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ANSWERVINGS 2011-05 (May)

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Robby Bevard writes...

Meant to leave a note after the first episode of Young Justice aired, but I missed the initial premiere in November, and then again when it started up proper, and didn't start catching it till the third ep.

All up to date now, and just saw Bereft. You guys are doing a mighty fine job on this one. Love the look, love the characters, love the action. As a long time of the Teen Titans and Young Justice, you're doing the teenage super team tradition proud.

Extra props on making a member of the Aqua family cool and not a joke. I realize the underwater characters have been done well in the comics before, and the Justice League cartoon handled Aquaman pretty well,but Aqualad was interesting right off. Love the glowy effects. Very cool.

Greg responds...

Thanks, Robby. I really appreciate the kind words.

Response recorded on June 08, 2011

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