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Carson C writes...

1) Are Superman's powers working into space or on Apokolips ?
2) When Lex proposed that Klarion stop the armada back in season 3, was he serious ? I mean, is Klarion that powerful ?
3) How powerful is he actually ?
Thank you for this show, it's amazing and and like it more and more ! Wonderful work :)

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Impetuous_77 writes...

I only got 1 question..

1. Since Superboy hates monkeys, does he love rats?

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Anonymous writes...

How come Miss Martian and Superboy got an arc that was self-contained and completely focused on their story but Artemis and Zatanna's arcs shifted around? I get wanting to keep the stories connected but it felt kind of unfair that we got so many m'gann and beast boy scenes in the other arcs when they already had so much screentime, especially when some of them weren't necessary for the plot.

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Family writes...

This might be a question for the designers, but were Wildcat's bandages carried over from Batman: The Brave and the Bold?

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Mark writes...

Hello! I have a question about the Crock family's finances.

It's been shown that Artemis lived in the same rundown apartment not just after Paula got out of jail and Crusher left, but before that as well.

But it appears Sportsmaster was a high level assassin and mercenary employed/contracted by very powerful and wealthy organisations, not least the Light and League of Shadows. And Huntress too, pre-injury/capture. I'd assume that would pay pretty well, so why do they live in such poor conditions? I wouldn't expect Wayne Manor levels of opulence, but they surely could have afforded much better than that apartment.

Could you shed any light on their financial situation please? Or am I just overestimating how much assassins get paid? I have my own theory for why, but that might constitute an original idea, so I won't mention it here.

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Anonymous writes...

Hi Greg! Great work on Phantoms so far; the mid-season finale was incredible and I'm excited to see how the rest of the season turns out!

I have a bit of an obscure question, but I was wondering if you and the Young Justice team had discussed how Mount Justice was formed? I understand that the mountain itself has been used in other DC media before YJ, and it's mentioned in the first season of YJ that Superman and Green Lantern had hollowed out this universe's mountain and reinforced it, but I was wondering if you had a general idea about how the mountain itself was formed? I'm not familiar with Rhode Island geography, but a singular mountain of that size on the coast seems like a super unique occurrence!

If you guys hadn't discussed this weird little tidbit, no worries at all. Thanks!

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Holden writes...

Why does Jim Harper have a G designation? (I saw it on the yjwiki)

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Anonymous Idiot writes...

Ay I got a few questions

1. When did Lynn Stewart and Black Lightning get married?
1a. when did they get divorced?
2. When did Hawkman and Hawkwoman get married?
3. Is Black Canary married to Green Arrow?

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Michael Broder writes...

Are there Zeta-Tubes on Oa?

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Family writes...

This is actually more of a joke, but do Thanagarian women lay eggs? (LOL)

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