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Hermione R.I.P.

Our basset hound Hermione passed away in her sleep yesterday. She had a large inoperable malignant cancer tumor, so it wasn't a shock.

I know it must seem like we go through these dogs rapidly, but that's because my wife and kids always choose elderly dogs from the Basset Rescue Ranch, because they feel that everyone always wants the puppies and young dogs, and the old ones never find a home. So we get dogs. They're old. They die. My family grieves. And we start the process again... all too often, I guess.

We still have one basset left, Murray. Plus our cat Emmy. I'd like to put off getting any more pets for the time being, but it's never up to curmudgeonly me.

Hermione was a handsome girl, definitely the Alpha Female of our pets. Very common sense. We'll miss her.

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Okuraorca writes...

Greetings Greg,
First of all, I want to thank you for doing Spectacular Spiderman. This show has had me on the edge of my seat from the first episode until the last, and I really hope there will be a Season Three. If there is, I hope it all goes well, as I am looking forward to more!
Anyway, I had a few questions about how the show is planned out, if I may ask, as I am keen to learn about how the process of writting and planning out the episodes and the plotlines is done, as I am in the process of trying to create some complex stories myself.
First all, I notice that your plotlines have intertwining plotlines that grow from one thing to something else later (IE: The gene cleanser's use in Season 2 even after we were sure to have seen the last of it in Season one). My question was to this concept, of how you write these plotlines. Do you have them all planned out from the start, or do you look backwards to previous episodes to find ways to get them to interact with what's happened before?
Second question, about the planning of the series again. Do you choose a character then create a plotline about that character, or rather; Select a plot idea, then cycle through characters to find what ones would work best for that episode? Or if there is a combination of the two, which do you find easier to work with?
Third, when it comes to cutting things from a plot (events, characters, etc...), because there's just not enough time for it all, what are the things you look for or consider with things that have to be cut? I'm not just meaning main events in the plotline either, but more like, you have two jokes that could happen and you remove one and keep the other. What makes you keep one thing you want, but cut the other?
And finally, just a small, easy one here. I loved the use of Molten Man, as I'd always seen him as a minor villian, as there's very little about him compared to major villians, yet you made him awesome in the show (I'll also admit Mysterio also always bored me, but you made me like him in the show and want to see more!). I don't want names, as I know you don't give them out, but did you have plans for other 'minor' or lesser known villians to show up further down the track? Just curious really.

At any rate thanks for your time, and here's hoping for Season Three!

~ Okuraorca

Greg responds...


1. For each season, I have a giant bulletin board (really two bulletin boards hung side by side) covered with multi-color index cards, so that we can track plotlines across an entire season. The writers and I then break one arc at a time, constantly aware of what has come before and what is planned yet to come.

2. It's just more organic in general than what you're describing.

3. How crucial it is to the storytelling of that episode.

4. I don't consider either Mysterio or Molten Man to be minor or lesser.

Response recorded on July 31, 2009

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Kait writes...

Even though Demona and MacBeth are tied together, and neither can die unless one kills the other, would it have been possible to smash Demona when she was stone during the day (BEFORE "The Mirror"), such as when she turned to stone in "Long Way To Morning"? If so, would MacBeth have died? I know this is a moot point, and even as silly as asking "What if one of them were BEHEADED?!" but I'm just curious! Thank you.

Greg responds...

This is a moot point, and even as silly as asking "What if one of them were BEHEADED?!"

Response recorded on July 31, 2009

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clyde writes...

Hey Greg! Earlier I've asked you if you hate Carnage. You didn't answer my question yet and you don't have to because I heard that rumor was fake. I'm sorry for not checking if my question was answered. So don't when you get my questions, don't answer question #2 but answer all the other questions left. Thanks and I hope this message reaches you before you answer my questions.

Greg responds...

There's no way a LATER post would reach me before the earlier post. That's just not how ASK GREG works.

Response recorded on July 31, 2009

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Tommy writes...

Hi Greg,
I'm a huge Spidey (and Gargoyle) fan and I love your Spectacular Spidey animated show. By far my favorite episode is NATURAL SELECTION. So naturally, I have a few questions about it.

1. When this episode originally aired was it incomplete? I ask because there're two scenes that stand out that have been changed (or fixed?) since its first airing compared to its DVD release and widescreen airing on Disney XD. The first scene is the cake scene where it changed visually from a white cake to a chocolate cake. The second scene is the under water struggle between Spidey and the Lizard. In the first airing the under water scene is shot almost like it was in black and white, the exception being the Lizard's eyes are yellow. On the DVD release and Disney XD airings, Spidey and the Lizard are colored. Obviously you guys fixed the cake to match the dialogue, but what about the under water struggle? Was it fixed or changed? If it was changed, then why?

2. With there being different interpretations of the Lizard throughout his appearances in the comics and in other media, was there any specific reason why you guys went with an all-savage Lizard instead of one that retains some of Dr. Connors' intelligence?

Thanks for the time you take to answer these questions, I really do appreciate it.

Greg responds...

1. We had a number of color issues during the first season. But I don't recall things not being fixed in time for airing.

2. We went with what felt right to us.

Response recorded on July 31, 2009

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haley again writes...

i am the one who is writing a book and i was think why not turn gargoyles into a feature film, with narnia, harry potter, Twilight and many others making it big? I would definitly go to the theatres ten times to see that as a franchise. That dramatic series is perfect to see as a film. I think that if disney doesn't pick it up, when my book is done i will be pitching it as a movie idea. Sorry but your idea of gargoyles is too goo to be left alone. It is just to perfect.

Greg responds...

Am I supposed to be enthusiastic about you writing a gargoyles book and then turning it into a movie? Cuz... I'm not.

Anyway, you can check the ASK GREG archives under "Live-Action Movie" and find out all there is to know about the status of the Live-Action film.

Response recorded on July 31, 2009

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Alice Vandermark writes...

what does roman numeral lxm stand for

Greg responds...

It seems an incorrect form to me. L being fifty, I believe, and X being ten, and M being a thousand. It would seem to indicate 1000 - 60 = 940. But no self-respecting Roman would write it that way. I'd think 940 would be written CMXL. But I'm hardly an expert.

Response recorded on July 31, 2009

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? writes...

Hi Greg! Now that I’ve watched Season 2 of The Spectacular Spider-Man, I have a few more questions. But first regarding the last set I asked:
I. Sorry about spelling your last name wrong, I didn’t realize it until it was too late.
II. With my 3rd question you did answer that you avoid biasness regarding characters which is great; I did mix the “parts” of my question together though (sorry about that again), so I was wondering if you liked the character of Venom? Most (not all) people I’ve met who said they don’t like Venom grew up in the “Stan Lee Era”. I understand you grew up during the “Lee/Romita Times”, but I also know that the “Greg hates Carnage Rumor” is false (I’m not a fan of Carnage, but I don’t hate him either, I’m “neutral/take or leave” to Carnage).
III. Thanks for answering my last batch of questions!
Alright, now onto the new batch of questions:
1. I remember you said in an earlier post that you saw a little bit of the 90s Series but not enough to give a “true opinion” on it. My question is: Do you remember which episodes of the 90s series you saw? It’s OK if you don’t know the episode names; the villains from the episodes will suffice. I ask, because I noticed that the Symbiote arrives on Earth on John Jameson’s space shuttle in The Uncertainty Principle. This idea was 1st used in The Alien Costume Part I.
2. Why did the local authorities put Dr. Octopus in Raven Croft Asylum after Group Therapy when they had him in Rykers Prison before he escaped in that episode? I figured the “behind the scenes” reason was for your production crews’ plan, but what’s the “in story” reason (if you get what I mean)?
3. What was Eddie Brock doing during the Master Planner Arc? The most I can tell is that he was working out (he’s buffer then he was in Season 1) and that he made his own web shooters and costume. So where was he hiding and what else was he doing besides the things I mentioned earlier? I figured this was OK to ask as I don’t see how it would spoil anything in the future (sorry if it does).
4A. Whose idea was it to have Venom speak with 2 voices (Eddie’s voice and the Symbiote’s voice in unison)? I love the idea and I think it works so well for Venom.
4B. It actually reminds me of the fusion characters from Dragonball Z; have you ever herd of or seen Dragonball Z? If so, what did you think of it?
5A. What was your reason for making Walter Hardy/Black Cat’s dad into Uncle Ben’s killer? As someone else pointed out, it probably worked out better then it did with Flint Marko/Sandman in Spider-Man 3, because Walter was still the same guy Spidey let get away.
5B. What made James Remar your choice for Walter’s voice (I found him to be a great choice)? Do you remember who else tried out for Walter’s voice?
6. Seeing as how Norman and Green Goblin had different voice artists (for obvious reasons) I think it’s safe to say Roderick (or who ever you choose) and Hobgoblin will have different voice artists as well. My question is: If Season 3 does happen, will you just have Steve Blum voice Hobgoblin since he voiced Green Goblin or do you have someone else in mind for Hobby? The 90s Series used Neil Ross and Mark Hamil for Green Goblin and Hobgoblin respectively. I thought this would be OK to ask, since we already know Hobgoblin is in Season 3 and I’m only asking if Steve Blum is your voice choice for Hobby or not (not who exactly will be Hobby as we both know Season 3 is still undecided). Sorry if this was a “bad question” to ask.
Well, thanks again for answering my 2nd set of questions Greg! Hope you enjoy your summer (as far as temperature is concerned).

Greg responds...


I. Don't worry about it.

II. I like our Venom.

III. You're welcome.

1. I'm fairly certain that the episodes I saw involved Carnage's debut and a Hobgoblin/Green Goblin conflict. But I don't think I've ever seen a complete episode start to finish of that series.

2. He convinced them he was nuts.

3. I think you've pretty much covered all the important points.

4A. Mine.

4B. I once saw a bit of Dragonball Z in Japanese, and couldn't make heads or tails of what was going on. But the immediate inspiration for what we did with Venom was what we did with Anubis in an episode of Gargoyles called "Grief".

5A. We combined the Burglar with the Cat Burglar with the Cat, etc. It all just seemed to fit, to be right to us.

5B. No one else tried out. We don't audition for guest characters. Our voice and casting director Jamie Thomason suggested James, and I thought it was a great idea.

6. No comment.

Response recorded on July 31, 2009

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Gareth Tan writes...

Hi, I'd just like to start by saying that I thought The Spectacular Spider-Man was pretty much the best adaption of the comics onto any sort of screen. This might of course stem from my inherent dislike of the movies, but enough about me. I have three questions for you;

1) Are you currently planning to involve SHIELD in any future seasons?

2) Given that all the established pieces are already on the board, do you feel that there's a need to eventually introduce the much-maligned clone saga, if you get a third and maybe fourth season?

3) Are there plans to eventually bring other, less traditional allies into the show, such as Daredevil?

thank you for answering my questions, assuming you do answer my questions. My apologies if they all turn out to be 'no comments'...

Greg responds...

1. No.

2. No comment.

3. See the archives. I've answered this ad nauseum.

Response recorded on July 31, 2009

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haley writes...

i have loved gargoyles for a long time. I have seen all the episodes and has inspired me to write a book. But with my own twist and characters. Do u think useing the same location as the tv series is copying your work?

Greg responds...

Uh... well, not that I want more specifics, but it really depends on how many specific touchstone points you're using. I hardly have a monopoly on either Gargoyles or Manhattan, but if you're doing "Gargoyles in Manhattan", you're already treading pretty darn close. You put them atop a skyscraper, you're in very dicey terrain. Frankly, if you have to ask, I'd guess that, yes, you're too close to copying us.

In any case, I can't get very enthusiastic for you no matter what you're doing. I'm glad we've inspired you, but I'd rather we inspired you to something way more your own than something that is close enough that you are merely bringing your "own twist and characters" to the project.

If this is merely intended as fanfiction, fine. But if you have some desire to release this commercially, than I'd rather you didn't compete with me on my turf, using work inspired by my show. Does that sound selfish?

Response recorded on July 30, 2009

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Harlan Phoenix writes...

"So, I'm curious about something involving the early development of Gargoyles...particularly, the pitching process. I'm not exactly sure how to word this, as my knowledge of how the process of actually pitching a show works, but I'll try my best."

That should read "As my knowledge of how the process of actually pitching a show works is limited." My bad. Last time I post a question late at night.

I do have a question concerning Spider-Man's stand alone status but the "in the early Marvel Universe" hypothetical status it's also in in your mind. Do you have any process of rationalizing why other heroes haven't been around to stop Spider-Man's villains? (I have this same general question concerning normal comic stories, as well, but that breed of this question obviously wouldn't be aimed at you. It's just always puzzled me how exclusive to their Rogues Gallery some heroes can be the grand majority of the time.)

Greg responds...

In my mind, there aren't a lot of heroes around yet. It's early days.

Tony Stark hasn't been to Vietnam or Afghanistan yet. Don Blake hasn't been to Norway. Steve Rogers is still an iceberg. Etc.

The Fantastic Four exist, but they're mostly dealing with COSMIC level threats.

The Hulk is leaping around the Southwest, more an exurban legend than a hero.

Ant-Man is operating in his own small way. Janet doesn't yet have her wings.

Professor X has only recently founded his school and only has a couple students (Cyclops and Beast).

Keep in mind, this is only my interpretation and is hardly official. As of now, we don't have access to ANY of these characters.

Response recorded on July 30, 2009

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David B. Jacobs writes...

How does the Green Goblin change his voice? Does he have a voice-changer in his mask?

Greg responds...

That would be telling... and I try not to tell on murderous psychopaths.

Response recorded on July 30, 2009

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Lee H writes...

Hey Greg. I love the work you've done on The Spectacular Spider-Man, it's by far the best version of the character and his stories since Steve Ditko was handling him. A few questions:

1. You've mentioned before that you try your best to avoid creating original characters, so a lot of minor roles in the show are characters from the actual comic books. Are there any you can "reveal" that people haven't picked up on? I believe you've mentioned Tiny (McKeever, from Untold Tales right?) and Vin Gonzales before, which episodes did they appear in? Furthmore, has Seymour O'Reilly ( http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix/seymourspdm.htm ) appeared in the show?

2. An excellent job has been done of merging certain characters, such as Montana/Shocker, Fancy Dan/Ricochet and Bennet Brant/Molten Man (which by extension merges some of Betty Brant with Liz Allan). Was Black Cat intentionally merged with Jessica Carradine? Are there any other, more subtle, character merges in the show?

3. Peter hasn't been shown tinkering with web shooters and gadgets as much as he did in the early issues of the comics. Was this something intentionally downplayed, or just due to time constraints and what-not?

4. What do you think worked best in Spectacular Spider-Man so far? Anything that didn't quite turn out as well as you'd hoped?

Thank you!

Greg responds...


1. Tiny, Seymour and Jason have all appeared. Tiny and Jason are on the football team, though Jason was injured mid-first season and Tiny's low grades temporarily knocked him off the team. Tiny dressed as a cheerleader on Halloween. Seymour announces the games. You might also recall his conversation with Mark Allan, when the latter returned to Midtown.

Vin and Alan have appeared many times too. They're the two uniformed cops who are NOT DeWolff and Carter.

You'll see more of all five characters if we get additional seasons.

2. Yes. Probably.

3. Mostly time constraints, but we have a major storyline planned about the invention of his web-shooters. Given enough episodes, we'll get to it eventually.

4. Uh... I'm pretty happy with pretty much everything. But of course, I'm biased.

Response recorded on July 30, 2009

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Paul writes...

I asked before whether Spidey had ever crossed paths with the real Mysterio in season 2, and you asked me to define "crossed paths", by which I mean any occasion when Spidey had come into contact with the real Beck in his Mysterio disguise. So did Spidey ever encounter the real Mysterio in season 2? I guess Beck was real enough in "Persona", but did Spidey ever meet the real deal on any occasion that he met Mysterio in season 2?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on July 30, 2009

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Martin writes...

Greg responds
And just so it's clear, I do NOT enjoy answering nearly every post with "NO COMMENT". This isn't fun for me either, gang, but since collectively you all keep insisting on asking for Spoilers that I've already made clear I'm not going to give, you're not leaving me much choice.

Look, Greg, you gotta understand us (the fans). These season 3 questions are probably coming from people who have already seen season 2. Plus, you revealed two big villains for the 3rd season (and you revealed it waaay back, I think in an interview with Spidermancrawlspace, even before the show started on KidsWB). Two teases, and now, with the show's fate in the air, we want more. But I agree with you, we should stop with this. it must be frustrating for you to see every 3rd question be something like "will Venom return and Chameleon too" or "Will you kill off Gwen". HE'S NOT GONNA KILL OFF GWEN, ATLEAST NOT IN SEASON 3 SO BACK OFF. Now I was about to ask you something, but what was it.... oh yeah:

I read your interview where you say that if the show gets 4th season, there will be Spider-Mobile. Is this still valid?

Greg responds...


And believe me, I get it. But at some point, the message needs to sink in that I can't and won't spoil Season Three, right?

Response recorded on July 30, 2009

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Blue Mug Productions

Blue Mug Productions is up and running!

If you're 18 or over, check out http://www.bluemugproductions.com/ for the very latest in story-driven mature content.

They've got preview pages of the web-comic LAST TENGU IN PARIS, so you can see what you're missing. But I suggest getting a membership which gives you access to all existing pages of LAST TENGU, as well as a forum, Gallery, even an ASK EDMUND feature and more. This is good stuff. You don't want to miss out.

[Okay, Edmund, I gave you your damn plug. Now put down the gun...]

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Clark Cradic writes...

Are you allowed to create show only characters for Spectacular Spider-man (not counting background characters like the couple) or does the agreement with Marvel prevent you from making your own characters for the story?

Greg responds...

There's no contractual rule saying we can't create original characters, but we made a CREATIVE decision early on to NOT create any original name characters.

Response recorded on July 29, 2009

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Spiderman Fan writes...

Hey Greg. You've done a great job with Spectacular Spiderman. I liked the twist with Black Cat's father murdering Uncle Ben which leads me to my questions:

1. I know you can't / won't reveal Season 3 but do you think Spiderman knowing Cat's relationship with Ben's muderer was a wise decision? The reason I ask is Black Cat's identity is basically shot since Spiderman could easily deduce her identity with a simple google search on The Cat Burglar.

2. Was the revelation Black Cat's father murdering Uncle Ben a calculated one (meaning Spiderman will use the info in a future episode)?

3. In Opening Night, it almost seems Cat's dad knows Spidermans identity based off his reaction in the air vent. This is my interpretation and perhaps am reading too much into it. Without revealing any spoilers, do you plan on having the Cat Burglar Cat's Dad) in future episodes?

Greg responds...


1. Obviously, I think it was a wise decision, or I wouldn't have done it.

2. We have plans.

3. No comment.

Response recorded on July 29, 2009

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Josh Wright writes...

As a long-time fan of Gargoyles, I've often wondered why Disney seems to have left the property in the "scrap heap" as it were. It is truly the only half-hour Disney animated series that has been close to serious or has addressed real themes. In the late 90's, when the idea was being tossed around for a movie, I can almost understand why Disney wouldn't have wanted to pursue it. At that point, Disney had never even approached the idea of doing a PG-13 film (as a Gargoyles film would almost have to be PG-13). Plus, the effects may not have been up to par to do the clan justice.

Now, however, after the success of the Pirates franchise, I can't imagine why Disney wouldn't want to pursue this concept in film form. They've proven they can handle a PG-13 film. Also, through the effects used to bring Davy Jones to life, they've proven that bringing Goliath and co. to life would not be that difficult. In this day and age, there doesn't seem to be any good reason why Disney wouldn't want to bring Gargoyles to the big screen.

Ultimately, my question is: Has anyone at Disney given you anything close to an explanation as to why they aren't pushing the property further?

Greg responds...

Not really, but I think the answers are fairly obvious.

First, the NOSTALGIA PERISCOPE is still firmly fixed on the 1980s, with cartoons like Transformers and G.I. Joe becoming big movies. Give us eight to ten years and the periscope will have moved on to the 90s. Maybe then...

Second, if we're being honest, the property never did BLOCKBUSTER business. So there's no huge incentive to trot it out early, i.e. ahead of the periscope.

Response recorded on July 29, 2009

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Daniel writes...

Hi Greg,

I love 'The Spectacular Spider-Man', especially with what you and the crew did with the Green Goblin. Season 2 finale was Excellent!
The show itself has capture that old school Spidey feel and the only Spider-Man related comic book that captures this feeling, IMO, is the Spider-Girl series by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz.
That brings me to my questions:

1) Have you ever read a Spider-Girl comic?
2) If you have read Spider-Girl, what are your thoughts on the character and her world?

Greg responds...

1. Yes. But just a few issues.

2. There seems to be a lot of fun stuff there.

Response recorded on July 29, 2009

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Nelio writes...

Not so much a question but praise / comment.

I'm not the biggest Spidey fan in the world, I was a little skeptical about watching the Spectacular Spider-Man. However after your announcement about it getting a second season, I decided to give it a chance.

I'm glad I did. The show is great. First I love the character designs, especially Parker. Not sure if you played a hand in their creation, but I like Parker in particularly because of the few idiosyncrasies with his face such as the mole. I was curious though about the triangle nose "slit" he seem to have. Is that supposed to be just a nostril or some type of disfigurement due to an injury, or something like that? I personally hope it is one of the latter as I feel having an injury like that brings some insight to the character.

One thing I must mention is the level of complex interaction going in the show. It's very good, and something I wouldn't expect from a cartoon. I dare say it has complexities of that of a prime time drama. I also love the long fight scenes.

While I'm mostly like you Greg for Gargoyles, I have to admit in the two other cases I've seen you work (7 episodes on The Batman and now Spectacular Spider-Man), I'm very happy with he quality of story you provide us with. Thank you very much.

Greg responds...

The mole is a "signature" of our character designer Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, who -- no surprise -- has the exact same mole.

There's no injury to Pete's nose.

Thanks for the kind words.

Response recorded on July 29, 2009

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Ming writes...

So, Greg, just out of sure curiosity, have you ever felt there was a whole conspiracy against the Gargoyles series at Disney? I mean, judging from Disney's actions, it was like they wanted the series to fail?

Greg responds...

As I've said many times before, that's SO far from the truth it's beyond preposterous.

They made 78 episodes before RATINGS caused them to cancel the series.

Response recorded on July 29, 2009

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rick writes...

first off, in 2005-07 i wasn't a real big fan of marvel until spidey 3 came out then i loved it again i cab probaly name every characters comic, animated series, movie, etc. but after spierman friend or foe came out (game) i was kinda fallin behind. then i saw the spectacular trailer for spiderman and i loved it, the action even the animation i really don't get why some people don't like it. anyway i have a question and opinions on some of the characters.

question: have you ever played any of the games because i noticed spidey called goblin emerald elf just like in the first movie game.

vulture: when i first found out he was the first villain i was asking myself why? but you really did a great job with him it's everything he should be plus more.

in survival of the fittest i was only expecting vulture but when i saw the enforcers i was in a state of shock to see they were in a series. after spidey 3 i went out and bought spiderman essentials and thank god i did because i now know characters like blacky gagston (sorry if its spelled wrong, frederick foswell and both his alter egos, and enforcers or i wouldnt have known about them. more to the point these were really great adaptations of them and the fight scene was perfection. thanx

hammerhead: one word, brilliant this is how i always pictured hammerhead. a deep voice, a henchman for a crime boss but still is his own man, he was pulled off so nicely.

electro: me and my friends always mde jokes about his outfit, like how stupid it made him look but we still liked the character nonetheless. but this electro brings it to a whole new level, he is easily one of my top 5 favorite villains in the show.

lizard: i always liked dialouge in comics but for characters like liazrd, manwolf (even though he had no dialouge)and other monsterous characters like that i didn't think it suited themi mean i would like to see a few words coming out of his mouth but not a shitload (sorry for language)and not to mention the way he looks does resemble the comics but it is more ripped up and his silentness just made this character more frightening and AWESOME!!!

shocker: i saw the commercials and i just was in amazment of how awesome the episode looked and when i saw it it didn't disappoint. it was excellent. shocker though at first when i found out it was montana (here we go again, right) i was a little confused but after the episode it made more sense. montana suits your series' shocker.

sandman: flint marko was awesome and so is sandman, incredible job, this sandman was 10 times better than the movie version (not saying i hated it) and maybe even the comic version.

rhino: again better than the comic version. he reminded me of the hulk. and that is how it should be. although did you ever think of using ultimate rhino's look?

bigman/ tombstone: i was expecting fosswell but tombstone worked out great. in this he's more than just a henchman and thank god for that. also, i got kinda tired of kingpin in 90's series, not that i don't like him just he was in every episode. i do hope to see kingpin in this though.

green goblin: my favorite character right next to venom on this show. this goblin is exactly how it should be, just an excellent choice and steve blum is perfect.

doc ock: when i saw his look i had my doubts but it grew on me and soon he bacame one of my favorie villains on the show. his attitude, his action scenes, and the fact you made him master planner just like in the comics is awesome. and the battery pack or whatever it is called is another great improvement.

chameleon: not a huge fan of the chameleon but this version is just speechless. he is a cool villain in the show not best but cool.

Black Cat: 100 times better than the 90's version, exactly how she was in the comics, but will we ever see felica hardy out of costume?

sinister six: PERFECT!!! first six with ock, rhino, sandman, vulture, electro, and shocker was the best one. and the second one with sandman, rhino, vulture, electro, mysterio and kraven was cool and all that but when mysterio and kraven were introduced i was expecting the ock, mysterio, sandman, electro, kraven, and vulture version, will we ever see them?

Venom: Awesome job with black spidey, but why was his costume changing every episode. the symbiote going through his thoughts and memory and stuff was awesome(i use this word entirely to much) and venom was just too great to be true but it was and i loved it. eddie being his friend like in ultimate and the symbiote being an alien like in amazing was a great mix. my favorite character on the show.

Mysterio: awesome adaptaion of him.but that cheesey accent is really wierd.

Tinkerer: another character that was brought from a "whos that" level to an "oh him"
level, nice!

Kraven: i liked the mixture of sergei and the wolf looking creature, extremely cool but i do hope to see more of his human form.

Calypso: not really much to say but was a nice cameo and hope to see more of her.

colonel jupiter: just another great improvement w/ a character on this show. he was incredible.

silver sable: cool character but why was she going out w/hammerhead and why silvermane's daughter?

New enforcers: shocker, ox and the new and improved fancy dan, ricochet. a nice adjustment and creative decision to make fancy dan ricochet.

Silvermane: i wished there could have been more with the character but he was still awesome while he lasted, espescially w/ the suit.

Molten man: the last villain introduced throughout the two seasons and yet another great improvement on your show...how r u doing it.

that ends this i hope for at least 65 episodes but if it is doing good would you consider doing more

Greg responds...


I'll try to cover all of your questions, but in any case, thanks for the kind words...

I'm not much of a gamer.

We're pretty happy with Rhino's current look.

We've seen Felicia out of costume and probably will again.

We'll go through a different variation on the Six each season.

Spidey's symbiote costume changed as the symbiote took more and more control over his mind.

Silver Sable seemed a natural fit as Silvermane's daughter. (How many silver types can we have running around without connecting them up?) As for her relationship with Hammerhead, we liked the backstory and dynamics that created for four characters (Sable, Hammerhead, Silvermane and Tombstone).

Response recorded on July 29, 2009

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Count Orlok writes...

Just wanted to thank you for answering my last question... :) ... and ask you another.
Throughout the run of Gargoyles there were numerous references to various works of literature in its many forms (classic literature, Shakespearean works, philosophy and politics, comic books and graphic novels, horror, gothic romance, science fiction, fantasy, world mythologies, etc.). I recall being an avid fan of all of these literary genres or categories when I was very young, but Gargoyles certainly helped to further interest me in them. Other than the obvious works that you've made allusions to in the series, what do you like to read?

Greg responds...

Lots of stuff. I'm listening to Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations" on CD in my car these days, and LOVING IT! (Of course, I've read it at least twice before.)

Generally, I read a lot of detective fiction, with my favorite author being Ross MacDonald. And as I've stated before, I'm a huge William Faulkner fan.

Response recorded on July 28, 2009

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stephen writes...

can you answer a couple of questions:
1.) have you ever seen the 90's spiderman cartoon and if you have did you ever think about using some of the stufff they did?

2.) what made you pick tombstone as the big man...i know you answered it before but you always said at first you wanted to use kingpin but couldn't but my question is why not frederick fosswell but tombstone?

sorry if i confused you i was just curious

Greg responds...

1. I've seen very little of it.

2. Have you seen Tombstone?

Response recorded on July 28, 2009

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