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Nikunj writes...

First of all, let me say that I am a big fan of you show YJ and I loved TSS while it was on. Watching season 2 I noticed the sheer amount of characters that are now on the show that you juggle. I read an interview in which you mentioned that the core 6 characters from season 1 are your main characters. But that doesn't really seem the case. Wally, for example, doesn't even seem a supporting character since he's almost completely MIA this season. Did you make a conscious decision from the beginning to shift focus away from the original characters or did the story just shape that way while you were writing it.

Another question regarding story, even though Wally is retired, wouldn't he come out of retirement when the world was threatened with destruction by Mongul in 'War'.

Greg responds...

1. ASKED AND ANSWERED. Here mostly: http://www.worldsfinestonline.com/WF/youngjustice/backstage/interview12.php

The World's Finest: I personally believe that, even with the growth of the cast in the second season, Young Justice is still about the original core team introduced at the start of the first season. Would that be a correct statement to make?

Greg Weisman: Not exactly. I would say that the original core Team was more of a priority than some of the new characters. But fundamentally the second season was plot-driven. I don't think we sacrificed character, but characterization would have to come on the fly in service of the larger story. Season One was about us weaving a tapestry to introduce world, characters, conflicts, etc. Season Two had a single driving story (on multiple fronts) and the characters that have been emphasized - or at any rate received the most screen time - were the ones that the story required. So early in Season Two, you see more of Superboy - but less of him in the second half. On the other hand, Artemis barely appeared in the first half-dozen episodes, but her role became quite important, starting in episode 207 and forward. Blue Beetle, as a creation of the Reach, was obviously going to increase in importance as the season progressed and more and more of that connection and its accompanying dilemma were revealed. And because we only had 20 episodes in Season Two, rather than the 26 we had in Season One, I think it's fair to say that certain characters got shorter shrift than others. But the goal was never to give everyone equal time, but rather to make the most of what time we had to offer. I suppose one could make the argument that certain characters didn't need to appear at all, i.e. the fewer the characters, the more screen time there would be for those that made the cut. But (a) I'm not sure the audience would all agree on exactly who should make that cut, and (b) we had fun with every single character for as much or as little time as we could afford to give them. (I wouldn't choose to cut Wonder Girl just because her only big episode was "Beneath".) So instead, we just tried to be true to our continuity and introduce the characters that we felt would be there five years on. If some of those Freshmen - and even some of our Juniors and Seniors - didn't receive equal time with everyone else, I can live with that.

2. ASKED AND ANSWERED. Who said he didn't? Lots of heroes were helping with the destruction caused by the Warworld's mere proximity to Earth. And if Dick had wanted him to join the Team for the raid on the Warworld, he would have come along too. But Dick didn't ask.

Response recorded on May 06, 2013

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