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Anonymous writes...

why dont why see the mentors and protégés interact like we used to? that was one of the best things about the show imo, i know the second season took the seniors and freshman angle with the team but it wasnt explored with the same depth and then it was cast aside the next season.

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Basser writes...

Why does M'gann no regret sending Beast Boy back to earth after Conner died when she returned to earth with her uncle john and her sister on bioship baby and learns what happen to Beast Boy on earth after Beast Boy came back to earth with Superman from mars?

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Tiler writes...

Why did Miss Martian choose to begin to have love relationship with Superboy when she knows an average martian lifespan is longer than Superboy's natural lifespan and because that lifespan difference she could live more than 100 years after Superboy dies this is even before what happen end the four episode of young justice?

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Dolan Siner writes...

Why did you not regret not let Garfield and Perdita get back together as a couple after the breakup after all most fans of young justice want Garfield and Perdita back together as a couple?

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Chad writes...

How many people died during Child's rampage on earth in young justice phantoms?

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Suzie writes...

1. The school bus gag. It started with Superboy and ended with him too. Was this your plan all along? Was this whole thing leading up to Season 4 having a big story for focusing on Superboy?
2. When did Dick reveal his true identity to the original Team, specifically to the ones who weren't aware like Conner, M'gann, Artemis and Zatanna?
3. What year did Mal, Karen, La'gann, Barbara and Artemis leave the Team during the 2 year time skip between seasons 2-3?
4. What collage did Dick attend?
5. When Conner and M'gann were broken up in season 2, did he ever confide in his family like say Jonathan and Martha or maybe even Lois? Also how close are Conner and Lois?

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Norah writes...

This before the breakup. Why did Queen Perdita choose to Garfield if she did not see him as a possibility future husband?

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Sexton J.R. writes...

Black Canary coincided the members of the team after the mind meld exercise in young justice and council the team members who were rescued from the Reach in young justice invasion so why did she not come to council Beast Boy on conner dying on mars during the first week Garfield being back earth after the trip to mars?

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Alex N writes...

Has Young Justice been renewed for a 5th season yet or are they still waiting to renew?

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Greg Cain writes...

Why did Garfield choose to listen to Perditio's message on his phone in episode 2 of young justice phantoms if he already intended end his relationship with Perdita by the time he traveled with Miss Martian and Superboy the wedding on Mars?

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