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bbee430 writes...

I have some questions about Young Justice.

1. By year 5, the original team found out Dick was Nightwing. When did they find out? And in what order?

2. Did Barbara join the team right after she became batgirl or did she wait a year or 2?

3. When did wally and artemis move to Palo Alto together and attend standford? When did they adopt their dog Brucely?

4. Did wally and Artemis ever met the others parent(s), if so when? Because artemis seems to know Wally's parents by the end of season 2 and wally mentions how cool Artemis' mom is in YJ legacy?

Greg responds...

1. No spoilers.

2. No spoilers.

3a. They were both in the dorms their freshman year. Wally was in Twain. Artemis was in Toyon. (How's that for references that only a Stanford alum will appreciate?)

3b. No spoilers.

4a. Yes, of course. You saw Wally with Artemis' mom, and Artemis with Wally's parents.

4b. No spoilers.

Response recorded on January 07, 2015

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Kim writes...

Why did Beast Boy not go on the mission to the volcano in third episode young justice invasion?

Greg responds...

We didn't have enough characters already?

Response recorded on January 07, 2015

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Anonymous writes...

Hi Greg; so after reviewing some of the questions related to Artemis and Nightwing, I ran across this:

"Anyway, it's unfortunate, but all of Dick Grayson's digital photos were erased during the E.M.P. that Artemis set off in "Homefront". Plus, fans forbid us from allowing Dick to laugh anymore in Season Two. We received death threats.
I would have thought that was obvious from watching the show. I mean, dude, note the timestamp."

I wanted to ask about that particular picture that Dick trolled/snapped of himself with Artemis during her first day at hew new school. I get that the EMP pretty much eliminated all the data from Dick's stuff, presumably with this picture included but we see it appear again in "Depths" for YJ:I.

So, to recapitulate the question: Given that the EMP still knocked everything out, it seems that Dick still has that particular image. Did he ever get to laugh about it with Artemis?

Greg responds...

I can't tell from what you've quoted above, but if I had to guess, you're referring to a post I made on April Fool's Day.

Response recorded on January 07, 2015

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Hey gang,

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Check it out!

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