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matt writes...

is it me, or does Castle Wyvern look a whole lot different after Xanantos moves it. i'm not talking about it being on a skyscraper or its reconstruction, it just looks like Xanatos totally redesigned it. its foundation and the location of certain places in the castle is totally different (the front gate, main tower, great hall). so, did Xanatos redesignthe Castle layout? how did he know he'd get away with that with the Sleep Spell?

Greg responds...

No. He redesigned the interiors. But the basic structure is very much the same. I'm fairly certain of this, so I have to say, YES, it's you.

Response recorded on September 11, 2001

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Demoness writes...

Today I watched the "Avalon" episodes and somehow it got me thinking about what we saw in "Long Way Till Morning" and "Shadows of the Past". *cracks knuckles* Okay here goes...

In "Long Way Till Morning" during one of the flashback scenes; Demona, Goliath, and Hudson enter the Archmage's cave and pass this wall with a bunch of carvings on it. From what I could tell, these carvings looked ancient and I began to wonder the following questions:

1: Did the Archmage somehow create these?

2: If no, who did then?

Now, there is this one carving we get a close up of that shows what looks like the Archmage standing over some gargoyles. So heres my next question:

3: What was the significance of that carving?

Now in "Shadows of the Past" we see this huge structure underneath the Archmage's cave. It looks like it has runes etched into it or some strange ancient writing. We know that it has a magical property because Hakon tells us when he is explaining how their ghostly forms could exist. At first I thought of the Archmage some how building it, but then again that leaves me with a bunch of questions. Anyway here is a question pertaining to that:

4: If not the Archmage, which is obvious by now, then who built that structure?

Also, I read the Lost Race archive and you stated that there were some artificats of the Lost Race left behind. So....

5: Is question (1) a Lost Race artifact?

6: Is question (4) a Lost Race artifact?

Greg responds...

1. No.

2. I'm not telling right now.

3. That's subject to interpretation.

4. See answer to question 2.

5. I'm neither confirming or denying this.

6. Ditto.

Response recorded on September 01, 2001

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Gipdac writes...

Did Hippolyta survive the wyvern massacre?

Greg responds...

Who said she survived to the Wyvern Massacre?

Response recorded on July 27, 2001

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Anonymous writes...

Did you have plans for the monoliths we saw in Shadows of the Past in Dark Ages? Does Demona know about the monoliths there?

Greg responds...

Plans, oh, baby, did I have plans.

Demona knows something of them.

Response recorded on June 29, 2001

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Vashkoda writes...

I just finished re-watching "Shadows of the Past" (wow, was that one well animated), and a few questions came to mind.

1) Was the rookery located outside the castle walls or within them? I had the impression from "Awakenings" that it was inside, but in "Shadows", Goliath looks forward into the distance and sees the illusion of the castle, and then looks to the right and sees the rookery (plus, if the rookery had been within the castle, I would think Xanatos might have taken it with him). I just wanted to be sure where it was.

2) When Elisa asks Goliath if there are caves nearby to take shelter from the storm, why don't they just go inside the rookery?

3) The group don't seem to go very far to reach the Archmage's cave, but I got the impression from "Long Way" that Hudson had been following the Archmage's tracks for a while, and it was apparently far enough away that the Captain chose to take a horse to get there in "Awakenings". Roughly how far (miles?) is the cave from where Castle Wyvern used to be?

4) You've said you didn't want to talk about the Monolith Dance, but there were several other structures in the cave, including the skull-like formation where the Archmage made his "last" stand, and the maw-like formation that Goliath entered after falling through the fissure. a) Were these structures shaped to represent any specific creatures (or a specific species)? b) If so, were these particular creatures/species important to those who built the structures in the cave?

5) Was the fissure Goliath fell through the same fissure that the Archmage fell into? Goliath had already passed the skull-like formation when he fell, and it didn't seem to be at the same spot the Archmage fell. Or is this a long fissure that runs through the entire cavern?

Greg responds...

1. Beneath.

2. What was the rookery, was just a glorified cave. When the castle was excavated for transport. The cave was basically wiped out.

3. I don't know exactly. It's down the hill, next cliff on your right.

4. Not discussing that at this time.

5. Two separate things.

Response recorded on May 08, 2001

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Matthew Smith writes...

Is it more than a coincidence that Hakon and his descendant Wolf both just happen to be enemies of Goliath? i mean it is a pretty big coincidence isn't it?

Greg responds...

Not in my universe, pal.

(More like destiny.)

Response recorded on September 14, 2000

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Aris Katsaris writes...

You said that Hudson had two biological children and would have had a third if his mate hadn't been killed. Does that mean he mated after he was biologically 25? Because if not, they could have had conceived eggs in 928 (Goliath's generation), 948 (Broadway) and 968 (Bronx's generation) since his mate was killed in 971 as you've told us.

So, was it a miscalculation on your part, or did Hudson first mate late in life?

And does Hyppolyta belong to Goliath's or to Bronx's generation?

Greg responds...

Yeah. That was a mistake. A very annoying mistake. His eldest biological child is part of Goliath's generation. (Thus Goliath, Demona, Iago, etc. are all his rookery children.) His second biological child (Broadway) is obviously part of the Trio's generation. (And he's a rookery father to all of them as well.) His third biological child, and there is a third one, hatched in the same generation as Bronx. (And he was a rookery father to all of them as well. Well, all the gargoyles, not the beasts.)

Hyppolyta was part of the generation that included--

Wait a minute. Just cuz I made a mistake, doesn't mean I have to give everything away right now.

Whew. You almost had me.

Response recorded on September 09, 2000

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Vashkoda writes...

A few more Wyvern questions:

1a) Hakon and the captain exhibited several kinds of powers (causing hallucinations, animating the rock-clan, drawing Goliath's life energy). Which of these were their own powers (as "ghosts"), and which did they possess solely by tapping into the magic of the ruins/area? 1b) Is the purpose of the rune temple in the lair solely to draw and transfer life energy? 1c) How did Hakon and the Captain know how to use it? 2) The Captain said that their hatred may have been a factor in why they were trapped down there. Was it specifically hatred, or "unfinished business" that for them, just happened to involve hatred? 3a) Did the Archmage know of the ruins before he joined Malcolm's service? 3b) If so, were the ruins part of the reason he joined?

Greg responds...

1a. The hallucinations were ghost powers. Tapping Goliath's life force was a "power" of the Megalith Dance down below. Animating the rocks was generally a ghost power, but it was slightly more sophisticated, and I think that the location helped them focus and control their power more.

1b. Solely? no.

1c. Time and grokking.

2. Both.

3a. Yes.

3b. Sorta. Not really.

Response recorded on September 09, 2000

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