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Joshua writes...

Hey Greg I'm a newbie who just started watching your show on disney+ and first off wow! How did miss this? Now that gargoyles is on a exclusive streaming service is there any new possibilities for it to come back? -also while typing this would you be open to a kingdom Hearts crossover or a gargoyles video in general?

Greg responds...

We're trying to get everyone to #KeepBingingGargoyles over and over again on Disney+ - because we DO think there's a possibility that Gargoyles might be able to come back, if fans prove to the company that there's an interest.

I don't know much about Kingdom Hearts, but I'm certainly open to including Gargoyles. That's been discussed in the past, but never happened - to my knowledge.

And I'd love to do Gargoyles in ANY medium, if given the chance.

The thing to keep in mind is that it's not up to me. But the fans (collectively) have more power than they think, if they understand how to exercise it.

Response recorded on August 17, 2021

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Sasha writes...

Hello Greg,

It is with great pleasure that I see Gargoyles is now available to binge on Disney+. With that in mind, I wanted to ask a question concerning the Goliath Chronicles. I know that, with the exception of Episode 1, the Chronicles season is not canon. I'm also aware that, in your comics, you made a nod to one of the Chronicles episodes, where Jeffrey Robbins discovers that Hudson is a gargoyle. At the time you said that you echoed this interaction from the series an a nod to the creators for "getting it right."

My question is this: Apart from "The Journey" and "The Dying Light," (featuring Hudson and Jeffrey Robbins,) are there any Goliath Chronicles episodes that you recommend watching? Do you have any particular opinions on the Chronicles season, as it is displayed on Disney+ alongside the first two canon seasons of Gargoyles? And, in supporting Gargoyles as a whole, should fans watch the Goliath Chronicles as well as the other two seasons?

It is a real joy to see the excitement that has resurged around the series. I hope that it does finally get the renewal it so fiercely deserves!

Thank you for reading my question.
Wishing you all the best,

Greg responds...

Hi Sasha,

I don't really recommend any episodes of The Goliath Chronicles, per say, including "The Journey". Think of the comics as my personal official third season, and my adaptation there of "The Journey" as my official version of that story.

I think it's okay to watch Chronicles on Disney+ or NOT watch 'em. Whichever you prefer. I'm just hoping that, at minimum, folks keep binging the first two seasons over and over. #KeepBingingGargoyle.

Response recorded on August 16, 2021

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Anonymous writes...

Hi greg i have two questions.

1.If you were to bring back Gargoyles on Disney plus,how many seasons would it have?

2. Would you also attempt to do Gargoyles Dark Ages and Gargoyles 2198,and have them on Disney plus if you ever get the chance?

Greg responds...

1. How do I answer something so incredibly hypothetical? If it were up to me, it would never end. But that kind of thing is NEVER up to me.

2. Given the chance, I'd do all of it.

Response recorded on August 12, 2021

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Gregory Williams writes...

Hi, with Disney+ getting ready to launch, I know the the original Gargoyles series will be streaming there... Have you ever thought about doing a pitch for a live action version for the streaming service? I got my wife hooked on the show and even she asked the question... "Why has this never been done as a live action movie/series?" It's amazing how timeless this series is... I own the graphic novels from Slave Labor too and those also feel like watching the show when reading. Thanks for your time! =)

Greg responds...

I've been pitching Gargoyles non-stop for over two decades now. Animated. Live Action. More comics. Etc. I'm still talking to people at Disney, but as always, it's not up to me.

If fans want this kind of thing, the answer is pretty simple. BINGE WATCH GARGOYLES OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER on Disney+. #KeepBingingGargoyles

Response recorded on August 12, 2021

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Ashwin writes...

how stoked are you that Gargoyles is going to be on Disney+?

Greg responds...

Very. Very, very stoked. Extremely stoked.

Response recorded on August 12, 2021

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Chris DeRose writes...

Hey Greg. First off you are one of my favorite writers ever. Everything you’ve written and produced has been golden.

Anyway my question is since Proud Family, Lizzie McGuire, are getting revived on Disney Plus is it possible or at the very least a chance it could happen to Gargoyles, and would jump right on?

Greg responds...

It's possible. And I'd love to do more. But it's Disney's call, not mine.

Response recorded on August 06, 2021

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Jack's Dad writes...

Hey Greg - Believe it or not my son and I attended a Gathering in Austin Texas and he was young - real young. At the masquerade party he was Goliath and won a small prize of sorts. That was some 20 years ago I suspect - but out love of the Gargoyles has not faded. We still hold out hope for a Gargoyles return in some fashion. He has crates of unopened items (Castle, action figures, cars and so much more) - Thanks for the great stories and memories - and we are still secretly praying for Gargoyles to rise again! Proudly - Jack's Dad

Greg responds...

I remember you guys!! Gathering 1999, right? (But it was Dallas, not Austin. I've never been to Austin, though I'd love to go someday.)

Check out the show on Disney+ and #KeepBingingGargoyles!!

Response recorded on July 26, 2021

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Wreck 55 writes...

Just want to start off by saying I watched W.I.T.C.H. for the first time when I was 5 years old and I'm turning 20 next month. I still, to this day, enjoy the show so much so that I can quote from it word for word at my big age (whether thats sad or impressive I'll let you decide). I've also only recently discovered that you, the same guy who had a hand in making my favourite show (W.I.T.C.H.), also had a hand in making another show I love (YJ) - so thank you for bringing me such joy! And thank you for managing to bring YJ back to our screens, I am eagerly awaiting it's return :)

I am aware that one of the main reasons that YJ was able to come back was because fans endlessly binged watched it on Netflix, so I was wondering whether there is any way that you, or we as your fans, could get W.I.T.C.H. on Netflix so that it could possibly enjoy the same successful return? I strongly believe that if the show is put on a platform where it's popularity can be measured, the necessary people will see that the show is worth investing in again. A friend of mine (who's a bit of tom boy and who absolutely LOVES YJ) agreed to watch W.I.T.C.H. because I pestered her to. Three days later she came up to me and demanded to know who Raphael Sylla was and why there were only two seasons of the show - and shes the same age as me!

I also have other bits of evidence that suggest W.I.T.C.H. would have fruitful ratings were it to return to TV, such as countless online petitions by fans asking for a season 3 and also the fact that Yen Press has acquired the rights to remaster and reprint all issues of the comics as graphic novels - which could not only draw previous viewers back to the beloved show but also attract a whole new audience that have never even heard of W.I.T.C.H.. After all, the show did end twelve, nearly thirteen years ago.

Greg responds...

You give me too much credit. I didn't "get" YJ on Netflix. I took advantage of it, once it was there, guiding fans to binge. But I have no ability to "get" a series on to any particular service, channel or network. WAY ABOVE MY PAYGRADE, I'm afraid.

If enough FANS request WITCH for Disney+, maybe they'll listen and put it there. (Netflix is corporately unlikely for WITCH. But Disney+ might be a real possibility.

Response recorded on July 23, 2021