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Todd Jensen writes...

I've read your new "Magic: the Gathering" book, "Ravnica: War of the Spark".

I've barely any familiarity with "Magic: the Gathering" (about all I know about it, in fact, is that it's a fantasy-themed collectible card game that's been around for over twenty years); I confess that I found this one a bit harder to follow than your two Warcraft books. Apparently the main conflict (the group of people out to foil the plans of a megalomaniacal dragon) had been going on well before the book began, with plenty of deaths, betrayals, and other adventures already before the first page, which gave me the feeling of having walked into a movie about halfway through. (Those who know more about the "Magic: the Gathering" franchise than I did informed me that that conflict had entered the franchise several years ago.) Still, I got some sense of what was going on, and rather liked it.

I was amused by your two "Gargoyles" references - the mention of the Praying Gargoyle in a list of magical treasures and an echo of Hudson's remarks on names in a comment about one of the guilds' obsession with naming all its schemes.

Greg responds...

I was brand new to Magic: the Gathering when I got the assignment, so I strove to write the book so that newbies like me (and you) would know everything they needed to know from the book itself. The problem isn't that one NEEDED intel that wasn't there. The problem is that one might FEEL like one needed intel that wasn't there. And there wasn't much I could do about that, as the storyline had begun years before. But I'm glad you liked it.

And I sneak a few Gargoyles references into absolutely everything I do. Everything.

Response recorded on July 26, 2021

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