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Anonymous writes...

I'm not sure how familiar you are with this subject/genre, but do you think that Gargoyles and its universe would work as a tabletop/online RPG of some kind?

Greg responds...

I'm almost entirely unfamiliar with the RPG world. But I don't see why not...

Response recorded on July 02, 2021

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Mr. Joe writes...

Do you remember the Gargoyles board game that came with a VHS back in the 90s? In the beginning of the video, David Xanatos will taunt the players. One part I find humourous is when he laughs maniacally. It seems so out of character for him to do. Did that part bother you? We don't see Xanatos laugh in the show. In the video, he is laughing like a saturday morning cartoon villain.

Greg responds...

I remember it fondly. I don't particularly remember that bothering me. (I know I was there for the recording.) I'd have to look at it again to be sure.

Response recorded on October 03, 2016

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Elizabeth writes...

Hello Mr. Weisman my name is Elizabeth although being since I put my name in the name field I guess that is redundant, but I still feel it is proper to introduce oneself when asking a question.

I was just wondering if you ever thought about making a Tabletop RPG of Gargoyles?

Greg responds...

Not specifically. I don't know much about gaming. And in any case, I do not control the franchise. Disney does.

Response recorded on July 14, 2016