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Victor writes...

Why did u and brandon choose Wally's death as one of the best choices as a hole for the show....not to mention his relationship with Artemis was my favorite and Wally was also my favorite character. I know that you are not going to change it because it already is as it is...Wally and i connected...i just did not agree with seeing Wally's friends and especially Artemis go through all that pain...i suffered too, he ment a lot to me,.. I would just like to know why please..i feel like Wally was trying to do wright with his buetiful beloved Artemis.I liked the relationship by the way...you r amazing too...really great at what you do....but why did u and ur partner decide to do that.Not asking for your future plans..or Spoilers of course but WHY??...thank u for you time...#ilovewallyandartemis best ever.cant wait for SEASON 3

Greg responds...

There are a lot of complicated reasons. But fundamentally, it comes down to this:

Because we knew it would hurt.

Response recorded on October 03, 2016

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