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Steven D. writes...

Hello again.
I have one other Young Justice question.

I was always a fan of the shows set within the DC animated universe.
While doing some of the most faithful adaptations I have ever seen, they still occasionally created a brand new character for the show. Some would get so popular, they would eventually find their way to the comics themselves, becoming a full part of the mythology (Harley Quinn being the most famous example).

This is obviously the opposite of what you did with Spectacular Spiderman, which drew entirely from the Spider's already rich mythos.

Since DC has just as rich of a mythos to draw from, I'm curious, which path are you taking with Young Justice:
1) Drawing entirely from the existing DC mythology, or
2) Occasionally creating a brand new character.

Also, are there any lessons you've taken from past DC adaptations for developing Earth-16?
Thanks again.

Greg responds...

All of the above.

Response recorded on August 18, 2010

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