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Robby writes...

Hi Greg, thanks for taking your time to answers questions about your shows, im sure I speak for everyone when I say it's great to have that communication w someone who is in charge of something I love so much. I just have a couple quick questions for you, which hopefully havent been answered yet. I've seen you sort of touch them a bit but not a specific answer yet.

You say that you Chose Dick and Wally to join the Young Justice team because they were the first incarnations to don their respective titles. My question is, being that that's the case, what made you choose Kaldur to helm the title of Aqualad rather than Garth, who was the original in the comics? Was it based soley on a desire for diversity on the team, or was it because you wanted to elaborate on your orignal ideas for the character of Kaldur?

If it was a desire for diversity, I've noticed you used the Brain and Monsieur Mallah as villains in the show (who were gay in the comics). My question is would you consider putting a gay character on the TEAM roster? Maybe Bunker from the current teen titans lineup, or even creating a new one much like you did with Kaldur (whom I love).

hopefully I didn't come off arrogant, I just had to ask those, and tell you how much I love the show and hope it continues to thrive. keep up the good work!!

Greg responds...

1. It was a combination of factors, including diversity. We also had an opportunity to create an origin cleanly with Kaldur, and really point up the alternate universeness of Earth-16, by showing the "path not taken" by Garth in it. We also had freedom, since Garth was (at the time, at least) deceased in the DCU. Compare that to Robin, for example. Tim's origin makes no sense if Dick didn't come first. NO SENSE.


Response recorded on May 01, 2012

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