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CuriousCat writes...

As I have fallen in love with the Runaways, my questions shall be focused on them.

1) Ethical issues of their treatment at Star Labs- there are consent laws and various other examples of red tape that meant that Star Labs would need parental consent, along with the teens', in order to perform experiments. Was consent given, or did Star Labs keep the teens illegally?

2) How aware was the League/team of what was happening with the teens in Star Labs?

3)Relating to Tye's comment in 'The Hunt' about Nightwing only asking them to join the team then; why didn't Nightwing ask them if they wished to join the team earlier? (I can see some reasons, such as lack of control, but lack of experience shouldn't inhibit them as the team is partly to train teen heroes).

Thank you for your time!

Greg responds...

1. Consent was provided by Eduardo Dorado Sr., Shelly Longshadow, Virgil's parents and Nate's foster-parents. Asami refused to provide any information about her background, beyond her name and the obvious fact that she was from Japan.

2. Yes. Keep in mind, the kids were being rigorously tested, but they weren't being tortured or experimented upon. It was far from ideal, but all concerned thought it was a necessary evil.

3. Nightwing may very well have asked them to join the Team as a matter of course, when Wilcox felt he had conducted all the necessary tests to make sure their powers weren't a danger to themselves or others (i.e. outside the kids' own control - as Nate/Neutron's had been).

Response recorded on May 15, 2013

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