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The Batfan writes...

Hi! It's me again, and wow, we've had some great episodes since "Terrors." "Home Front" and "Alpha-Male" really served to underline one thing I think is really great about this show: the bad guys aren't go to show the heroes mercy, just because they're teenagers. If these people can stomach killing civilians, they will definitely use lethal force to get rid of a few meddling kids.
...and then there was "Revelation," which blew my already high expectations for this show right out of the water.
It's not just that I think this show is nine kinds of amazing; the thought that keeps crossing my mind is, "This is the definitive animated version of the DC universe." This coming from someone who loved Batman: the Animated Series, and watched Teen Titans, The Batman, and the vast majority of DCAU material. Maybe it's because I'm not as young anymore, and I need a more mature, more plausible, more "complete" world; but while that's certainly a weighty factor in why I like Earth-16, I really think the level of writing and design seen on this show just hasn't been surpassed by any animated DC material that I've seen yet.

Anyway, sorry about that rant of praise. I'm sure you get a lot of it. I do have a few questions:

1. I looked through the archives, and there have been a lot of questions about Robin's - or, more specifically, Dick Grayson's age and grade level. I get that he's thirteen, and a freshman; he's definitely smart enough to have skipped a grade somewhere down the line. My question is this: if he is a freshman, and therefore new to Gotham Academy, why does its gym have his math prizes before he starts going there?

2. Belle Reve seems to hold many criminals who do not actually have any super-powers. Why are they held there, and what do their collars actually do, besides shock them? (I'm thinking more particularly of Riddler - though I know there's a question about him pending - Abracadabra, Ojo, and, with the exclusion of Killer Frost and Icicle Jr., the ice villains).

3. How do the power inhibitor collars have any effect on Mammoth and Blockbuster? Not only is their strength in their muscles (and therefore not a "supernatural" effect that can be canceled unless the collars generate some kind of gravity field - and then they wouldn't be able to move), but the Brain's collars don't seem to do anything to his enhanced animals.

4. How old is Wotan, and *what* is he?

5. How old is Black Adam, and why are his ears pointed?

6. When Atomic Skull blasts the flash, why does he not sustain severe radiation burns?

7. I really, really liked the way you re-introduced the Helmet of Fate. The entrance on that amazing low drone singing. The ethereal, solemn sense of power that created really served to demonstrate that Fate isn't just some hero - he's the physical manifestation of a cosmic entity. Anyway, my question: did you get a singer to vocalize that, or was it done digitally somehow?

8. Speaking of - I'm curious about the music in animated TV shows. Do you record real musicians playing the tracks (orchestras, rock bands, etc.), or is it all done digitally? And if it is all digital nowadays, might you know when the switch was made?

Thank you so much. Looking forward to more great episodes!

Greg responds...

I'll always take rants of praise. Never get enough. Yes, I'm just that shallow.

1. ASKED AND ANSWERED. (It's a six year school. 7th-12th grades.)

2. Riddler's collar does nothing but potentially shock him and keep him in line. But any "super-villain" who could easily escape a standard prison can be housed at Belle Reve, whether they have innate super-powers or not.

3. Brain's collars weren't designed to inhibit, just to maintain discipline (which is another function), so that's an apples and oranges argument. As for Mammoth and Blockbuster, the collars inhibit their muscles. Not 100%, but clearly enough.

4. Old.

5. I've never understood why his ears are pointed. But they are. Black Adam is also old.

6. When did he blast the Flash?

7. I'm pretty sure it's digital.

8. Well, every series is different. Most - but not all - of the YJ music is synth. But of course, "real musicians" did record the synth . But for example, on Spectacular Spider-Man, guitar was such an important element of our score, that although most of the music was synth, the guitar work was always the genuine article.

Response recorded on January 19, 2012

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tomi writes...

The Gargoyles had very moody and powerful orchestral score, fitting very well into dark athmossphere which show embodied. Batman: The Animated Series had similar alike score(aside sharing some of its, writers/co-workers working on both of the shows).

However, Batman Beyond, although following in same timeline as Batman, taking place in dark future, had much more techno-metal soundtrack. Some themes similar to those heard in previous serie,s were also sometimes used, although in different instruments. Although liking of this change had been little bit mixed among fandom, i personally enjoyed this change, giving refreshing and differencing mood from it predecessor.
Somehow, i always envisioned that Gargoyles 2198, if ever reached to level of becoming animated series, would use similar kind of musical change: after all, in this spinf-off technology had expaned even beyond what we had seen in original Gargoyles, and we,ve would be seeing, thanks to Space-Spawn, alot in and out in our solar system: somehow i personally hear music like Static-x or Matrix soundtrack when thinking what this new enviroment would look like.

Do you think score would remain similar to Gargoyles, or would its future spin-off take futuristic change in not just visual but also sound?

I do understand that you dont usually like hypotethical questions, and i also try to avoid them, but this simply has been rolling in my head alot...

Greg responds...

Score-wise, I don't think we shared any personnel with Batman: The Animated Series. Carl Johnson was the Gargoyles composer. Shirley Walker did Batman with a number of composers, but I don't think Carl was one of them, though I might be wrong.

I'm sure we'd incorporate certain Gargoyles themes, while striking out in a new direction, but I'm not interested in defining that direction now in any way.

Response recorded on February 16, 2011

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Anonymous writes...

This question is a bit strange.

Why does Speedy gets his own theme tune?

Also I would like to say this, after watching YJ, I really prefer Speedy's seriousness over Robin's seriousness anytime. Plus Crispin Freeman is the best Speedy voice actor in my opinion. Keep up the good work.

Greg responds...

We're not really thinking about it that way.

Response recorded on February 09, 2011

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Sree writes...

1.When coming up with the theme song for spectacular spiderman, how many bands and how many versions of the song did you have to go through? Did you n Victor Cook have much input into selecting the ulimate song?

2.Do you know what Victor Cook is currently working on?

Greg responds...

1. We listened to about seven or eight submissions. Four of those, including the Tender Box song you're all familiar with, we liked a lot and wanted to use on the DVDs, but couldn't afford to. And, yes, Vic & I picked the song, though of course we needed approval from a whole bunch of folks at Sony, Marvel and KidsWB. Fortunately, everyone agreed with our choice without reservation.

2. Yes. Scooby-Doo, plus he's guest directing episode 20 of Young Justice.

Response recorded on January 28, 2011

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Joker writes...

Have you guys made any intro/theme song for Young Justice ?

Greg responds...

Find out on Friday.

Response recorded on January 04, 2011

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Paul writes...

When Young Justice starts airing in January, will there be a theme song at the beginning of each episode (or a minute or so in, like in The Spectacular Spider-Man)?

Greg responds...

I'm gonna let you wait until January to find out.

Response recorded on December 22, 2010

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SLG writes...

Hey Greg,

Really liked the Young Justice pilot, very solid stuff. I especially like the line Robin had about how Batman would "have his head" for taking so long to get out of those shackles. Robin seemed pretty capable, and I'm sure he'll get closer to Batman's level as time goes on, but I do hope we'll get to see the master at work every once in a while.

I also really have to say that I loved the action sequences (and the writing, of course). They had a great flow to them and a great sense of pace. I was also a bit surprised at how hard hitting some of the fights were, by which I mean they seemed to be fairly violent, even compared to something as recent as SpecSpidey, though that's just my take on it.

So anyway, you say that your brother, Jon Weisman, is writing for Young Justice, which got me thinking about how that was also the case during your time on WITCH. Since someone was nice enough to upload the entire series onto YouTube it has been easy enough to go back to. One of my favorites of that show was "S for Self", mainly because of the songs "Demon in Me" and "Will to Love" that played during it, for which you and Jon wrote the lyrics.

So this is a bit out there, but do you suppose that original songs, like those produced for WITCH, are something that would ever have a place in Young Justice?

How about an entire episode in the form of a musical? Buffy style, you know you want to.

Greg responds...

I do want to. But I'm not sure I'm smart enough to come up with an original reason for it to happen -- that WORKS with the tone of this show. Way back when, I wanted to do a musical episode of Gargoyles, but could never come up with a justification. Then Joss Whedon did "Once More With Feeling". And of course, the answer was obvious. I could have used Puck to force everyone to sing. Trouble is... I wasn't smart enough to figure that out first. Yes, that's right. Joss Whedon is smarter than I am. Now, taking that approach would REALLY look like I was ripping off his idea. I'm not 100% sure I'm above that. But I'm about 87% sure, so...

Even on Spidey, which was a show with a way less realistic and grounded tone than YJ is, I struggled to find an original reason to do a musical episode. And I couldn't figure one out. So the odds of me figuring one out on Young Justice seem slim, I'm afraid.

Response recorded on December 17, 2010

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David B. Jacobs writes...

Hey Greg!
Don't know if you'll know this, but when Sony relinquished Spider-Man TV rights, did that include the theme song? In other words, assuming TSSM comes back (and I'm also assuming that it will have already been renewed by the time you get this), then will you be able to use the same theme song, or will you have to make a new one? 'Cause I LOVE that theme song!!!!!!! (Although I'm sure you could another one just as good....)

Greg responds...

I love the song too, but your question is unfortunately moot now.

Response recorded on May 27, 2010

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Graham writes...

Hey Greg, love the show! Anyway, I wanted to know what the guitar chords were for the Spectacular Spider-Man theme, because I searched for them online, I couldn't find them anywhere, and would love to learn the song. I really hope you guys can get the show renewed, it's the best animated show I've seen in a long, long time.

Greg responds...

I'm afraid I don't know the answer.

Response recorded on March 08, 2010

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Lylat-Warrior-Galaxia writes...

Do you know any website besides here that has Gargoyles OST or Fan Made Gargoyles Music? I really love the music. Trust me, I have been looking for Star Fox music as well. (Don't bother with Star Fox)

Greg responds...

Nope, sorry.

Response recorded on October 29, 2009

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