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emmy the vampire slayer writes...

hi, greg ðŸ'‹

is megan in season 4 a transgender allegory? the scene where she says that form isn't who she's inside is a VERY trangender thing. was that on purpose or not? in season 1, when you were asked about this, you said you didn't have a trans metaphor in mind for megan, but things changed, i guess. (or not)

i think she works a lot better being a allegory for a trans person than for a person of color to be honest. but she can be both, i guess.

oh, and do dogs live longer in YJ? you said they live longer in gargoyles because they should live longer in real life, so in your universe, they do.

ps: i'm not saying you shouldn't like your show. you should, it's good :)

Greg responds...

1. I think it's become both. Fans told us that they related to Megan as a trans allegory, so we went with that, while maintaining her growing out of the desire to be part of a "passing" allegory.

2 I believe I said Gargoyle Beasts live longer than dogs. But maybe you could show me a link to whatever wild thing I said. In any case, no. In YJ, a normal dog has a normal dog lifespan.

Response recorded on February 01, 2022

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