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Anonymous writes...

First of all, I would just like to say that Young Justice is one of my favorite shows, ever, and I think you and the team behind it did an amazing job. I was rewatching the other day and I noticed something in Alpha Male. M'gann talks to Superboy telepathically a handful of times, but it's never really clear as to whether she's selectively talking to him or if it's a group communication she just directed towards him, what's going on?

Greg responds...

In that episode there's some of both, so you'd have to pinpoint for me which scene (or dialogue) you're referring to for me to answer with any specificity.

Response recorded on February 27, 2019

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Cinderblue writes...

I was rewatching Young Justice the other day and I was wondering how long it took for the Bioship to fly places. Is it faster than a commercial plane? It can enter space, so it's capable of accelerating fast enough to leave the atmosphere, so does M'gann slow it down while just flying around Earth or is the Team constantly flying at that kind of speed?

Greg responds...

As we revealed in episode 313, if the Bio-Ship is traveling long distances on Earth it will fly almost straight up and straight down along the Earth's rotation, allowing it to get almost anywhere on the planet in a couple hours or less. Obviously, it doesn't travel that fast if it's going horizontally. And how it accelerates and decelerates is very important.

Response recorded on February 27, 2019

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Jack Carpenter writes...

As of your answering of this question (presumably a few months after I've asked, or so I'm counting on), do you know how close we are to a YJ trailer? If so, how close? Unless there already is a trailer by then (unlikely), in which case never mind.

Greg responds...

Uh... it took me longer than a few months. There have been multiple trailers by now, a new comic (split up in two parts) and 13 episodes. Thirteen more episodes are due this summer, 2019.

Response recorded on February 27, 2019

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TheRantDragon writes...

Hey, Greg! I'm so excited for season 3, I can't believe the show is coming back after so long. I've never been so invested for so long in a cartoon series, and for that, I have to say thanks for providing this awesome series!

I'm a HUGE Spitfire fan, it's one of my main hooks to the series, that and Artemis is like my favorite female character ever. I just have a couple of questions regarding Spitfire.

1. In one of your responses about the pairing some time back, I recall that you gave a few reasons for why Artemis finds Wally attractive, such as his scientific brain and how he never gives up. Can you tell us some of the traits/aspects about Artemis that make her so attractive to Wally? (I'm not questioning WHY Wally would like her, but rather, from Wally's point of view, just what is it about her that fuels his crush/deeper feelings?)

2. During season 1, before they were together, did Wally and Artemis ever spend time together outside of missions, just the two of them?

And one question just about Artemis:

3. Out of pure curiosity, do you think Paula or Lawrence chose the name Artemis when she was born, or did they mutually choose it? How about Jade?

Thank you for your time!

Greg responds...

1. I think she also has an analytic mind that appeals to him. She's quick and smart and calls him on his bulls#!t. She's very easy on the eyes, as well. Which I'm sure sounds sexist, but I will only counter that by saying HE is also easy on the eyes to her. The fact that they are physically attracted to each other just makes sense to me.

2. No spoilers.

3. No spoilers.

Response recorded on February 27, 2019

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Steven writes...

Hey Greg, there has been some fairly new explanations to the Speed Force in the comics that might make more sense to you at why there is a force that makes people fast, but not strong, etc. - Basically, the Speed Force is a force, similar to gravity, except that instead of keeping us grounded to the earth, it's the force that moves time and space forward. The reasoning for it granting people powers is because as it moves time forward, it builds up excess energy that needs to be released, which happens when speedsters run and give off lightning. Basically, the speedsters are the Speed Force's "release valve". Without them to expend the energy, time would not function properly. I hope this makes sense to you and I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks!

Greg responds...




Except in the last year or so I've read comics that talk about the "Still Force" and the "Strength Force", etc. To me, and again, this is just my opinion - it's overly complicated overthink of something that made enough sense already. And keep in mind, this is coming from a guy who on YJ does everything in his power to ground his super-heroes and their powers in reality. GROUNDING stuff is one of YJ's prime directives.

So, the release valve thing seems to make some sense, I suppose. We did something similar at the end of Season Two. But when you start talking about people disappearing into it or other forces for stillness and strength, I start to glaze over a bit.

But I've tried not to close my mind to the whole thing.

I didn't much care for all the multi-colored lanterns either. But by the time I had finished watching the Green Lantern Animated Series with Razor, I was on board.

Too be clear, none of the above is meant as a spoiler of any kind in any direction for YJ. We're just talkin' theory here and how certain ideas strike me, at least initially.

Response recorded on February 27, 2019