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Kumo-nin writes...

1.Why did you pass up on Bat-girl in YJ, I wouldve loved to see some kind of rivalry between her and Robin?
2.Will Bat-girl join the YJ sometime in the season or series?

Greg responds...



Response recorded on April 07, 2011

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Anonymous writes...

Hi Greg.

Okay Wally. He always gets the rep as the clown and flirt, and in JL cartoon he was the not so smart one and of course the girls aren't very impressed by him. But Wally has a good heart and he isn't stupid and I would just love to see that an alpha girl could learn to care for him. The girls are eying Conner. Sure moody tall well built good looks. Teenagers.I would love to see the clown come up trumps for once. Be nice to see Conner like a girl who doesn't go for him at first sight. Yeah I am not a fan of that Miss Martian.Thank you for Artemis. I hope to see some more girls soon too.I really hope we see Zatanna and Wonder Girl.

And I hope to see more interaction with the older heads too.

And you like Black Canary I am reading. Figures. Though how do you feel about her an Green Arrow as a couple? Myself? I think she's too good for him.

Bye Greg.

Greg responds...

It depends on how Green Arrow is written. This notion of him being a dog, who constantly sleeps around on Dinah is relatively new (to my old eyes, anyway). Sure, if you write him that way, he doesn't deserve her.

But I prefer the Green Arrow who simply had commitment issues, not infidelity issues.

Response recorded on April 07, 2011

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Greg Bishansky writes...


Another week, and another new episode of "Young Justice." This series just gets better and better. The line-up is finally complete as Artemis joins the team.

I had a feeling Artemis was going to be my favorite member of the team, and the episode did not disappoint. She was intriguing from the get-go. Who is she? How come no one seems to have heard of her before. When Green Arrow introduced her as his niece, something just felt off. Well, the theme of the show seems to be Secrets and Lies, and so far they're doing it beautifully.

At the end of the episode, when Cheshire and later Speedy... er, I mean, Red Arrow, had their little confrontations with Artemis, I cannot say I was surprised. But still intrigued.

The League of Shadows served as this episode's antagonist. I think that was Sensei issuing the orders, but at the end he was speaking to the Light, and one particular member I don't think we've heard speak before this episode. If Sensei called him master, than I think we can safely identify him as Ra's al Ghul. Ra's knows Batman's real identity, and I cannot believe for a second that the attack on WayneTech wasn't a ploy to hack the Batcave.

As for the other new characters, I really, really liked Cheshire. I am interested in seeing her relationship with Artemis explored, not to mention that being a sucker for dark-eyed brunettes, she was hot. And she kicked a lot of ass.

I spotted the evil Spider-Man character, who wikipedia tells me is named Black Spider. After Weisman's previous series, "The Spectacular Spider-Man," I got a kick out of seeing him. I especially got a kick when I realized who was voicing him. None other than the spectacular Spider-Man himself, Josh Keaton. I'd recognize that impact grunt anywhere. My brother recognized him too.

No idea who the third assassin was.

It was nice to see Speedy again, and even nicer to see he has gone his own way as Red Arrow. But best of all was not just seeing him being an angry jerk. He still cares about his friends. That icy warning to Artemis at the end was the best development he's had all season. Looking forward to seeing more of him.

But, by far, the biggest surprise of the episode was Wally NOT hitting on a girl, specifically Artemis. He's hit on everything else that lacks a penis, but not Artemis. I wonder if that will change, or if he is always going to see her as his buddy's replacement.

The biggest laugh of the episode goes to the segments showing why telepathically linking a group of teenagers together is a bad idea. It reminded me of that episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" where Buffy gained telepathic powers.

But this episode left a lot of questions. I understand why Artemis is lying. But why was Green Arrow lying about who Artemis is? Was Batman in on it? If now, you'd think he'd vet new recruits better. Was the Light talking about Artemis at the end, or are we being misdirected? Well, it's either her or Superboy, who was created to be their weapon. I've noticed the Light don't seem broken up about him being in enemy hands, and you'd they would.


Greg responds...

That wasn't Josh Keaton. Think about it. All he did was grunt. As much as I love Josh, there's no way I would spend the money to hire an actor just to grunt. With all the grunting in this show, I'd blow out my budget. So Black Spider was grunted by some male already in the cast for THAT episode. I honestly can't remember which guy did that particular bit of grunting.

So that "impact grunt" that BOTH you and your brother recognized as Josh... sorry, but no.

The third assassin was Hook, most famous in the comics for being Deadman's killer.

Response recorded on April 07, 2011

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Derek writes...

Wasn't the whole reason Martian Manhunter came to earth because his species had been wiped out? How can Miss Martian have eight sisters on Mars?

Greg responds...

She doesn't. She has twelve sisters. And seventeen brothers. And something like 300 cousins.

And the Martian race is still alive and well in the Earth-16 Universe. (From my point of view, killing them off wasn't the greatest addition to the Martian Manhunter mythos. It's stealing from Superman's schtick. Superman is the last Kryptonian. Martian Manhunter wasn't the last Martian for years and years, until that notion was added or retconned or whatever you want to call it into J'onn's backstory.)

And that's NOT why Martian Manhunter came to Earth. At least not originally when he first appeared in 1955 and not in our continuity either. He was brought here as a result of a Zeta-Beam accident.

Wow. Revealed way more than I planned to. Oh, well.

Response recorded on April 06, 2011

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THE BOB writes...

Can you list the countries that air Young Justice and the Channel that airs it in that country as of now? Also can you tell me the countries you plan to air Young Justice in the future and the channels that will air it? I asked this because I have friends overseas that may want to watch this show.

Greg responds...

I'm sorry, I just don't have any of that information.

Response recorded on April 06, 2011

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BonnieB21:-) writes...

Young Justice Question Time!

I maybe the first one to mention this, but The Light seems to be very similar to The Venture Brothers' Guild of Calamitous Intent's Council Of Thirteen. The Council is also a secret group of supervillians who meet their underlings in a dark room and hide their identities behind screens (and officially assign heroes supervillians).

1. Did you know about The Council Of Thirteen when developing YJ? Or is it a coincidence? Parody? Or a homage to your channel mate's show on Adult Swim?

I was just struck by this idea the other day:

2. Did/Does Miss. Martian have a crush on Superman? Does she really like the boy or just the "Super"? It only makes sense that she would have a crush on the "Original" as well as the "Imitiation".

When Miss. Martian first meets Superboy she compliments him on his shirt, and then in YJ#0, SB runs out a buys a dozen more just like it.

3. Does Superboy only wear the "S" T-shirt for himself, Superman, AND Miss. Martian?

I've been wondering this for a while and had to force myself to wait until Artemis' debut to ask but.

4. Why make both minority characters blond and have light colored eyes?
4.a. Do Aqualad and Artemis dye their hair?

You had to tell us that Artemis is half Vietnamese instead of it being obvious from looking at her. You have to tell us, instead of showing us. I get that Aqualad is from Atlantis and therefore should be "exotic" looking. He looks like a cross between Sisquo the rapper who's biggest hit was "The Thong Song" and Spyke Storm's nephew from X-Men: Evolution. But Artemis is blond, blue eyed, and has no accent. Nothing that sets her apart from Wally, Dick, & Speedy. Nothing that says 'I'm Asian American". I'm sure this isn't a case of let's have ethnic characters, but not TOO ethnic..........

I'm kind of underwhelmed by the opening theme for YJ. I was really hoping for a catchy opening theme (with original animation) like W.I.T.C.H., Spectacular Spiderman, or Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes'. It took me a while to realize that you all but fresh clips of the current episode in the opening, but it's still really short.

5. Is there a reason why the theme is so short?
5. a. Do you have any say in how long the theme is or is it just up to Cartoon Network?
5. b. Does a shorter theme mean you get more time for actual story telling?

I was kind of hoping to hear Jesse McCartney sing the YJ theme. Which brings me to this, since Batman: The Brave & The Bold's "Mayhem Of The Music Meister" has established that Black Canary can sing. And Robin's voice actor is a singer....

6. Why not have the Birds duet? And the rest of the cast sing?

7. Any chance of Ace: The Dark Canine and Krypto: The Super Pooch showing up?

I watched "Infiltrator" last night and being from Miami....Whooo!!! Thanks for the shout out! But there's no such thing as "Miami Beach University"...

8. Is Miami Beach University supposed to stand in for the University of Miami? And did the League of Shadows destroy it as a test? To get valuable information? Or revenge?

This brings me to the character that most irks me in the series: Speedy. He's such a stuck up jerk, I can't stand him. He thinks he's all that but hasn't really proved himself. He really doesn't play well with others. Speedy goes in and rescues the doctor and she tells him not to leave the weapon behind. He leaves it anyway instead of using the explosives he had with him to blow it up. Next he dumps the woman on the YJL and leaves them to clean up his mess. To do what exactly? Run home and blog about how he's a Lone Wolf now and no one understands him? He doesn't even see through his own mission, that being rescue the kidnapped scientist and neutralize the threat to her life. Next, he makes a big show of "changing his name and distancing himself" from Green Arrow, by becoming Red Arrow. Really, picking another color word and your mentor's last name, does not a separate identity make. Finally, at the end we're supposed to believe he really cares about someone other than himself, just cause he threatens Artemis a teenage girl? Where were you when the real battles were being fought? Jerk!

9. Had Speedy not quit, would he have been a good leader for the team?

I don't think so, he'd have pushed for leadership since's he's the oldest, while Batman would've wanted Robin. But no way 18 year old Speedy would take orders from 13 year old Robin. Plus, I'm sure the first time the other kids didn't listen to him, he'd throw a prima donna tantrum and abandon them. Aqualad is much better suited for the job.

I'm enjoying the show a lot, especially the more grounded in reality approach. Batman's not going to be punching out Darkseid and Robin won't be fighting 10 feet tall villians made of cinder block. Nothing out of the realm of what a normal human can handle.

10. Will we see the kids go on patrol and handle regular street level crime?

11. How come there are no previews for next week's episode during the credits?

Thanks again for answering my questions.

Greg responds...

1. I've never seen Venture Brothers.

2. No, I think her crush is on Superboy. Stay tuned.

3. I don't think I understand the question.

4. Shrug. It just worked out that way.

4a. No.

5. Cartoon Network mandated the length of the main title.

5a. See above.

5b. I don't think so. But it's hard to say. We get the specs all together.

5c. Again, what exactly are you asking here?

6. Does it really seem to fit the tone of this series?


7a. I know there's no such thing as Miami Beach University. That's HOW we were able to use it and destroy a building there. Couldn't have done that to a real college.

8. Don't overthink the connection to any particular real university.

8a. Test and to get info.

8b. I like Red Arrow, warts and all. But you don't have to.

9. LOL. Given the previous paragraph, I can't believe you're asking that.

9a. On a side note, I can't picture Batman pushing for Robin to lead just because Speedy's suddenly in the picture. It's not like he pushed for Robin to lead without Speedy. And he pretty much praised the Team for choosing Aqualad to lead.


11. I don't remember.

Response recorded on April 06, 2011

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Anonymous writes...

big time fan, love so much about the show. its like the next generation of cartoons. except for one gripe.

the dialogue, after watching spectacular spider-man, where one could actually envision a real person speaking those lines, i saw how a correct balance of realism and fantasy could be blended. Peter Parker would be going through spider-man situations with banter and conversations that outdid the Motion Pictures.

while young justice on the other hand, loses this major component that drew so many to spectacular spider-man, i know its unfair to compare that to anything considering how stand alone it was in the quality department but, i wouldn't if the dialogue in young justice, by consensus, wasn't so noticeable off than your previous efforts.

aqualad, and superboy MIGHT get away with a few natural sounding lines, but everyone recording voices in the main cast BLEW it when establishing their character's voice tone and delivery.

kid flash sounds like a father trying to imitate his son.

miss martian really does sound like an alien, in the sense that the voice actor speaks like she has never heard the English language. that's not a good thing.

robin... i can deal with the pre-puberty angle but for his actor being one of the most high profile on the show... what material are you guys giving him for real. when it comes to robins dialogue, the people who test and feedback on these lines obviously have too much respect for this writing team to break the bad news to them,

The grand scope of this storyline is incredible, the animation is bar none, again, huge fan. But with all of the blood, sweat, and tears that i know have been put into this work of art, how on earth did anyone approve "hello megan?", or robin's 13 year old S.A.T. word of the day (terbed? yall set your self up for all the backlash/insults from that gimic.)

I wish it was just my opinion but you know, the internet these days Greg, if everyone's saying it its fact. I'll watch regardless, please believe that, but just know i'm a die hard, your losing others fast.

Greg responds...

Well, obviously it's not "fact". That's just silly.

I get that a percentage of people share your opinion.

But guess what? I do NOT. Not even a little bit. Not even slightly. And this OBNOXIOUS and completely hyperbolic tirade just makes me want to ignore whatever legit concerns you might have.

So congrats. You've insulted a ton of hard-working people and pissed me off AND accomplished NOTHING beyond (maybe) making yourself feel superior at the expense of a show you profess to love and be a big fan of.

Good work.

Response recorded on April 06, 2011

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Grant writes...


Was it your intention or that of the episode writer to put in so many obscure 80s Batman or Denny O Neil references? You have got Infinity Island, Ojo, Sensei, Hook from the Deadman stories and Black Spider, someone has to be a big fan of this material to remember all of this stuff from 30 years ago.

Greg responds...

I'm the fan, but I'm not sure it was an "intention" so much as that all that stuff just swirls around my head to pull out as needed. When you start dealing with the League of Shadows (i.e. Assassins), who ELSE would you trot out?

Response recorded on April 06, 2011

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nacnud writes...

Dear Greg,

In a question long back by a different poster, you said that in Season 2 of The private Spectacular Spider-Man, Charles Xavier was just a professor of a private school. If the X-Men portion of your "Spectacular" universe are as well dedicated to the comics as Spider-Man's show was, does this mean the X-Men in your universe are currently:
Marvel Girl
and Ice Man?
Or would there be a different line-up?

Greg responds...

At this stage, only Cyclops and Beast. The others had not joined the school yet. Of course, these are all MOOT notions that were only in my head.

Response recorded on April 06, 2011

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Mike P. writes...

Really enjoying Young Justice so far!
1. One of the things I like most about the show is the attention to detail you've given to the characters and the world. How exactly did you plan out which characters/locations(even peripheral ones) you were going to use for the show? Was it something where you made a list of people/places you wanted to use and how they relate to one another prior to the beginning of production in a "series bible" or does it grow and change from episode to episode?
2. Seeing as how Superman is apparently the first superhero in this universe and has only been active for about 10 years at the start of the series where does that put groups like the JSA or heroes such as Spy Smasher or the Crimson Avenger?

Greg responds...

1. Both, really.

2. Supreman's first in the modern era. As you've seen, the JSA pre-dates him and included (at minimum) Jay Garrick/Flash and Kent Nelson/Nabu/Doctor Fate.


Response recorded on April 06, 2011

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