tail, humanoid body with cat features), she's not actaully a gargoyle, right? She's just pure New Olympian?
2) Can she fly, unlike a gargoyle's glide?
3) Do you think she has the physical strength to carry Terry in the air? (I ask this question because, given how the romance reminds me a lot of Goliath and Elisa, I wonder if we'll ever see Sphinx carrying Terry like Goliath carries Elisa)
4) How fast does she age as compared to a human? And how old is she when she meets Terry?

And, since Im sure Sphinx would be upset if I ignored her Terry, a quick question about him: any idea what kind of boat takes him to New Olympus? I think you've said he's going to sail around the world, so Im gonna guess a sailboat, is that right?

I hope Sphinx and Terry get a chance to have their story told in comic form!

Greg responds...

1. Correct.

2. Yes.

3. Yes.

4. I'm not saying.

5. Yes, it's a sailboat.

Response recorded on September 25, 2008