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Anonymous writes...

What were Zatanna's spells (besides 'etativel') in Cornered, and what was Kaldur saying in atlantean in The Fix?

Greg responds...

1. Zatanna's spells from Cornered:

Knis nwod otni eht-- (not completed before she was put out of commission)
Ees tahw I ees!
Etavacxe! (This one may have been cut for time. I can't remember.)
Etaerc a elbbub fo elbisivni ruomalg! (Ditto.)


Response recorded on April 22, 2013

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In my on-going shameless attempt to maintain buzz about my new novel, RAIN OF THE GHOSTS, due out in stores and on-line on December 3rd, 2013 (but available for pre-order NOW on Amazon, etc.), I've decided to countdown my progress on writing the SECOND book in the Rain franchise.

I just finished writing Chapter Twelve. But that's more complicated than it sounds. Remember when I had to split what was originally Chapter Six into two chapters? ("No, I don't remember." "Quiet, kid, you bother me.") Well, I hadn't mentioned it before, but the exact same thing also happened with Chapter Three, which I split into two Chapters (Three and Four), also.

Anyway, as I was working on what was Chapter Twelve, I began to realize it really should be part of the already completed Chapter Eleven. So I combined the two together into a new revised Chapter Eleven. I was also tempted to combine the former Chapters Thirteen and Fourteen into this revised Chapter Eleven too. But it soon became clear that wouldn't work. So the new Chapter Eleven is the old Chapters Eleven and Twelve. And the new Chapter Twelve is the old Chapters Thirteen and Fourteen. And tomorrow, I need to start the new Chapter Thirteen, which is the old Chapter Fifteen. Except that, when you think about it, the old Chapter Fifteen was (before I split Chapters Three and Six) the even older Chapter Thirteen in the first place.

So now, from Thirteen on, the Chapters are all back to their original alignment.

Clear as mud, right? ("No, sir, I'm confused." "Quiet, kid, you bother me.")

Okay, so too much information, I know. But that's process for ya.

I'm hoping that when you read the book, you'll ignore all this. Then when you love it so much you decide to RE-read it, you can refer to these rambles and get more of a sense of HOW the book was put together, and thus find a whole NEW way to enjoy it.

That's my dream, anyway.

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wintersmith writes...

Are you cursed? If so please provide name of curser and last known adress, thank you.

Greg responds...

Let's please not perpetuate this "cursed" thing. I mean, seriously, that's all I need. For the next guy who might want to hire me to think I'm cursed and/or incapable of going beyond two seasons.

Response recorded on April 19, 2013

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James M. writes...

I'm very angry to hear about Young Justice being canceled and feel great sorrow for you as this is the FIFTH TIME IN ROW it's happened to your works. Why does this keep happening to you? You're Greg Wiseman, creator, writer and producer of some of the best American animation shows ever made which have gained a multitude of devoted fans and yet no project you start is ever allowed to finish. I just can't comprehend it. What do the TV Network executives have against you and how do you put up with it?

Greg responds...



Response recorded on April 19, 2013

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Laura 'ad astra' Sack writes...

True Colors
Batman of Shanghai - Still a loving parody of not my type of anime.
Amethyst- That's one weird meadow and lake...

Again- no questions, just comments.

1- Fantastic Voyage anyone? I can't tell if Karen's infatuation is with the science alone or just the man. Dr Cross...still with good eyes. Mmm...

2- 'Noted philanthropist Lex Luthor' J

3- GGG praises tours of the farm facility. Of course you won't see anything more than folks used to see on tours of the Hall of Justice. Touring the UN doesn't make it any more open than it's component parts. Even if GGG is just a normal human- he's drunk the Kool-Aid in this case. Ironic considering what's being made there.

4-"Your Scarab has had multiple opportunities to betray us. It hasn't...."
"There Jamie Reyes, listen to the Night Wing, his logic is flawless
-Setting it straight out to be ignored. Evil. ;)

5- Tim as team leader- liking the training of a leader.
Arsenal - An angry young man...just like his clone was. Ironic the Watchtower was the last straw back then too. Of course it sounds like this Roy doesn't know it is not weaponized.

6- Pa Kent :)

7-Now that's a Rutabaga!

8-Sportsmaster wants vengeance for form not love. (Ironically Black Manta genuinely loves his son.) It doesn't seem to me that Cheshire's eyes are smiling under her mask.

9-Roy screws the mission. The question is how much damage he'll cause before he learns. I'm thinking this won't be enough. This level of anger will have him walk away from the group before that sort of maturity.

10- Black Beetle is one scary dude.

11-Roy's arm cannon from Lex can at least damage Black Beetle. Lex is a 'partner' with the Reach. I'm guessing that isn't a coincidence...or at very least it won't be anymore upon Lex seeing that on the closed circuit tv.
I'm guessing that the Light joined with the Reach so humanity could be tested and progress.

12- "Nothing like a warm plasma bath...and clean off the tomato stains." HA!

13- "As a father myself I understand your pain." He's not much for fatherly love....

14- Cornfield or cornfield? Cornfield.

15- Green Beetle. Ba-az Ahom...Barsoom? I don't trust him. He may only think he's in control. Or maybe not even that. It's just too tight on Jaime's wants and fears.

Greg responds...

Now that's a Response!

Response recorded on April 19, 2013

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Laura 'ad astra' Sack writes...


Batman of Shanghi- I'm guessing it's a beautifully crafted parody of not particularly my thing.
Amethyst- cute enough

No questions- just comments.

1-Virgil ("Static Shocks" cute name drop.) The voice is familiar...sounds like the old voice but...internet...isn't.

2-Duncan and Karens' living situation makes Duncan so sad. I don't know if it is from the comics or new for the show, but he deserves better, at least I hope he has some better luck come his way soon.

3-LRon and Despero; I don't know enough outside of the cartoon to compare portrayals.

4-The Reach is smooth...set up the frame of dialogue to leave the JLA at a disadvantage- "When did you stop beating your wife?"

5- Shazam! Doesn't work? DANG. (Nice mid teen design on Billy.)

6- Can't quite catch all the JSAers at the end of the line as the tubes get smashed- ...Red Torpedo, Flash, Phantom Stranger. Was there someone else in red mixed in at the end?

7- Megan is totally debilitated by recent events, it actually speaks well for her character.

8- Duncan and the Guardian outfit was clearly telegraphed- still very nice. (Though Bumble Bee's taking out the 3rd eye helped a lot.)

9- Another headquarters destroyed....sheesh.

10- Watchtower revealed: I can't tell if it was a surprise to Eeling or not. The first view seemed yes, but the second seemed not.

11- Jamie's reveal of the Scarab and prophesy - I'm conditioned to think well of the Scarab from the Blue Beetle comics, but even this version, underneath every homicidal and over the top suggestion thus far, the Scarab's only impulse is survival. It wants nothing of the Reach, nor any grouping. Jamie is just too close to see it as anything other than a threat.

Random: The DC nation 'expert archer' looks like one of the cops in the current Gangster Squad movie.

Random two: I'm also enjoying Green Lantern. That Steam Lantern twist has got to be the most British stiff upper lip ever broadcast. I saw the big misunderstanding thing coming, but after that? Say some say the world ends in fire and some ice, but they say a pot of tea. :)

Greg responds...

6. No Phantom Stranger. You might be thinking of Sandman.

10. It was a surprise.

Response recorded on April 19, 2013

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JayEl20 writes...

Dose Black Manta think Kaldur and huntress love eachother.

PS:Love the show. Hope its not canceld, but if it is. Just wanna say thank you to you, Brandon, and the crew for the best comicbook show in years, and one of the best animated series ever.

Greg responds...

Yes, Manta was under the mistaken impression that his son and Huntress were lovers.

Response recorded on April 19, 2013

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Devastated writes...

Young Justice was the only thing that could get me through long, hard and stressful weeks... Now I have nothing.

Greg responds...

Don't you think that was a bit premature to post. Back in January there were multiple episodes and a comic or two left. And Legacy is still to come.

Response recorded on April 19, 2013

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Erica writes...

Why do networks love canceling your shows? Seriously, your shows are always my favorite on any network that they're on, and yet that network always thinks that it's a great idea to cancel it!

Greg responds...

It's nothing personal. Believe me. I'd love to indulge my paranoid side and think it is, but it just isn't.

Response recorded on April 19, 2013

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Secret <- lol writes...

I don't know if you are allowed to make suggestions for merchandise, but can you suggest Young Justice T-Shirt?
Can you suggest T-shirts for each team member, such as a black shirt with the S-shield on it?

I know that there is a Young Justice shirt with the team on it, but these might sell better, maybe making enough money for another season.

Sorry, this might go against the 7th rule.

Greg responds...

None of this is within my power. Sorry.

Response recorded on April 19, 2013

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