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Anonymous writes...

1. What did Martian Manhunter think when he learned Miss Martian was abusing her powers?
2. Did Miss Martian receive any sort of formal punishment from the Justice League or the Team when they discovered she was abusing her powers?
3. Does everyone (Justice League, Team and Outsiders) know the truth about why Miss Martian and Superboy were broken up in season 2 or do only their closest friends like the original team as well as family know the truth about what happened between them?
4. In Alienated after witnessing what she did tp the Kroletean, did Batman and Martian Manhunter begin to suspect Miss Martian was abusing and if so why didn't either of them confront her about it before leaving for Rimbor?

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New Food Lion Employee writes...

How did Dru-Zod and Ursa first meet and when did they get married?

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Peter writes...

Hello Greg. I have a few questions regarding some Kryptonian characters.

1. Is Kru-El the cousin of Jor-El and Zor-El?
2. Why was Kru-El imprisoned in the Phantom Zone and what crime did he do?
3. Who is Vor-Kil?
4. Will General Zod and the House of Zod become allies of Vandal Savage and the Light in the future?

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PERLITHA writes...

I've read an interesting "Cronin theory" about how comic book and TV show writers "compete" against the audience on plot twists and mysteries, changing them when people on sites like Reddit guess the solutions before they're shown officially (like the infamous comic "Armageddon 2001").

1) Do you sometimes get annoyed when the audience guesses some of your plot twists or mysteries before the show shows the solution?

2) Have you ever changed or at least thought about changing a plot twist just to preserve the "surprise" after the original solution was guessed?

I also want to ask about Eduardo Dorado and the person he is dating.

3) Is this person Eduardo's first boyfriend?

4) Is Eduardo the first boyfriend of this person?

5) Is Eduardo this person's first love or maybe he was in love with someone else before?

Thank you very much for your hard work.

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

Where are the Earth-16 versions of Hawk (Henry "Hank" Hall") and Dove (Dawn Marie Granger)?

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Zariful writes...

Hi Greg, I'm still crossing my fingers for Season 5. I'm ready for the adventure through Targets. First issue was outstanding.
1. We know Jeff eventually circled back to see Virgil after he discovered the truth about the Anti Light.
1A. Was Jeff motivated to go see Virgil in order to make up for the fact that he felt like he abandoned his protégé?
1B. And what was Virgil's mindset going into this reunion? We didn't really see him talk about it much. So was he upset/confused/frustrated/happy to see Jeff?
2. Upon Jeff rejoining and eventually leading the league, did Jeff and Virgil ever go back to being mentor and protégé? Or have they settled more on a relationship of equals?

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

1. Will Spoiler and Orphan eventually share the mantle of Batgirl; like they currently do in the comics?

2. If Cassandra Cain eventually becomes Batgirl in the Earth-16 universe, will her costume be the Batgirl version, the Black Bat version, or the Future State version?

3. If Stephanie Brown eventually becomes Batgirl in the Earth-16 universe, will her costume be the Batgirl version, the Spoiler version, or the Future State version?

4. If we ever see the Earth-16 version of Huntress (Helena Rosa Bertinelli), would she likely be based on the pre-Flashpoint (New Earth) or post-Flashpoint version (Prime Earth) of the character?

5. You once said that the Earth-16 Superman's speed is surpassed by Shazam, Flash, and Jay Garrick. However, if his super speed increases in proportion to how much yellow sun radiation he has absorbed over the years, does that mean he'll actually eventually become just as fast as them at some point in his life?

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Secret writes...

Would the Gene-bomb have killed M'gann, M'comm and Garfield since M'gann and M'comm are biracial and Garfield has M'gann's blood in his system?

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Owen writes...

1. Is Superboy stronger than the Season 2-4 Captain Marvel/Shazam or are they roughly around the same level? Obviously strength doesn't win a fight I just want to know if Superboy is on the same level or significantly stronger.

2. If Superboy is stronger does he have half the strength of Superman or is it closer to 2/3?

3. Is Orion on the same level as Superman or is he slightly below him and other Kryptonians?

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Clark Cradic writes...

In the Spectacular Spider-Man you had this fun running plot in the background where two people Spidey rescued during a chase (they got tied together in web and didn't look too put out being so close together) and we later see them at a club during Valentine's Day where they get engaged. If the series had continued would we have seen more little bits of them in the background? Also where they sorta the Spectacular Spider-Man equivalent to that one bickering couple in Gargoyles?

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