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Fallenlegend writes...

Hey Greg, got some multiverse questions. Not going to ask about earth 17 as I know that:s a spoiler…but ignoring that:

1.- How open would you be to earth 16 interacting with other universes?
2.- How open would you be to the idea of Canon crossovers with other shows for earth 16 ? I know there are plays, but those aren’t canon. Say Teen titans and the team of Young justice meeting for real instead of that Beast boy nightmare.

2b Also how do you feel about the ides of canon crossovers between other shows with Gargoyles (not counting your planned spin-offs like Bad guys’’
3.- Do you view Earth 16 as being isolated from the multiverse? As in part of the multiverse, but more bound to interact with other universes?

Thanks Greg

Greg responds...

1. Not very. It all sounds like fun in any individual story, but I think it's extremely ripe for abuse. EXTREMELY RIPE FOR ABUSE.

2. Same answer.

2b. I don't much care for the idea on the surface. But we did have plans to cross over with the Team Atlantis Universe. Or rather a version of Gargoyles existed in the Team Atlantis Universe. And a version of Team Atlantis exists in the Gargoyles Universe.

3. I really am not sure I understand either way that you phrased the question.

Response recorded on September 27, 2022

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Kevin writes...

1. What are Magog's powers/abilities on Earth 16?
2. Is the character J.W. from the play canon to Young Justice or was that just for the radio play?
3. Would telepaths be considered metahumans or is it's own thing?
4. What does Martian sorcery consist of? By that I mean if Atlantean sorcery is hard water constructs, Zatanna speaks backwards for a variety of effects what does Martian sorcery do? If that is too broad what was it doing onscreen was it light manipulation?
5. Why didn’t the Scarab explain it wasn’t allied with the Reach because of it malfunctioning?

Greg responds...

1. No spoilers.

2. Not canon. At least not yet.

3. Not all telepaths are meta-humans. Not all meta-humans are telepaths. Miss Martian is a telepath, but she's not a meta-human. She's a Martian. Looker is also a telepath, and she is a meta-human. Static is a meta-human, but he isn't a telepath. Basically, think of telepathy as an ability. Like walking. Dogs can walk. Cats can walk. But not all dogs are cats, etc.

4. There's not one thing. Not even for Atlanteans. La'gaan's specialty has nothing to do with water manipulation. As for Martian sorcery, I feel like we showed a range of things on screen. I'll leave it at that.

5. I assume you're asking about S2. But I'm not sure I understand the question. Initially, it didn't talk about the Reach because it had no memory of having any connection to the Reach. Or of the Reach at all. If you're asking why it didn't tell Jaime it no longer wanted to serve the Reach after the Reach took control of it and Jaime, the answer is because it was being monitored at all times.

Response recorded on September 14, 2022

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Emily The Disney Fan writes...

Hello again Mr. Weisman!

I know you've made Radio Plays of Cross overs with Gargoyles, Spider-Man, and Young Justice! Which leads me to this Question if you don't mind!

Is There by chance any Other Particular Disney Animated Series, Like The ones from Disney Channel or any other the other Disney Afternoon shows, That you would like to Cross Over with 'Gargoyles'?

Greg responds...

W.I.T.C.H., probably.

Response recorded on July 02, 2021

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BattleBeast writes...

Greetings Greg, as a fan you and your shows I have to ask.
If you could combine Spectacular Spider-Man with Young Justice (or just Marvel and DC in general), what do you think Spider-Man's relationship with each member of The Team and Justice League would be like?
For example:
1) Who would be his best friend on the team?
2) Who would be his Love interest?
3) Who would be his Justice League Mentor?
4) Which YJ villain would be his rival?

Greg responds...

Check out our Gargoyles meets the Spectacular Spider-Man meets Young Justice convention Radio Plays on Youtube:


Response recorded on July 02, 2021

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Matt writes...

Hi Greg.

Been a long while since I've asked you anything here. I hope things are well with you. Sounds like you're busy these days and I'm glad to hear it.

I'm writing to ask you about Gargoyles. It's crazy to think that the property is approaching its 25th year. And very cool to think that "in-universe" Artus and other gargoyles around the world are less than a year away from hatching!

But what I'm writing about is the future of Gargoyles on television, in comics, novels, etc. It feels like the last few years have been very quiet for Gargoyles. The last Gathering is nearly a decade behind us. We've had no new material in even longer. Revisions on GargWiki only trickle in these days. Gargoyles fan sites are steadily being abandoned or dying. Even Ask Greg is far more of a Young Justice site these days. The Comment Room is pretty quiet, a shadow of what it was when I first discovered it over 17 years ago. And we fans are slowly growing older. And with all of these disheartening facts, I'm beginning to lose hope in new Gargoyles material from here on out.

It's hard for me to even admit that. I can remember getting very fired up and launching into pep talks when others would express similar thoughts over the years. Maybe I'm writing this in hopes of getting a pep talk myself. I don't know. Really, I just want to know what your thoughts on the future of Gargoyles is. Good or bad, I'd just like to hear it from the man himself.

Let me be clear: I'm not asking if you've given up on the property. I know that you have never failed to look for an outlet to tell your stories and I know that if you were given a chance you'd happily tell those stories in any medium. I'm just curious about your personal and professional opinion on any future Gargoyles products.

I will always be a fan. I will always love the stories you've told us. I will always have some hope that more stories will be told and I'll be quick to support the property if/when that happens. I'm just feeling like Gargoyles is all in the past. Honestly, am I right? Or am I just being dramatic? And if Gargoyles does have a chance in the future, what can we do to help it along after all these years?

Thanks, Greg. You rock. Thanks for everything!

Greg responds...

Hey Matt,

You're just being dramatic. Which doesn't mean you aren't also right. Which doesn't mean there isn't hope. Confused yet?

Here's a hard truth: Disney bought Marvel and Lucasfilm. Why take a chance on a 25-year-old action property that (to their mind) has an aging/shrinking fanbase when you can exploit sure things like Star Wars and Spider-Man?

That's the big hump right now.

In addition, comic book publishing of Disney's licensed properties has been in disarray. As I'm sure you've noticed, we made some progress with Joe Books... and then it all fell apart. We're now waiting for Joe's license to lapse and are hopeful -actually hopeful - that we can make new comics happen with a new publisher. [Name of new publisher being withheld for now until a deal is made.]

So, no, of course I haven't given up. Gargoyles is my baby, and I'll never give up on it. I hope the fans won't either, but I understand there isn't much new to talk about these days, so it's natural that interest wanes. But I hope if and when there is something new to talk about, the fans will help me launch a campaign to get that new stuff noticed.

I truly believe that our best bet right now is, in fact, comic books. I can tell original canon stories (with little or no interference), and then we can use the comics to demonstrate that the property is still viable, just as we used Netflix to prove that Young Justice was still viable.

I'm also hopeful that once Disney has its own version of Netflix up and running in 2019 (just in time for our 25th Anniversary), that they'll put Gargoyles up there for streaming. Then we can begin a #KeepBingingGargoyles campaign, and who knows what might happen?!

Meanwhile, though it's true we haven't had an official Gathering since 2009, we did have a Gargoyles-convention-within-a-convention that was VERY successful at CONvergence in 2014 in Minneapolis, honoring the show's 20th anniversary. We did all the old Gathering stuff: showed the videos, multiple panels on the subject (including the biology/cultural panel), an original Gargoyles Radio Play, and we had Marina Sirtis, Frank Paur & Greg Guler there, as well. Many old Gargoyles fans showed up, and we had a blast. http://www.convergence-con.org/about/archive/2014-convention/

I'll be back at CONvergence in July of 2018, and although it won't be a full-on Gargoyles convention-within-a-convention again, we will do a Radio Play, and I always do at least one Gargoyles panel.

Plus, I've been talking with a venue to do another Garg-con-within-a-con to celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2019. I'll keep you posted here, but you should think about attending. It'll get the juices flowing.

So, no, don't despair. I'm always pretty upfront about the likelihood of anything happening, and right now it's a bit slim. But down the road, I still see a lot of potential. Stick with us!

Response recorded on December 20, 2017

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DJ writes...

I noticed that you did a radio show that was basically a crossover between Spectacular Spider-Man and Gargoyles, and I was wondering a few things:

1. I've looked all over the website for the final act, but I haven't been able to find it. Is there a way I can read it and find out what happens?

2. Did you write it as a way of considering trying to merge the Gargoyles universe with the Marvel universe, or were you doing it just for fun?

3. Would you be willing to allow the Gargoyles universe to become part of Marvel or DC if they asked you?


Greg responds...

1. The production itself is on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95V2vAFJmKs
But you couldn't have searched ASK GREG too hard. It took me no time to find it: http://www.s8.org/gargoyles/askgreg/search.php?rid=846

2. Fun.

3. It would never be up to me. But I'd recommend AGAINST it.

Response recorded on July 08, 2016

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Colton Clayton writes...

Hey Greg, long time fan here, first time asking a question here.

Gargoyles was one of those shows I really enjoy watching with my Mom, and we both enjoy it (as do we love Star Trek: The Next Generation, amusingly enough). I've already pre-ordered Season Two Part Two so we can rewatch the whole show together, but enjoying the comic together is a little tricky (she's not much of a reader).

I had wondered this for a long time anyways, but have there been any considerations (official or otherwise) of doing an audiobook or something akin to it (maybe a voiced motion comic?) for the Gargoyles SLG comic with the original voice cast? I can easily hear their voices in my head, but it would be a whole other experience to have them do it in the modern day.

Thanks for your time Greg, and I hope my asking this isn't a bother. I'll continue to support this series I love, and anything you do (as I always end up enjoying your work)!

Greg responds...

I'd love to do those stories as AudioPlays, and the subject has come up on occasion. I wouldn't rule out the possibility, but there are no current plans.

Response recorded on March 31, 2016