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Mair writes...

Hi Greg,
First of all I just want to say thank you for every piece of writing you've ever done. You're a genuine source of inspiration to me and i'm continually amazed by the depth of your storytelling.

You've talked in the past about your decision to keep Emily Osborn alive and around in Spectacular instead of being a missing mother. I was thinking recently about how it's not uncommon for writers to imply that Norman's treatment of Harry to the idea that Harry's birth caused or bought about Emily's death.
You're Norman is probably the most explicitly cruel of all the Norman adaptations towards his son, and yet he totally lacks this excuse. I was wondering if that was something you where conscious of when writing the Osborns?

(P.S Spec!Norman is probably my favourite version of the character. He's cold, clever, charming and creepy, but most of all he's an unnervingly believable bully.)

Greg responds...

I never really bought into that as an excuse for Norman. If he had been a decent man up to the point of Emily's death, then he would have treated his son with decency. But he wasn't, so he didn't. So it didn't bother me to "lose" that particular motivation when weighed against other concerns.

Response recorded on January 17, 2017

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Someone writes...

I feel like this question is more headed towards other people who want young justice back instead of Greg but I will put it here anyway.
Those of you who want YJ back we really have start a big push if we really want it to happen. We actually want it to come back so not doing anything won't help. We cannot just let this show go this is one of the very few opportunities we can save a show. Keep binging it on netflix, buy the products, and get the comics from comicology.com. Come on we half to make this happen guys so do whatever you can!

Greg responds...

It's COMIXOLOGY with an X, but otherwise - back in September - I'd have totally agreed with you. And it worked! Brandon Vietti and I are working on the arc for the third season now!

Response recorded on January 16, 2017

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Todd Jensen writes...

This question (more a comment) is over a year late, unfortunately, but....

Last year, I bought a copy of "Darkwing Duck: the Definitely Dangerous Edition". I began reading the foreword, which I initally assumed was written by one of the big names in the "Darkwing Duck" animated series - until I got to "<cough> Gargoyles <cough>". I looked down at that point, saw your name at the bottom, and then looked at the front cover and spotted "Foreword by Greg Weisman", which I had somehow failed to notice until that point. Talk about embarrassing! But it was still neat that you got to write the foreword for it.

And I had a lot of fun spotting the various Disney references throughout the book (which was entertaining even without them, and brought back some memories). Most of the people submitting questions here would undoubtedly be drawn to a certain stone perch of Negaduck's, but I also enjoyed the cameos by Scrooge McDuck, Gyro Gearloose, and the rest (including Magica de Spell's team-up with Negaduck) - certainly logical in light of "Darkwing Duck" existing in the same universe as "Duck Tales" - and Launchpad's failed attempt to join the Rescue Rangers. And, at the end, the revelation that the mystery schemer in the final arc was the Phantom Blot - all the more startling because he's traditionally Mickey Mouse's opponent (making his role here seem almost like Lex Luthor masterminding schemes in Gotham City).

Sorry again for the late comment on it, but at least you'll still get to read it.

Greg responds...

I've been reading Darkwing lately. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that book!!!

Response recorded on January 16, 2017

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Dane writes...

Hey, got some more questions for this awesome show.
1. What is Icicle Jr.'s ethnicity?
2. Did it annoy Tommy when Junior hit on Tuppence?
3. Every time he hit on Tuppence (in Darkest) or Miss Martian (in Terrors) did he not realize that they weren't interested in him at all or did he just pretend not to notice? Sometimes it seemed like he was absolutely oblivious, even when Miss Martian clearly pulled a face at him in the prison bus or when Tuppence crushed his hand he didn't seem to be discouraged by that.
4. Does the Manta Flyer require at least five people to operate it, or could Kaldur and Tigress have controlled it even with fewer crew members?
5. Cameron seemed to know his way around technology. Did Senior teach him a thing or two growing up, because in the video game Cam was able to operate the machine to retrieve the artifact from the ice?

Greg responds...

1. Um... he's a white dude.

2. Not as much as it annoyed Tuppence.

3. Oblivious sounds about right.

4. It only requires one.

5. He's learned what he needs to know. I doubt Icicle Sr. taught him much about tech. My son teaches me, not the other way around.

Response recorded on January 16, 2017

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Brandon writes...

Dear Greg,
I greatly admire your work on Young Justice for which I am eagerly waiting a third season (should it ever come to fruition). It gave me new appreciation for characters from the DC pantheon, such as Blue Beetle and Impulse. I also enjoyed Spectacular Spider-Man but I was already a Spider-Man fan before the series, so in a way, Young Justice is more impressive to me because of how much it made me care for characters I knew nothing about beforehand. With that out of the way, a few questions:

1. Do the Justice League/Team have a "No Kill Rule", or some kind of policy on killing? M'gann's "mind crush" seems to be as far as they'll go.

2. When the Reach were experimenting on Jaime Reyes, they mentioned that the only way to reboot the scarab would be to kill him. We later learn that Green Beetle, an agent of the Reach, can reboot the scarab without killing him. What is the purpose of this deception?

3. When Luthor sent the Runaways onto the Warworld, was he expecting them to succeed in their mission, or was he thinking they would be captured? Obviously it benefits the Light to have the heroes freed and working against the Reach, but I'm thinking Luthor was more concerned with stealing the crystal key.

Thank you for reading my questions and I sincerely hope Young Justice comes back.


Greg responds...

1. I don't know if they need to bother making that a RULE. Killing is illegal in most every culture. But... sure.

2. Green Beetle's Martian physiology allowed for a number of unusual possibilities. There was no deception in the Scientist's earlier statement. She was talking about normal procedures. And Green Beetle wasn't on Earth yet.

3. The key was the priority. But I think he thought they had a chance.

Response recorded on January 16, 2017

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NoOneSpecial writes...

1.This is something that has always bugged me about the first episode of Rebels. When Kanan catches Ezra with the lightsabre in his room, he tells him to give it back, yet for some reason he doesn't check to see if Ezra had taken anything else, even though Kanan clearly left the Holocron in same drawer as his lightsabre and Ezra ended up taking it anyway, so why didn't he check to see if the Holocron was still safe? I mean, if you leave a gun and some money in a drawer and you catch someone with your gun, you're not going to check your money is all there?

2.In Idiot's Array, what was the point of losing Chopper in a bet to Lando? I mean, I don't see how its extra incentive to make the Ghost crew do Lando's job, since they needed money and Kanan was planning to speak to Lando about his offer. And Lando was going to pay them the money anyway (we find out later he didn't have it, but he still ended up giving them some fuel). Just feels like the episode could have been done without the bet even happening, since it wasn't necessary to start the plot, the risk of actually losing Chopper never feels that high and it doesn't seem to speak as a lesson about the crew learning to appreciate Chopper(well expect for Zeb maybe)

3.You've said before that you really liked Ahsoka's character (as do many). Do you regret the fact that you left Rebels after Season 1 before having the chance to work with her character? One of my biggest gripes with Season 2 is Ahsoka's minimal appearances. She doesn't really do anything major until the end. I personally would have loved to have seen Ahsoka go on a mission with the Ghost crew, but for the most part, her role feels like nothing more than a background character

4.What're your thoughts on Darth Maul? In Episode 1, he was pretty much a blank slate, with no real depth, backstory, or even dialogue in general, making him feel totally wasted, which says something about the prequels in general, since he still somehow ended up being one of the BEST parts of it. Obviously, Lucas felt the same way seeing as how they ended up reviving Maul in Clone Wars. Though his survival is a huge, HUGE, cop-out, it certainly feels worth it, as his character was fleshed out into one of the best in Star Wars, while he and Opress have some the best storylines that Clone Wars had to offer. His return in Rebels made the finale ten times better and he's already making Season 3 look promising

5.Was the Grand Inquisitor's backstory something that had been decided on in Season 1? During the final battle between him and Kanan, the Inquisitor gives Kanan a salute (the Makashi salute, I think it's called?) which Kanan returns with some surprise. It feels almost like an intentional show of respect on his part. Later we learn that the Inquisitor was a former Jedi. Was this something you always knew about the character when he was created?

Greg responds...

1. He knew Ezra had taken it. It was part of the test.

2. Well, you're entitled to your opinion, but I think it raised the stakes considerably. Plus, you know, COMEDY.

3. She was NEVER supposed to be a lead. She was a lead in Clone Wars. Not in Rebels. I loved that we brought her in, but if she had taken precedence over the crew of the Ghost, I would have been disappointed. But again, your mileage may vary.

4. I haven't seen season three yet, and of course, I didn't work on the character in Season One or Two. So I have no personal affinity for him. But he's got a cool look, and I like what they did with him in Season Two.

5. No.

Response recorded on January 16, 2017

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Jack writes...

Hey Greg!
1) What was Mister Twister's connection to the Light? Had the Brain not mentioned him I would have assumed T.O. Morrow was operating independently.

2) In a few of the Light's earlier appearances (where their faces are obscured) there are more screens on the wall than there are members. Was this an animation error or a deliberate choice in order to make their identities more cryptic (to both the audience and other characters)?

3) In issue 11 of the YJ comic, Ra's al Ghul's plan is to use a rocket to pretty much wipe out civilization. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Light's plan to put the human race in a high position on a galactic level, and allow humanity to evolve to its highest level? Doesn't Ra's and Talia's plan seem counterproductive, then?

Thanks for continuing to make quality cartoons! I'm always looking forward to your next projects.

Greg responds...

1. Stikk worked for Morrow. Morrow was an associate of the Light's. As you may recall, Klarion was expecting to work with Morrow on the Starro Tech, but got Ivo instead.

2. Neither.

3. Well, first off, it was never Talia's plan. Second off, Vandal's mandate is survival of the fittest. If Ra's successfully killed off much of the population, all the fittest of who remained would survive and be stronger for it, right? (Keep in mind, I'm not actually advocating this approach, but...)

Response recorded on January 13, 2017

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Anonymous writes...

Could the characters in Young Justice swear in a foreign language? i.e. Could Dorado have said "boludo"?

Greg responds...

You mean for foreign television? I doubt it.

Response recorded on January 13, 2017

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Hobbiton writes...

If Disney/Marvel came up to you and told you that you would be the sole writer for the upcoming live action Gargoyles movie that would take place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, no exceptions, how would you write it and what would it be about?

Greg responds...

A. I'd advise against setting Gargoyles in the MCU. Strongly against.

B. Given my answer to A, I've got absolutely no thoughts on B.

C. If they told me that it was that or nothing, I'd like to think I'd say nothing.

D. If they told me they're doing it with or without me, I'd almost definitely say with.

E. I'd have to come up with something for B.

F. But given that this entire scenario is ridiculously unlikely, I'm not going to start thinking about it now.

G. If you do want to see a NON-canon Gargoyles/Spider-Man crossover, check out the various radio plays we've done just for silly fun on YouTube, including Gargoyles Meets The Spectacular Spider-Man Meets Young Justice.

Response recorded on January 13, 2017

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EXALT writes...

I've been thinking about Timedancer lately, and I have suddenly realised the fact that some main characters (Katana and Nashville at the very least, and possibly other part-time travelers) wouldn't show up in it for years or even decades. So my question is this: was the plan to showcase Brooklyn's 40-years dance in a linear manner (1997-997-1970's-all the way until 1997 again), or did you plan to jump around time a bit as well (so maybe episode one is at Year 1 with Mary and Finella, episode two is at Year 5 when Brook is with Fu-Dog, episode three in Year 38 alongside Katana and Nashville, etc)?

Greg responds...

I don't know. Honestly. It's never a decision I've had to make. I have a ton of stories set on Brooklyn's timeline. But what order I'd reveal them will depend on if and when a TimeDancer series is ordered in some medium or another, and what the parameters of that series are.

Response recorded on January 13, 2017

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