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Todd Jensen writes...

Rewatched "The New Olympians" on DVD today.

Continuing the "hunting" theme in "Gargoyles" that I've paid closer attention to this time around, I noticed that Ekidne described the New Olympians' ancestors as "hunted". (I also spotted a New Olympian extra who looked a lot like traditional depictions of Artemis/Diana, the goddess of the hunt - though I think I'm reading too much into that.)

Goliath's words to Angela about how they cannot wage war on an entire city remind me of his words to Demona in "Awakening Part Five" of how he cannot wage war upon an entire world.

Greg responds...

Also intentional. I love those kinds of callbacks.

Response recorded on August 16, 2021

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B writes...

You once said that Medusa, as part of her mother Ekidna's isolationist faction, was "reluctant".

1. Since the originally conceived role of Medusa in The New Olympians was replaced by Sphinx, I imagine them as being the same age, so is being a friend/classmate of Sphinx part of the reason for Medusa's reluctance?

2. If there are other reasons, would you please elaborate on them?

Greg responds...

They are the same age. I'm not going to go into the reasons.

Response recorded on January 08, 2014