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Kelly L Creighton / Kya White Sapphire writes...

in response to your question 'would anyone attend a CPR class at G01?' - - YES. ive learned CPR at least twice in my life (once in life management class in high school and once in basic training) and i think its VERY important. ive actually watched someone die. a girl drowned right in front of me. my dad dragged her out of the pool and pumped her chest for 20 mins until the paramedics arrived. unfortunately it was too late- she had already been under water for 10 minutes by the time we got there. she died because her friends were too drunk to help her. i always thought that maybe if they had known CPR, they might have been drunk enough to try it.

Greg responds...

As Elisa said "CPR, the gift that keeps on giving." I took it once when Erin was born, but it's been too long. I'd definitely take it again.

Response recorded on August 23, 2000

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gargoyle fan number one writes...

dear greg i am just wondering how long does goliath have to take the boat to avelon and when is the gathering

Greg responds...


No, I don't get the question.

And the next Gathering is next summer in L.A.

Response recorded on August 22, 2000

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Aris Katsaris writes...

I read one of the early memos you just posted, and this bit in particular : "Bronx, the gargoyle-dog does not have wings. His ears allow him to hover a bit for short periods of time."

I really have to wonder. How the hell were you envisioning this? His *ears* allow him to hover? He flies with his *ears*? Was this some kind of Dumbo reference? I'm really amazed that something like this would have been thought of in the dramatic version of gargoyles.... :-)

Greg responds...

You have to see the art. And you CAN -- by attending any GATHERING. (Heck, Aris, I know L.A. and Greece are far apart, but you really don't want to miss out. And, hey, we've had people come from Japan, Israel, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, England and Kissimee. Start planning now.)

Anyway, Paul Felix's drawing of Bronx was so funny, we didn't care if the tone was slightly off. Bronx would be a bit more of a comic relief character. But Frank came in and disagreed. And he was right, of course. But man, what a great drawing.

Response recorded on August 22, 2000

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Laura 'ad astra' Ackerman writes...

It is so nice to see my own questions answered. Especially when I know I posted my first few in a rather large batch and should have more to look forward to shortly. Thank you.

In answer to my question you wrote- "I haven't given up in any way, shape or form. I'm still in there trying to come up with ways to bring the show back in some, well, way, shape or form. In fact, I've got a new nefarious plan in the works now with Doug Murphy, a former GARGOYLES (and BAD GUYS) storyboard artist. Too soon to talk about now, but give me time."

Well I certainly hadn't thought you had given up- just that you didn't have much in the way of hope. I am glad neither is true. And as or evil and/or nefarious plans… well those are always good. As soon as you are willing to share them I am ready and willing to hear them.

As you said, the fans have not given up either. I wish I could go to the convention. There is only the very slimmest chance. I would have said no chance, but dangling guest artists in front of me is a real temptation. Still, I will start informing the Dreamer Clan, (and anyone who might listen), about the importance of the LA con.

Greg responds...

I have (at minimum) a three-tiered plan right now.

The main way you guys can help is -- here he goes again -- by attending the GATHERING 2001 in Los Angeles next summer.

But I also have two other things in the works that I hope to unveil between now and then. Or at the latest at the convention itself.

Response recorded on August 21, 2000

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Brandon Hardy writes...

Could you tell me some way to contact disney in some way I'm trying my hardest to support the show because i have high hopes of gettihg back on. Thank you

Greg responds...

Again, at this point, the best way to support the show and get it back on the air is to attend the GATHERING 2001 in Los Angeles next summer. Bring friends. Particularly friends with kids. But TONS of people are the best way for us to show the execs that the show needs to be revived.

Response recorded on August 21, 2000

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mike writes...

hi i love gargoyles and really want to see new episodes and was really looking forward to new episodes please if in the near future would you ever think about new episodes??? because i know that it's on toon disney but please ???

Greg responds...

Not really up to me. But if you want to see New episodes, the best thing you can do is to show up at the GATHERING 2001 in Los Angeles next summer. If we get enough people, we'll bring Disney execs and show them what they're missing.

Response recorded on August 21, 2000

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John D (Jack's Dad) writes...


I hope you remember me and my son. We were at 1999 Gathering (Jack was the little boy dressed as Goliath in the costume contest). Anyway, we cannot attend the Orlando Gathering this year (despite having airline tickets) as I must go to SE Asia for business. Anyway....some updates for you as well as a question or 2

1 -In Japan, Gargoyles memorabilia is quite popular. I have been in Japan quite a few times and Jack has brought some of his Gargoyle figures etc;. AS we interact with more kids, they cling to the show. Of course, translating this into Japanese is time consuming...some of the references and history is impossible for me to adequately translate. But here is the point. With Pokemon and Dragonball Z very much the norm, the kids were taken by the STORIES, not just random colors flying by the TV. The kids have been asking questions about the Clan, and I am trying my darndest to aid them.

2 - As part of my business, Disney is a client. In June, we were on holiday and met up with a mid-level person from the main digs. We had dinner with our family (2 kids on my side, 1 on his) and our spouses. Anyway, trying to be polite, he asked my kids their thoughts on cartoons and the like. Jack is strange in that he is more retro than anything else. He is into Tetsujin 28 (Gigantor in the US) and Gargoyles. So this gentleman was given the perspective of a 7 year old that likes Gargoyles. As a Dad, the proudest moment was when the guy asked...Why is/was Gargoyles so special. (Actually Jack's answer made me proud, not the question) Jack's answer was a mix of normal 7 year old ramblings ("because I was at the Gathering in 1999 and will (as noted above we now must change 2000) also in 2000", "because I have so many toys from the series"), but the kicker was when he said.....because I could use my imagination....this from a 7-year old!. He gets it....if only Disney would.

3 - As I mentioned to you in Dallas, Carl Johnson lives very close to my US residence. He burned a CD of numerous Gargoyle tunes............ - real cool. Upon our return, we were going to bring down to the Gathering a full set of the Gargoyle music from Carl, but now this must wait until 2001. I promised to give him some Gargoyle items for his studio from Jack's collection.....He has a huge photo of the Gargoyles now.

4- lastly.... when we met you in Dallas, my son was overwhelmed. He is a true Gargoyles fan and he was very happy to attend. You and Thom Adcox were very gracious to him when you had a few minutes to spare. No one was around, just Thom and yourself and you made the day of a little boy. For that I am grateful. The true measure of character is doing something (the right thing) when nobody else is around to see it!

I hope the series comes back soon. I have seen many postings from the ASK GREG archives and my feelings are I would not change any of the 66 episodes you created..... except maybe wish there were at least 66 more.

If there is any additional insight on how we can aid your efforts to get the series back, I/we are open to suggestions. We have written to numerous Disney executives to seeming no avail.

Best of luck to you in the future. Hope to see you in 2001 at LA Gathering.

John D (aka Jack's Dad)

Greg responds...

John & Jack,

I remember you both quite well, and I was sorry you didn't make it to this year's Gathering in Orlando. In addition to Becca Morgan, who was back, I brought my own two kids (ages 6 & 3) and they all had a great time.

Next year in L.A. for sure though -- because in answer to your last question, there isn't a single thing that you could do that would help the cause more than attending that con with Jack and with as many of Jack's friends, parents, etc, as you can. Having KIDS there would be a TREMENDOUS help. But also just having raw numbers is absolutely essential.

Oh, and by the way, Carl has been promising to burn me one of those C.D.'s literally for years. YEARS. He burned me a Winnie the Pooh C.D., but not a gargoyles one. THe bum. :) [Just kidding, Carl.] Anyway, I plan on inviting Carl to be one of our guests at the 2001 convention in L.A.

Response recorded on August 19, 2000

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Roe Tarusi writes...

Hi Greg,
I was obsessivly into Gargoyles when it was in syndication, but kind of got out of it after it was cancelled. Recently, I've been watching old recordings I'd made, and started reading fanfic and I'm getting into it all over again. Anyway, my question is mostly about the gathering. I know that it's in Florida near Disney World every year, but have you(or whoever runs it) ever considered having it at another location? The most logical would be the Disneyland hotel in Anaheim, CA I suppose. Anyway, I would love to attend the gathering one of these days... but it's kind of on the opposite side of the country. I only live about 15 minutes away from Disneyland though. By the way... you were at Anime Expo?!? gah! I wish I knew that last week when I was there. What little I saw of the 3x3 Eyes dub looked pretty cool... but I've always preferred watching anime in Japanese (No offence intended). Oh yeah, and before I forget... thanks for Gargoyles!

Greg responds...

It's not in Florida every year. I'm not sure what gave you that idea.

1997 - New York
1998 - New York
1999 - Dallas
2000 - Orlando
2001 - Los Angeles
2002 - Still up for grabs...

2001 probably will NOT be at the Disneyland Hotel, for a variety of reasons, but it will be in L.A., so I hope to see you there.

Response recorded on August 19, 2000

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Artemis writes...

When will another "Gathering" come to New York City?

Greg responds...

Don't know. It's not up to me. 2002 is still up for grabs. If you're interested, start putting a committee together.



Response recorded on August 18, 2000

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He's baaaacckkkkk!!!!

To quote Greg Weisman: "Gathering 2000 kicked ass."

I really want to thank everyone who attended and helped to make it such a success.

First and foremost my thanks go out to the G2K staff, Kellie, Heather, Syrin and most of all, Sara. You guys were just terrific. Thanks.

Also a special thanks to all those people who were so kind to my kids (who had a terrific time by the way).

I'm bound to leave someone out, but...

Kellie, Heather, Syrin, Sara, Jen, Christine, Tim, Karlyn, Lexy, etc.

and of course, Becca -- who deserved to win the juvenal division of the costume contest hands down, but graciously shared the honors with Erin & Benny.

They're still talking about all of you.

Special thanks go out to Thom, Greg and Vic, who were great guests and had a great time (or so they told me). They have already spread the word around Disney. (Brad Rader was very impressed with the $805 sale of the "Mirror" board.) Making it even easier to gather guests for G2001.

Speaking of which, I had a great time with the G2001 staff: Patrick, Kathy, Kenna and of course Jen. (I know I've left some people out, sorry.) To quote Greg Weisman: "2001 is going to kick some major ass." (I'm getting way too fond of saying that.)

Already, however, I'm seeing people apologizing for not being able to make it next year. HEY! THAT'S THE WRONG ATTITUDE!!! It's too soon to decide you can't make it. You've got ten months to figure out a way. I am personally guaranteeing 20 guests from the cast and crew. Panels on writing, acting, character design and storyboards. Separate Q&A panels on Developing the series, Writing, Recording, Art and Producing. Another radio play. More Q&A at the dinner. Etc. Etc. Etc. Our goal is to get 500 people. Yep, you heard me, FIVE HUNDRED people in attendance. If we look like we're closing in on that number, I will invite every applicaple Disney Exec. We'll show them in a concrete way, the bet they are missing by not doing more with the show. If you want to get the show back on the air, there isn't a single thing that you can do that would better our chances than attending G2001 in Los Angeles. We already have SEVENTY-FIVE people attending. Yep. Pre-paid and everything. Don't be left behind.

A website for the con, will be up soon. Keep an eye out. We have tremendous momentum coming out of Orlando. Let's not let it die.

Ahem, back to the thank yous...

Kudos to the "Greg Weisman Players":

Seth, Jen, Thom, Wanderer, Lanny, Mer, Hudson, Durid, Alan, Michelle, Brian, Sara, Pogo, Jessie, Beth, Heather, Amy, Marie Noire, Sarah, Kelley, Ryan, Slash, Bud-Clare and Ann.

You all did great.

It was also great to see and talk to many fans, some who have been to ALL FOUR CONVENTIONS. WOW. I'm bound to forget some, but Hudson, Heather, Amy, Aaron, Kythera, A Fan, Noel, Scott (sorry, I can't make your Hockfest), Lexy, Lanny, Karine, Aimee, Mitch, Duncan, Denis, etc.

And it was nice to meet some new faces: Ashlee, Kelly, Dreamie, Jessie, etc.

And Carol, it was nice to see you there too.

And the costumes... Another WOW.

Anyway, now I'm back. What's up ahead...

Well, G2001, of course. I'm getting even more involved this year than ever before. (See above.)

I'm still over two months behind on ASK GREG. It could take me awhile to catch up, as I may actually be starting a paying job soon. (I'll keep you posted.) But in the coming weeks, look for:

1. My G2K Diary. (Not that I kept one, but I can always make something up.)

2. A new Archive that will be called something like: "Historical Documents". Jordan Mann has scanned a bunch of recently recovered documents into my computer. I'll soon begin reprinting them (mixed in with stuff you've already seen and other documents I already had in my computer) in chronological order. This stuff covers the entire spectrum of the development of the series in prose.

3. The revamped version of GARGOYLES 2158. Which for starters, will be set in the 23rd century at least.

4. More Ramblings on episodes as my family and I watch them at home.

5. Some info on an exciting new project that I'm working on with Gorebash and Doug Murphy (one of our storyboard artists).

6. More G2001 updates

7. And, yes, I'll even be answering your questions. Bear with me.

But finally, thanks to all of you. You always manage to make MY YEAR with this con, and all your kind words at this site. I could never thank you enough. But I'll continue to try.

Greg Weisman

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