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Zergrinch writes...

Hypothetical question.

ALL of your past and present projects have been renewed, and you have been asked to help them all. Which one would you prioritize, and why?

Greg responds...

Well, as many regular readers of this site know, I'm not big on hypotheticals. Reality is so much more complicated, but I'll give it a shot:

GARGOYLES first, always. We're trying to get another comic book version now. Tweet the hashtag #WeLiveAgain!

YOUNG JUSTICE, second. Season Three is real. It's here. I'm working on it.

I'm also working on the second book in the WORLD OF WARCRAFT: TRAVELER series, THE SPIRAL PATH, and recently completed co-plotting work on THE FALL AND RISE OF CAPTAIN ATOM, w/my old Captain Atom partner Cary Bates.

The third book in the RAIN OF THE GHOSTS series, MASQUE OF BONES, which I still plan to get back to as soon as I possibly can.

Everything else falls into the category of it's just too hypothetical to differentiate. But I'm very fond of THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, W.I.T.C.H., ROUGHNECKS: THE STARSHIP TROOPER CHRONICLES, STARBRAND & NIGHTMASK, anything with the STAR WARS REBELS characters [especially STAR WARS KANAN], 3X3 EYES, DISNEY'S VILLAINS and many others.

And I'm sure Edmund Tsabard would love to finish Last Tengu in Paris.

Response recorded on December 05, 2016

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Chip writes...

I have a question about the proposed Disney Villains series that you developed but never quite managed to sell.

Who would have been the protagonists of this series? Who, or what would actually have prevented the Disney Villains from accomplishing their goals?

Greg responds...

I appreciate the desire to know, but I'm loathe to offer spoilers even on projects that never went. In the first place, I haven't given up hope of doing the series some day in some form. And in the second place, I have learned painfully that ideas stated minus their execution are ripe for tremendous second guessing. Particularly on that internet thing.

Response recorded on September 14, 2016

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Antiyonder writes...

One particular cartoon I heard that you tried to pitch was Disney's Villains which you gave this description for:

We had to develop this one over and over, despite the fact that I successfully sold it to Michael Eisner on MORE THAN ONE occasion. The problem was that MY BOSS, Gary Krisel, didn't like the idea and kept rejecting every approach. Kept unselling the idea, in essence.

One approach had Captain Hook (easily the original model for Igthorn who was in turn the original model for Xavier) stumbling through the Wicked Queen's Magic Mirror into Jafar's lamp. Jafar can't get out, except on a technicality. If the world turns so evil, that letting him out is redundant, than he's free. So he applies a carrot/stick approach to Hook and has him gather the greatest villains in the Disney Toon Universe to try and turn the world evil.

Our main cast included Hook, Cruella, Don Karnage, Mad Madame Mim, Megavolt, Toadie. Ratigan, maybe. I can't remember now. It was long ago and we went through so many versions. We put together some VERY funny stuff.

There was one story with Ursula and Monstro for example.

Another great series I couldn't get on the air."

Now have you considered approaching Disney and Boom Comics with this story? I ask since Boom has published several comics already on classic franchises (i.e. Darkwing Duck, The Muppet Show, Toy Story). Infact, the continuation of Darkwing Duck is why I felt the need to bring up this question.

Or have you lost interest in the series?

Greg responds...

I haven't lost interest, and it's an interesting suggestion, but I'm not sure how practical it is.

These villains come from multiple different franchises. Disney could do it themselves, but for another company it would be a licensing nightmare.

Response recorded on August 04, 2010