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DC Hero writes...

Hey Greg, I noticed that the time difference between episode 8 and 9 of Youn g Justice gave Miss Martian and Superboy plenty of time to form a relationship. I at first noticed this when Miss Martian didn't blush when Superboy held her hand. And when Superboy was concerned about her safety, and that they almost kissed without hestation which most mean they kissed before. You guy will probably show what happened between Superboy and Miss martian while aqualad was in Atlantis in a comic book. But can you at least tell me if i'm right.
1.Will Aqualad be more creative when forming objects out of his water bearers like the Green Laterns Mabye creating a gatling gun.
2.I'm pretty sure we can confirm that Superboy apparantly watch comedies and that Megan copied her looks of the girl from the tv show and that her true form is yet to be revealed. I kind of like this idea because it could mean something with the Superboy and Miss Martian relationship on whether Superboy likes her who she is.
Because her true could be hideuos.

Greg responds...

You're right about some things. Wrong about others.

1. Not really his style.

2. I don't think Superboy's watched many or any comedies.

Response recorded on May 26, 2011

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