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At the very end of Team Year Five, i.e. right before the start of Season Two:
I have not yet had a reason to calculate their exact birth dates, so I have no idea whether each of them had one during the six months of Season Two or whether one or more of their birthdays came after the end of the season. So, for example, in the episodes you saw, Tye might have been 16 still, or he might have been 17. Or he might have been 16 in his first appearance, but 17 by his next. Or whatever. You get the idea.

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Jaden writes...

You're probably tired of these types of questions by now but I was wondering how old Tye, Eduardo Jr, Virgil and Asama are?

Also, I heard from an insider that Ultimate Spider-man might be replaced after this season. I hope Marvel is smart enough to bring you back for a new series

Greg responds...

At the very end of Team Year Five, i.e. right before the start of Season Two:


I have not yet had a reason to calculate their exact birth dates, so I have no idea whether each of them had one during the six months of Season Two or whether one or more of their birthdays came after the end of the season. So, for example, in the episodes you saw, Tye might have been 15 still, or he might have been 16. Or he might have been 15 in his first appearance, but 16 by his next. Or whatever. You get the idea.

As for Spider-Man, I haven't heard what you've heard. Quite the reverse. And certainly, no one at Marvel has said anything to me about it. Nor would I expect them to. My understanding is that Ultimate is doing quite well.

Response recorded on April 25, 2013

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dailyplanetintern writes...


No questions just utter appreciation for you and your team. That was such a GREAT episode. Virgil was AWSOME!!! I loved every second I got to see him. The rest of the characters too. They are all very likable (I really liked the scientist's son, and the situation with the Japanese girl and no one being able to understand her nor her them was just hilarious). I hope we get to see a lot more of them before the season closes out.

I'm trying to do everything to help save the series (if it's even possible) I couldn't just sit by and do nothing. We have 6 weeks left before the season ends so maybe we can make enough noise to really catch CN's attention. That press release they gave because fans were flooding their facebook page? What do they take us for incompetent? We knew what their statement meant and it didn't address our concerns; more like ignored them. Saying that some shows would "run their course". Somehow I don't think the full story of either Green Lantern or Young Justice will be told by the end of either of their seasons so I don't see how that's a true statement.

But OMG Blue Beetle has been taken over by the Reach!

I have to admit I never really trusted Green Beetle, I wanted too, but it was pretty much too good to be true. Once he said he could help BB I was worried, even if his intentions had been good I was afraid that it would still cause Jamie to succumb to the control of the Reach. As far as I was concerned the scarabs influence was what was keeping Jamie and it from being controlled. So I figured that he might fall to them if it was just his will trying to keep them at bay, but it was just a simpler answer. GB was of the Reach all the time. But that is curious. Miss Martian didn't sense his treachery so either she was distracted from the guilt she was feeling due to what she had done to Kaldar or GB and his scarab was able to evade her probing...

But this season just continues to improve with every turn! Both Young Justice and Green Lantern, it was great today as well. Just when both series are finding their real footing, establishing themselves and digging in their heels CN wants to call it quits? We have to find someway to change their minds....

I've done what I can so far, signed the petition, told my facebook friends to do the same, left a message to CN on facebook, and left a message to CN themselves on their official site. Maybe I'll send some letters too...

Anyway I'm excited to see the remainder of the season and even if Young Justice can't be rescued I really hope that this season doesn't end on a cliff hanger. I hate when that happens I always wonder what would have been and it kills me.

Young Justice is too good of a series to end this way. I would like to think that it's just moving to another network, but the creator of the Green Lantern series said that GL was no longer in production so that would suggest that that isn't happening...

Its just got me in such a vicious cycle of excitement and depression. Bittersweetness. Excitement for the new episodes and depression that the shows life seems like it's going to be cut short. This series just has so much potential! It could go for a minimum five seasons total if not longer. It has the goods to go much further than that though. You have the whole DC universe at your disposal and the freedom of an alternate earth so you can have as much creative freedom as you want! That like setting a kid loose in a candy store! Another reason why I was excited for this series.

But as I said awesome episode today! Really through me for a loop. I was suspecting that something was wrong though when Jamie got so aggressive. I was thinking that he'd be less aggressive without the scarab, not more, that was a great clue that something was amiss, that and when he had cut his radio off and Nightwing has to reach him on his cell... that had me suspicious too...

It's just so frustratingly great! I mean whose using who here? The Reach think they're using humanity, The Light thinks they are using them... who is really on top here? Only time will tell...

Can't wait for next week! (And then again I can, I REALLY don't want Young Justice to end like this.)

Greg responds...

Glad you enjoyed the episode.

Response recorded on April 25, 2013

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Jack-Pumpkinhead writes...

Dear Greg,
Watched the newest YJ this morning, and first let me get this outta my system; DAMMIT I HATE IT WHEN I'M RIGHT! Everything about Green Beetle screamed mole to me. I hope Bart & maybe Megan can help him.
On to everyone else, first off kudos on the runaways. I love how you incorporated Apache Chief, El Dorado, & Samurai. Their powers are just similar enough, but just different enough to be unique. Especially Tai, I love how his powers work. And Lex at the end, I'm slightly confused by him. On the one hand, I can see him genuinely wanting a countermeasure for The Reach when they backstab him. But I can also see him doing this as another part of some Xanatos-like scheme against the League. Or maybe both.

Anyway, excellent work, keep it up!

Greg responds...

Hopefully, by now, you have a clearer understanding of Lex's behavior.

Response recorded on April 25, 2013

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SHAZAM! writes...

So, it was announced that Young justice had been cancelled, which is very unfortunate because it's one of the best shows around since JLU.

I was wondering, I know there are a few petitions going around, but is there a chance that a canceled contract could be renewed? Also, is there any other way that the show could go back in the air?

If not, I'm glad we did get two seasons, and i can't wait for the rest of season 2, but could you please not leave it on a cliffhanger :0 ? I hope you guys do get un-cancelled, and thanks for all your hard work and effort, i just hope the next DC show is as good or better, because honestly, we really don't need another batman show, we need good DC universe stories like Young Justice created.

PS. As for season 3, you mentioned you had an idea for it, is the story all written out, and did it ever get to the animation stage?

Greg responds...

To be clear, and it may seem like mere semantics, but the show was not cancelled. It simply has not been picked up for more episodes. The odds of that changing are slim, but not impossible. And the odds of something Earth-16 coming back some day are also not impossible. After all, a new version of Teen Titans just hit CN's schedule.

The best way to convince TPTB is with your wallet. By the video game, by the DVDs, by the Trade Paperbacks. By whatever YJ merchandise you can find.

And I'd suggest giving the new Beware the Batman show a real chance. I've read many of the scripts (and wrote one of them), and I really liked what I read. REALLY.

As for Season Three of YJ, no. Of course not. If we didn't get picked up, how would it have been scripted, let alone animated?

Response recorded on April 25, 2013

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CGYJ writes...

Hello Mr. Greg Weisman,

"Runaways" was a crazy episode, and bad things are definitely happening more often than good things are. Here are my thoughts below.

My thoughts about "Runaways":

Red Volcano is Back?! - That's impossible! We saw his demise in Season One! How is it that he came back?!

Blue Beetle's Aggressiveness - What a way for Blue to screw up! He tries to take on Red Volcano and nearly kills one of the people he is trying to help and loses their trust, all in one night. But then again, it's not his fault…

More like a Green Scorpion than a Green Beetle - It's insane. I thought he was one of the good guys, but now we see that he's in cahoots with Black Beetle and we don't know why. Worse, now we know that Green Beetle is part of the reason why the Reach Apocalypse happens; all because he rebooted the blue scarab to control Jaime…

What did Asami say? - I didn't understand a single thing that she said when she spoke. It would've nice if there were English subtitles to translate her language…

Deal with the Devil? - Lex wants the Runaways to join the cause of the Light? They'll probably say yes and that's not good. The Runaways would probably be viewed as heroes by the public but the Justice League and the Team would be viewed as villains…

Thanks for taking the time to read this posting.

Greg responds...

I think all of your questions have been ASKED AND ANSWERED, but they may have been rhetorical anyway.

Response recorded on April 25, 2013

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Markus L. McClellan writes...

1. Do any of the Reach have names?
2. How old is Despero?
3. How old is Lobo?
4. What year did Lagoon Boy joined the team?
5. What exactly are Sam's powers?

Greg responds...

1. None that you could pronounce.

2. I don't know.

3. I don't know.



Response recorded on April 25, 2013

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Eagle-Owl writes...

Oh, and why were there no subtitles for Asami's dialogue? And what was she saying throughout the episode "Runaways"?

Greg responds...

There were no subtitles because we intentionally wanted the audience to be in the same boat as Ed, Virgil and Tye.

Below is all the Japanese dialogue and the translations that are in the script. Some of it might have been slightly different in the final on screen product.

(I want to state in advance that we did the best we could. The translations and transliterations were all run by a Japanese native in advance. And the actress who played Asami, Janice Kawayi, is fluent in Japanese. I have no way of knowing if there are errors, but no one can claim that we didn't do our very best to get it right.)

Wilcox: Mo oshi my. Oyasumi nasai, Asami-san. [We're finished. Goodnight, Asami.]

Asami: Domo, domo. [Thank you, thank you.]

Asami: Suimasen? [Excuse me?]

Asami: Suimasen!

Asami: Suimasen!

Asami: Suimasen!

Asami: Suimasen?

Asami: Yabai. Yasura ga kulu. [Trouble. They're coming.]

Asami: Suimasen!

Asami: Tahsukute kureru no? [Will you help us?]

Jaime: <sigh> Hai. I'll help you.

Asami: Nadaka yoku wakaranai kado, ja ishoni ikuwayo. [I have no idea what's going on, but I'll follow.]

Asami: Doitashimashite. Achoto, suimasen! [You're welcome. Now, please, excuse me!]

Wilcox: Virgil, Asami-san. Domo. Thank you.

Asami: Suimasen.

Virgil: "Suimasen." That means "trouble", doesn't it?

Lex: Kimi no chikara ni, naritain da. [Lit: I want to be a power behind you. Fig: I want to help.]

Asami: Ah… domo?

Response recorded on April 25, 2013

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Rose Jackson writes...

This isn't a question, but just a show of appreciation.
I'm not a fan of DC myself but I have younger siblings and cousins who are. Let me start by explaining that my family is a mixture of cultures: Hispanic, African, and Native American. The younger children are often perturbed by the lack of diversity they see in the cartoons they watch, especially in the superhero shows. I once had the youngest of my cousins state that she wished that she was Caucasian, because that was the only way she could be a superhero. I instantly went out to buy her a DVD of Static Shock. She loved it, but it made me sad to realize that this show isn't on tv, and it scared me to think how many other children must feel the same.
But recently the little ones have come to me declaring their love of the show Young Justice currently playing every Saturday on Cartoon Network, because they finally see characters they can relate to. I can't tell you how many times I have heard about Aqualad, Bumblebee, Blue Beetle, and others. They have even chosen who they want to dress up as for Halloween! So I'm just sending out my thanks to you Greg because I don't think many people realize the impact cartoons can have on kids and their self image. And I'm glad that my siblings and cousins can finally see a positive superhero icon they can relate to.


Greg responds...

Thank you, Rose. This is a big concern to me. So I'm glad that in our own small way we're making a difference.

Response recorded on April 25, 2013

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Eagle-Owl writes...

Called it! I KNEW Green Beetle couldn't be trusted!

So, how did Red Volcano come back?

Greg responds...

Does it matter?

Anyway, there's a whole story involved, but this isn't a forum where I tell entire stories. And even if it was, it'd be a spoiler request. So I'm back to: Does it matter?

Response recorded on April 25, 2013

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