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Michael writes...

..sorry.. i know this isn't a question. just wanted to hopefully tell Greg he's an awesome storyteller and a great human being.. the funny thing is at least 50% of the cartoons i grew up with and loved had something to do with him, if not written, voice directed, etc. by him. he was nearly everything in my childhood that made it great to watch cartoons(with very few exceptions). I hope this gets to him....and..well.... Greg, you're an awesome Human Being.

P.S. Todd, you're a great guy too, even if this never gets to Greg,,,,, heh.... there should be a "Thank Greg for being so awesome" area too i guess.

Sincerely, Mike Greenwood

P.P.S. I'm 23...and still love classic cartoons cause of you ;) and i probably always will. thanks, Greg!

P.P.P.S. i LOVE the "you DID check the archives first, right?" bit ;)

Greg responds...

Thanks, Michael.

Response recorded on January 04, 2010

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