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Anonymous writes...

Does the light hold black manta accountable for the damage kaldur did as a double agent?

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Bee writes...


Since Giovanni and Bruce are friends...I was wondering if Dick and Zatanna have met before she first visited mount justice?

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Anonymous writes...

What was Miss Martian doing during the group's mission in markovia?

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Suzie writes...

Why did Miss Martian have long hair in the Torch Song comic when she still had short hair at the end of season 2? Why did M'gann have long hair again? Did she bring it back to get Conner's attention or was that just an error?

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Anonymoose writes...

Hi Greg, I hope you're well! I have a few questions related to the everyday life of the Manhattan clan.

1. When they lived in the Clocktower, how did they get food? Did Elisa simply buy them groceries? Did they ... take what they needed... from nearby supermarkets? Something else?

2. In the clocktower, did they take turns doing chores to maintain the place, like cleaning/dusting, washing dishes, etc.? If so, did they have a schedule or just did things as needed?

3. Did Broadway do all or most of the cooking, or did the others also cook sometimes?

Thank you!

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Anonymous writes...

Since Conner works from out of his home as a motorcycle mechanic does this mean he is his own boss and doesn't work under anyone. In short, does Conner have his own motorcycle business?

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Anonymous writes...

I'm confused about Em'ree. She was the only one of M'gann's siblings who was willing to attend her and Conner's wedding, but at the same time, she also showed she wasn't entirely supportive from their argument in episode 3. In short did Em'ree really support or approve of relationship?

Also did her views really changed when Conner died and she saw how heartbroken M'gann was over his death?

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Anonymous writes...

By 2020 do Artemis, Nightwing, Superboy and Miss Martian still have the option of joining the Justice League?
Why did Conner decide to join the Outsiders
Why was Artemis chosen to lead the team inside of Dick?

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Antiyonder writes...

In regards to the mention of Superman mistaking Captain Marvel as being a Kryptonian in "Agenda", I figured it's (mostly) referring to some of the surface similarities between the two.

Was that by chance also a reference to Supes believing Power Girl to be Kryptonian, but she really wasn't at least following "Crisis On Infinite Earths"?

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RebeccaðŸ'- writes...

Have you and Brandon Vietti watched or heard of a Japanese animated film (created by Mamoru Hosoda and produced by Studio Chizu) called Belle (2021 film)🎼🎶 by any chance? I'm just being curious.

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