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Just a Nerd writes...

Damn it, Greg. It happened with Young Justice. It happened with Gargoyles, though I was a (very) late comer. It happened with YJ: Legacy. I told myself it wouldn't happen again. But, once again, I am obsessed with a Greg Weisman production. Rain of the Ghosts was fantastic! An amazing story, a perfect amount of humor, mysteries that made my head ache, and lovable characters. I won't say anything plot-wise, due to not wanting to spoil.

But one thing I found interesting: I found myself atributing voices to the characters, taken from YJ and Gargoyles. Rain's dialogue came out as Elisa's voice in my head. Charlie was Jaime/Blue Beetle, while Bastian became Peter Maza. Callahan changed often, jumping from Vandal Savage to Macbeth to Deathstroke, though none of those are Australian. Probabley shoulda gone Dingo. (I'm an odd, odd person.) And I don't say this to say the characters were carbon copies, or even a little similar; it's just what my brain did.

Overall, a very enjoyable read. Don't think i spoiled anything but character names. (And, by God, I love Maq and Opie already.)

Greg responds...

Thanks. That's so gratifying. (And a bit of a relief too. I've never been as nervous about the reception of something I've worked on as I am about Rain.)

If you wouldn't mind, please consider PRE-ordering the next book in the series, SPIRITS OF ASH AND FOAM, available here: http://www.amazon.com/Spirits-Ash-Foam-Ghosts-Novel/dp/1250029821/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1379918087&sr=8-1&keywords=spirits+of+ash+and+foam+a+rain+of+the+ghosts+novel+by+greg+weisman

And please consider posting (or reposting) your review on Amazon, and marking a few of the many 5-Star reviews as "Helpful".

Anything that can help spread the word/create a buzz about Rain would be great.

As for the voices, I usually cast parts in my head. But though I hear their voices clearly, I can't name the actors so much on Rain, because the lead characters are only thirteen, and I don't know enough actors of color in that age range to help me cast. Would definitely have to hold auditions.

But Maq is W.C. Fields. Definitely. (Doesn't look like him. But that's the voice.)

Opie's kinda me for now. But I think I could do better.

Response recorded on March 21, 2014

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More reviews of RAIN OF THE GHOSTS

My new novel, RAIN OF THE GHOSTS, has been getting some great reviews. Here's just a sample:




If you haven't checked out RAIN, please consider it. If you've liked my work on Young Justice, Spectacular Spider-Man, W.I.T.C.H. or Gargoyles, I can guarantee you'll like this.

If you HAVE already read the book - and especially if you liked it - please consider posting a review on Amazon, and marking a few of the many 5-Star reviews as "Helpful".

Also, we're not that far away from the second book in the series. SPIRITS OF ASH AND FOAM is out July 8th. And I've started work on the third book: MASQUE OF BONES.

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Coffee With Kenobi Podcast

I'm a guest on the Coffee With Kenobi Podcast. It was a fun interview, covering Star Wars Rebels, Gargoyles 20th Anniversary, Young Justice, Rain of the Ghosts and Spirits of Ash and Foam. You can find it here:


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Diversity in pop culture has always been an issue that concerns me greatly. I've tried to do my share to increase diversity on series like Gargoyles, W.I.T.C.H., The Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice.

Now, that I've entered the world of publishing, my sister Robyn brought this article to my attention:


The article asks valid questions, and - yes, to toot my own horn - I'm going to provide at least a piece of the answer with my new books, Rain of the Ghosts and Spirits of Ash and Foam. Both feature protagonists of color. Rain Cacique is Native American, as is her grandfather Sebastian Bohique. Her best friends are Charlie Dauphin, who's African American and Miranda Guerrero, who is Hispanic-American. Many - if not most - of the other characters are also of color. This reflects the Caribbean setting of the novels, i.e. the fictional Ghost Keys and the actual mythology of that region.

The books are available here:


and here:


I urge you to check them out, and to suggest them at schools and libraries.

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Giant Boy writes...

I've been rewatching The Spectacular Spider-Man, mostly the second season so far, and decided to rewatch "Subtext".

I really like Molten Man's character and looked him up. I also by chance happened to come across Blackie Gaxton in Betty Brant's page on the Spider-ManWiki.

It said that her brother was put in a similar situation with Blackie that ended similar to what happened between Spidey, Mark, and Liz in "Subtext".

After thinking about it, I'd have to say it was brilliant that you decided to do that story with Mark and Liz, whether or not Betty's brother would have appeared since Molten Man had his story.

Looking foward to Young Justice Legacy, Rain of Ghosts, and Star Wars Rebels.

Greg responds...

Yeah, we conflated Betty's brother with Liz's half-brother.

And by now, I assume you have YJ Legacy and Rain. What did you think?

Response recorded on March 12, 2014

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Todd Jensen writes...

I bought my copy of "Rain of the Ghosts" at the local bookstore yesterday, and just finished reading it.

Thanks for mentioning me in the Acknowledgements; it was a pleasant surprise.


I enjoyed reading it. I was put off a bit by the "head-hopping" (switching from one character's point-of-view to another in the course of a chapter), until I understood that the narrator was able to tell what all the characters were thinking.

As I'd picked up from the blurb, a lot of references to Shakespeare's "The Tempest" - even more than the names mentioned in it (Prospero, Miranda, and Sebastian), with Alonso, Ariel, Sycorax, Setebos, and maybe Iris (since the Iris of Greek mythology turns up in the play during the masque Prospero conjures up). Plus a different Shakespeare reference (or at least, one to 15th century history) in Charlie Dauphin's name, and a Mark Twain allusion with Rebecca Sawyer from Hannibal. (The preview of the next book also had a J. M. Barrie allusion with the Kim children's names.) And, to top it off, another Terry Chung.

I found Rain, Charlie, 'Bastian, and those around them vividly-characterized, and the adventure, especially the last flight of the "Island Belle", exciting. (Was that part of the story, incidentally, inspired by the loss of Flight 19? The time period and location in the area of the Bermuda Triangle both reminded me of that.) And I can see why you plan it to be a nine-book series, with the other eight objects to be found. There'll obviously be more developments to come (such as finding out more about the objects, what Callaghan and Setebos are up to, Judith Vendaval, and, of course, the true nature of your narrator - apparently a dog, but a remarkable dog - and Maq), and I'll be keeping an eye out for the next book next year.


Congratulations on becoming a published author, Greg.

An effective story with Rain and Charlie vividly characterized.

Greg responds...

And my first ASK GREG Rain review!!

Thanks, Todd. I'm glad you liked it.

I don't think Flight 19 was a major influence, but you never know what all is crowding around in my brain!

Response recorded on February 20, 2014

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James Musgrove writes...

Caught your appearance on the nerdy show (linked from bleedingcool.com) and I'll be honest...I wasn't looking for a new book series. It was your passionate talk about how you wanted to tell Rain's story that got my attention and I just picked up my copy today. Tearing through it! Very relatable dialogue and clear narrative! Anyways, I had a few questions regarding this book:
1) Rain Cacique...how is this pronounced?
2) is Charlie's last name pronounced the French way?
3) while I definitely wouldn't expect it anytime soon because you're selling the book now, but would you give some thought to posting the script for the radio play/pilot some time in the future, after book nine comes out? :)
I don't suppose the audio of this exists and would ever be postable?
4) without SPOILING (of course), can you give any insight to elements that were changed/dropped/added in the rewrite of book one from the original manuscript?
5) all I can add right now is that I'm spreading the word and I haven't event finished it yet. That and WE NEED EXPANDED UNIVERSE RAIN OF THR GHOSTS COMICS!!! :)

Thanks so much. I'll probably be around here quite a bit!

Greg responds...


1. Rain's family pronounces Cacique: kah-SEEK.

2. Charlie's family pronounces Dauphin: DAWF-in.

3. I don't know if anyone recorded it way back when. I might, down the road, post the script. Not anytime soon, though.

4. One major character was added. (Not to the series as a whole but to the first book.) A few minor characters were also added.


Response recorded on February 20, 2014

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Had two great signings for RAIN OF THE GHOSTS over the last few days.

On Saturday, at Gallifrey One, I coerced a roomful of Young Justice panel attendees to buy my new novel. And I sold out!

Then last night, had a reading, discussion and signing at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena. We had a full house, and again, we SOLD OUT!

I want to thank all the friends, family, fans and strangers who attended either or both and bought books and generally put a smile on my face.

But there are still books out there to buy, so...

RAIN OF THE GHOSTS is the first book in a nine-book series of adventure, intrigue, mythology and mystery with a touch of horror. Rain Cacique is a thirteen-year-old girl, who lives on the tropical island of San Próspero - one of the eight Ghost Keys - where she goes to school and works for her parents in the tourist service industry. She feels trapped. But she's soon going to discover that she has a special ability - she can talk to the dead - and a destiny to fulfill. The second book in the series, SPIRITS OF ASH AND FOAM, is already written and will come out on July 8th, 2014. The other seven books are in limbo, dependent - frankly - on sales of the first book.

If you've enjoyed my work on W.I.T.C.H., Gargoyles, Spectacular Spider-Man or Young Justice, I can guarantee you'll like Rain!

RAIN OF THE GHOSTS can be purchased here:


SPIRITS OF ASH AND FOAM can be pre-ordered here:



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RAIN OF THE GHOSTS Reading and Signing

RAIN OF THE GHOSTS Reading and Signing

As many of you know, I will be reading, discussing and signing my new novel, RAIN OF THE GHOSTS, at Vroman's Bookstore, tonight, Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 at 7pm.

Here's the address:

Vroman's Bookstore
695 E. Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, California
United States

My wonderful wife is bringing refreshments, so if the book isn't incentive enough, come for the Sparkling Apple Cider, cheese, crackers, cookies, grapes and/or Red Vines.

Honestly, I'm more nervous about this appearance then I've ever been about pretty much any appearance ever. So there's more incentive: come and watch me sweat!

More information here:


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Allison writes...

Hello, Greg! Super-excited to get my hands on Rain of the Ghosts and ready to come to you for questions but first, a question about the London Clan:

Since the clan runs the shop Into the Mystic, does that mean that they have to pay taxes on it? If so, how are they registered in the system? Do they have aliases, or do they have the human employees do all the work?

Thank you very much, and I hope Rain of the Ghosts sells a kajillion copies!

Greg responds...

They pay taxes. They're in the system. But there's some subterfuge involving tax attorneys (solicitors?) who have never met their clients in person.

And I hope you're right about RAIN!!!

Response recorded on February 07, 2014

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