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Paul writes...

It looks as though the version of "Drop-Zone" that has the incorrect timestamps is the one on HBO Max. Do you think that HBO Max will replace it with the correct version if asked to do so? I wonder if it might takes the fans and the creators (both asking HBO Max) to make that happen.

Greg responds...

Uh... crap.

Can't hurt to ask. I'll try at my end.

Response recorded on March 10, 2022

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Gigliovaljr writes...

Hey Greg,
It has been a delightful surprise for the sudden premiere of YJ Phantoms and I hope there's more episodes soon.

Looking back at when YJ returned, you had a lot less restrictions, allowing you to tell the story more to your choosing, but I can't help but wonder how different season 3 would have been if Young Justice had never been cancelled to begin with and still had those restrictions.

Could you tell us more of how different season 3 would have been if the show had continued back in 2013? What would have changed in regards to characters and story? What plans for season 3 did you come up after the original cancellation and what plans were scrapped?

Greg responds...

I can't answer that. It's hypothetical to a wild degree. Our general plans for the first four seasons haven't changed from back when we first developed the series. But we didn't break Season Three in any detail until DC Universe picked us up for a third season. And we didn't begin breaking Season Four until DC Universe picked a fourth season up - months before DC Universe became DC Universe Infinite, and we moved over to HBO Max.

Response recorded on October 29, 2021

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Risu writes...

Loving Outsiders so far. The Harper bros were a delight I didn't even know I needed.

* Is there any way to show the DC executives the support for this show while living outside (heh) of the US?

* Would watching Titans on Netflix help you, maybe?

* Any idea if DC plans to open their site worldwide, or release YJ s3 on Netflix too? I'd like to help, I want more.

Greg responds...

1. I honestly don't know.

2. Not particularly. But if you like Titans, go for it.

3. Well, DC Universe is moot now. Can you get HBO Max internationally?

Response recorded on July 26, 2021