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Dark Light writes...

First of all, I am SO HAPPY Young Justice finally got a third season (God knows the show deserves it) and I can't wait to see what you've come up with (especially regarding Darkseid). So, I've been re-watching the series and I wanted to ask you a few questions about the episodes "Summit" and "Endgame":
1) In "Summit", Savage mentions that the Light bribed certain individuals on Rimbor (I realize he didn't say it was the Tribune, but who else could it be?) in order to ensure the League is found guilty. So why didn't the Tribune declare them guilty in spite of Conner and M'gann trying to convince them otherwise?
2) In "Summit", when the fight broke out on Santa Prisca and Klarion teleported himself, Savage and Teekl out of there, why didn't he also teleport Ra's, Manta and the Brain, given how important members of the Light they are?
3) In "Endgame", when Luthor contacted the League via United Nations transmission and offered them his help against the Reach, Atom said that he (Lex) and the Light are responsible for the current crisis and Lex replied: "Perhaps, but as I believe you know, the Light always planned to betray the Reach." Lex said this in front of UN Secretary General Tseng via UN transmission, so my question is: doesn't this implicate Luthor in collaboration with known felons (as well as various other criminal activities) and couldn't it be used against him in the court of law? I'm asking 'cause Lex usually doesn't slip up.
Anyway, I hope answers for my questions aren't spoilers and that you can freely answer them because they really bug me when I start thinking about them. I've searched a great deal and I don't believe that they've been previously asked by anyone. Once again, I LOVE your show and the way you handle so many characters from DC's vast universe and am really excited about seeing what season 3 has in store for us :)

Greg responds...

1. There are three tribunes. And clearly, given the appeals the most verbal tribune was making during the trial, he still felt there was money to be made.

2. He's Chaos.

3. It doesn't seem to bright does it. I guess he's just that confident.

Response recorded on October 28, 2020

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