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Red Star writes...

Being an ENORMOUS Dracula fan, I always thought the vampire would be interesting to see in Gargoyles and am delighted to see that he is in line to enter the storyline. Some questions:

1. Do you have someone in mind to play Dracula?

2. Is this Dracula in fact Vlad Tepes (the Impaler) as popular lore has it?

Greg responds...

1. No. Not yet.

2. No spoilers.

Response recorded on August 16, 2021

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Todd Jensen writes...

Rewatched "The Mirror" today. A few new thoughts and observations.

I saw Demona's snarl at the "Dracula's daughter" in a new light this time. Dracula was a human before he became a vampire - and, naturally, Demona's going to regard any suggestion that she's related to a human - even a human who's become another "mythical creature of the night" - as the ultimate insult.

Not on the scale of Coldstone or the "Hunter's Moon" scheme, but Puck engages in a bit of "blending science with magic" when he uses the satellite dish and the television antenna atop the Twin Towers to help him turn all the humans in Manhattan into gargoyles and back again.

Bronx gets turned into an Irish wolfhound (or close to that kind of dog) - appropriate, in light of "The Hound of Ulster".

Greg responds...

Ah, memories...

Response recorded on August 13, 2021

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Danny writes...

Since you say you've always planned on including Dracula in the future, does that mean vampires exist in the "Gargoyles" universe?

Also, what is your opinion on there being gargoyles in the Carpathian mountains? Seems like that's a place they could roost and live safely.

Greg responds...

1. In some shape or form, yes.

2. There are none there as of 1997. But as for the past or "future"... no spoilers.

Response recorded on August 12, 2021

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Algernon writes...

Hey, Greg!

So I remember back in the day, you mentioned plans to eventually incorporate Dracula into the GU. Since Stoker's novel is like my favorite book ever I thought I'd pick your brains a little, nothing spoilerly hopefully.

1) Presuming you've read the novel, what did ya think of it?

2) Is there anything specific about the character of the not so good Count that you think makes him a particularly good fit for the GU?

3) Fav cinematic Dracula?

Greg responds...

1. I have read it. It's not my favorite novel, but I like it a lot. (Just to be clear, I'm not saying the GargUniverse Dracula would be based on Stoker's version. Not saying it wouldn't be either. Just not saying. #NoSpoilers).

2. He's an irresistible fictional concept. How could we skip him?

3. I honestly don't have one. I've yet to see one that really felt like how I imagine Dracula.

Response recorded on December 01, 2016

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GargFan writes...

Which one of the multiple characters in Gargoyles were you aiming towards Dracula being an antagonist and foil for?

Greg responds...

Not saying.

Response recorded on February 12, 2010