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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

According the the DC Database Wiki:

#1. Bette Kane's full name is Mary Elizabeth "Bette" Kane.

#2. Bette Kane is the daughter of an as-of-yet unnamed man who was born within the Kane family tree. As such, this means that Kate's father (Jacob Kane) and this unnamed man are in fact brothers, and that means Kate and Bette are paternal cousins via their respective fathers.

As such, are these two facts also deemed true within the Earth-16 continuity?

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

I might have made a mistake in a previous question in regards to Bruce Wayne and Kate Kane' relationship. So just for clarification:

1. From Bruce's point of view, Kate is his maternal cousin.

2. From Kate's point of view, Bruce is her paternal cousin.

3. Points #1 and 2 are stated in this manner because Bruce's mother (Martha Wayne) and Kate's father (Jacob Kane) are siblings.

As such, are these three facts correct in the Earth-16 animated universe?

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Kelly writes...

1. Does Jim Harper still work at Cadmus? If not, what does he do now?

2. How big is Will’s business

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Suzie writes...

1. Since Superboy is apart of the Kent family did he call Jonathan and Martha, Pa and Ma like Clark does?
2. Did Black Canary see Superboy as a protege of sorts since she trained him in combat. It seems they shared a somewhat close relationship in season 1 and did Superboy ever look up to her as a parental figure?

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Chen Jining writes...

Why didn't Garfield call Perdita and apologize to her after he end his time taking drugs and ask her to resume their relationship?

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pal writes...

since technically humans are considered animals, and we saw Garfield in Season 2 living in a form that combines man and monkey elements Can he create other combinations of related species? or add to his human form elements from another animal, like wings?
on the same note why Garfield can not change to a Martian? if humans are part of the animal kingdom shouldn't martian be also a part of it?
sorry for the bad English, not my native language.... hope you still understood the questions

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Elisa&Goliath writes...

Hi Greg!
I am a lifelong fan of all of your work! Especially gargoyles and young justice. I wanted to ask 3 questions that I didn’t see waiting to be answered already.
1 did you intentionally include props from gargoyles in young justice season four at the Tower of fate? A.k.a. the Phoenix gate, The eye of Oden, grimorum arcanorum.
2 are there more gargoyles Easter eggs throughout YJ?
3 I have recognized the voices of many of the actors on young Justice, as actors who also voiced characters on gargoyles. Do you like to work a lot with the same people?
I think it’s pretty fantastic, but sometimes when I hear the voices I think of their character from gargoyles instead of who they are in young justice.

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Anonymous writes...

With all due respect, why do you keep dismissing the feedback that there are too many characters? it's probably the biggest criticism i see of the show, even among fans, but the cast has only gotten bigger since season two.

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Anonymous writes...

I have some Young justice questions for you Mr Weisman 1. Zatanna once told the team that ''All magic requires energy which usually comes from within'' Does this same principle apply with Martian magic as well? 2.Besides weddings, and entertainment purposes, What else does the yellow Martian order use there magic for? 3. Does Black canary ever wear a baseball cap or newsboy cap when not in costume ?

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BatFan2099 writes...

You've mentioned that Batman was raised as a Protestant Christian as a child. Does he still believe in God after his parents' died or did he, like his comics version, become atheist after their deaths. I guess I could also ask the same about Nightwing.

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