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Anonymous writes...

Try to keep in mind that people having such strong emotional reactions to the choices this show makes ultimately means that they’re passionate about it. People in all fandoms have meltdowns if they feel like something “let them down” i.e. the Game of Thrones and How I Met Your Mother finales. This is not personal towards you, even if it feels that way. I think you just make yourself far more accessible than the average creator with this forum and if it’s becoming too much then it might be time to set some boundaries.

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Anonymous writes...

For Season 3, episode "Evolution", I have two questions -

1. Is there a name to the alien race controlled by Starro or should we just consider them an 'unknown alien race controlled by Starro"?

2. Based on the design of the armada ships, was that based off of something in the DC universe or formed by the creators and yourself?

3. If Savage failed to defeat Starro, could he have actually fallen under control of the creature?

4. Does the Starro creature have a gender?

5. Seeing Starro is contained in the stasis pod, is it actually dead? (But I understand if this is no spoilers answer)

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Princeton writes...

Greg why was it decide as part of the plot of the young justice comic story Targets that during the beginning of the story young justice comic Targets that Garfield would still have his pictures of queen peridia on his phone if was decided that the ending of the story of the young justice comic Targets was going to be that Garfield was not get to back together with Perdita in a dating relationship?

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Onomastics FTW writes...

I see many people asking about much of this, but they seem to all buy misunderstanding Kryptonian naming customs, so I'll ask it a bit differently.

Many are confused by the names Ursa Zod and Lara El. First, I understand what you're doing there, especially after the reveal of Kara Zor-El.

Clearly, Lara El's full name would be Lara Lor-Van El, or perhaps you've decided on Earth 16's Krypton women drop the father's name entirely. Either way, that explains the lack of a hyphen.

My questions are:
1) Which is it? Do they keep the father's name as a middle name, and just not say it all the time, or drop it all together? Or am I way off?
2) What was Ursa's father's name?
3) A little less directly related, does Non not have a house? If not, why? I realize this was the case in the comics, but I don't believe it was ever explained there, so I'd love to know how you'd explain it.
4) Not about names at all now, but I'm sidetracked on Non now: since Zod and Ursa were surprised to learn of the destruction of Krypton, it's clear they didn't have anything to do with Jor-El's predictions as they did during the New 52 era. This suggests Non also has a different backstory than that period (he doesn't have much of one at all right now, from what I can find). In that, he was Jor-El's teacher and was banished (and labotomized) for continuing to warn about the end of days after the Science Council forbade Non and Jor-El from doing so. It's clear that much of that doesn't work in your continuity, but how much of that is held over? If that's a spoiler request, I do apologize.

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Riker writes...

Who takes care of Garfield logan's dog Wingman when beast boy is on outsiders missions?

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Bionicblade2099 writes...

Has Dick Grayson ever contacted his uncle, Richard, since his family died? Also how old is Brainiac-5?

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Anonymous writes...

Is it possible that the Earth-16 version of Kara Zor-El was somehow exposed to black kryptonite and her dark side had been brought out to the surface; thus explaining why she joined the Female Furies after she was given to Darkseid by Vandal Savage? I remember Lex did that to her in the comics, but in that particular case, Kara's dark side was SPLIT from her and was its own separate entity; who claimed to the good Kara that she was who Kara truly was all along and she also claimed that her true mission was to kill Kal-El.

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Anonymous writes...

1 Has granny goodness been demoted after her failure with the anti life equation?
2 How long did desaad torture granny goodness after her failure?
3 does granny goodness hold a grudge against desaad after he tortured her?

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Anonymous writes...

After giants and blisters death did m’comm recieve any more meta-humans?

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

I remember that when Supergirl had her own solo comic book series back in 2005, Batman once believed that Supergirl's abilities appear to rival or potentially surpasses Superman's own abilities. As such, would that likely also be true for the Earth-16 version of Supergirl as well?

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