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Todd Jensen writes...

Thanks for answering my question about "Roswell Conspiracy". Here's another one, while I'm at it.

In the completed pilot that I saw, the Banshees were ruled by Queen Mab and were described as vulnerable to cold iron (among other things). Were these two details from the original script that you wrote for it that got extensively revised by your successor? (Knowing you, I suspect that they were, but I just wanted to make certain).

(Incidentally, I thought that the Banshees in that one looked very much like Luna (the silver-haired Weird Sister).)

Greg responds...

I had some specific kind of space iron that they were vulnerable to. (I had a name for it. I can't remember it now.) I had a whole LONG family tree leading to Siobhan (my female lead) worked out. And a time-line which they were, NOT supposed to use, but which I gather they adapted. There was a Mab equivalent in the family tree. Probably at the head of it. And there was a Shee Mother figure that was Siobhan's mother.

Suddenly, I have a bad taste in my mouth.

Response recorded on September 09, 2000

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