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Thomas writes...

Hey Greg, I'll make this question quick, could we see John Constantine ever show up in Young Justice?

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Jan Rott writes...

Hi there,
The Tazmanian Tiger has two thylacines named Benjamin and Natasha. Can you tell from the picture (https://gargwiki.net/images/9/98/TazmanianTiger.JPG) which of the two is Benjamin and Natasha?

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Family writes...

How did Luthor know that Superboy was out of shields?

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Matt Itelson writes...

Where were Aqualad and Zatanna during "Performance?"
Are Carlo and his brother twins?
Who voiced them?
When did Raymond Jensen become Parasite?

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Steve Hockensmith writes...

Where were Artemis, Robin, and Aqualad during "Agendas?"

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Marvelman writes...

The League and the team only ever talk about Apokolips but they never mention the true kingpin, Darkseid. Have any of the League or the team actually met the guy?

(I'm guessing they have not.)

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Vivek writes...

Why was Garfield getting back together with Queen peridia as a couple after the breakup not part of the plan of the story of young justice?

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Anonymous writes...

after watching zee's arc im confused on what young justice is supposed to be about at this point? its no longer about the team its not about the teenage heroes and its not really about the original cast either, it kinda feels like its trying to cover the entire dc universe but its stretched too thin

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Anonymous writes...

My Guess on Nightwing's Season 4 Story Arc: My guess is that is has to do with Jason Todd and the circumstances in which the former second Robin died; as such Nightwing is the one who is dealing with the guilt instead of Batman if we assume that Jason apparently died on a mission that Nightwing was leading at the time. I suspect that the truth about the Red-Hooded Ninja being Jason Todd will come out by this point, and Dick will probably try to bring Jason back; but without any success.

My Guess on Aqualad's Season 4 Story Arc: My guess is that it has something to do with his father, Black Manta, and that Aqualad will finally learn the truth about why his father hates Aquaman so much. However, Aqualad will try to get to the bottom of this by understanding that there are three sides to the story: Aquaman's, his father's, and the overall truth, and therefore putting an end to all the blame and animosity between his father and his mentor.

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Anonymous writes...

TRUE OR FALSE: What Really Happened in the Reach Apocalypse Timeline?

#1. Nightwing never considered bringing Artemis in for an undercover operation in this timeline. The idea probably only came up in the new timeline AFTER Impulse arrived from the future.

#2. Blue Beetle is successfully reprogrammed by the Reach in this timeline; this was the moment Impulse intervened in the new timeline.

#3. Miss Martian destroys Aqualad’s mind in this timeline, but fails to fix him after she is captured. She ends up being killed as a result. The assumption is that Simon tired first and failed too.

#4. Zatanna finds out how to disable the Scarab in this timeline, but she ends up being killed during the attempt.

#5. The Light never actually knew about the Reach’s true plans until it was too late; by that point they were either killed or enslaved by the Reach, OR they left Earth on Warworld. Also, Darkseid no longer had any interest in Earth as a result of the Reach's actions.

#6. The six members of the Justice League end up being found guilty of their crimes and are not freed due to no evidence of the Light’s involvement being found in this timeline.

#7. The Reach’s success means the MFDs were not required to be used to destroy the planet.

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