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Anonymous writes...

You have put together an amazing show here. It was more than just a Saturday morning cartoon, it was a break from my work week working on my college degrees and bit of time that I could enjoy through out the week asking myself what's going to happen next.
You have succeeded in creating an emotionally investing show, even if it was made for kids, it held values and action, and my attention. Young Justice was the one thing I made sure to watch my first year away at college, and until today I could keep coming back to it. I thank you for making such a wonderful show.
I could feel like I watched Dick grow up, going from ready to lead the team from the start and then deciding he didn't want to be like Batman in the first season after failsafe. Then he comes to this point in his life during season 2 where he had to make those hard decisions. Aqualad, is by far one of my favorites, he is such a noble character and that is evident through out the seasons. He was grown when he came to us and has acted like a leader ever since. Then everything he has been through, Tula, his father, and yet he remains solid as ever. M'gann and Conner, both of them were so lost in the beginning, and now its like they've found where they want to go in life. Then there is Artemis and Wally. I won't lie to you I loved these two from the get go. Artemis is such a multidimensional character, and Wally...he's Wally there's no other way to explain him, like Artemis told M'gann. He's Wally. Everyone loves him. Artemis and Wally both become so sure of themselves, getting rid of their insecurities. Artemis so much as to go undercover and can still return to what she was. Then Wally, I doubt I will ever forgive you for what happen to him. I know your feelings on the speed force but I comfort myself by thinking that Wally is making a new discovery in the Earth-16 Universe. Wally has never been the fastest man alive, he knew that and he faced it. His noble side came through and he saved the world at the cost of his own life. When I watched that, I broke down with Artemis and felt his parents' ache when she told them. Wally is a hero.

This brings me to a few questions I do have for you.
With Aqualad and Artemis returning from undercover or dead, how is this going to affect there lives? Aqualad will be mistrusted and always suspected in the eyes of others. Artemis has a gravestone, she had retired and was attending college? How is she going to explain she died being Artemis and is back?

Why did we have to rush in and bring up Tim and Cassie in the end? I felt a little blind sided by that, much like Conner did.

Lastly, in TV I don't believe anyone is ever dead until you have a body. Wally's body was not there, he disappeared. The scarab didn't say he was going to die, he said that he would "cease", now is that a cease to exist entirely, cease to be with us here? Is that a more ominous take on what might have happened had season 3 not been cancelled?

Again, this was an amazing show. Thank you so much for your time in reading this and any answers you may provide.
Thank you!

Greg responds...


2. Ditto.

3. Ditto.

4. We wanted a little shock value there. A surprising positive to at least in part balance out a surprising negative.


6. Nothing changed based on whether or not we received a pick-up. Brandon and I made a decision and stuck with it.

Response recorded on October 03, 2013

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