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BatFan2099 writes...

How old is Young Justice's version of Razer as of Team Year 10?

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Anonymous writes...

I know you've said you don't like placing the show into any specific years, and in fact did relatively recently (as far as me asking this) say that we'll call Season 1 "Team Year Zero", but I've also noticed that sometimes you'll refer to events taking place before the show with the year it happened. For instance, you once said that Stephanie Brown was born in 2003 (https://www.s8.org/gargoyles/askgreg/search.php?qid=21664).

Doesn't that sort of mean you have to somewhat define the years the show takes place?

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

In the comics, Bette Kane and Kate Kane were revealed to be cousins after the events of the 2005-2006 comic book storyline, "Infinite Crisis." However, the Young Justice Wiki establishes that Kate and Bette have an unknown relation to each other. As such, if they are not paternal cousins (considering that they share the same last name; suggesting their respective fathers are brothers) like in the comics, then what is the exact nature of their relationship to each other?

PS. Despite your inability to commit to any information regarding Bette, I am of the personal belief that Kate and Bette are indeed paternal cousins. In the Earth-16 universe, Kate was born in 1991, and Bette was born in 1995; as such, that's only about a four-year difference between them. I'm also imagine that, as such, Bette was pretty close to Kate and most likely looked up to her and spent time with her; like in the comics.

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Dustin Payne writes...

1. what origin story does earth 16 Jason Todd have the one that is the same as Dick Grayson Or the one were he got caught trying to steal the tries from the bat-mobile
2. Since we have Virgil Hawkins were is his best friend Richie Foley and if he does exist is he or will he become Gear

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Anonymous writes...

TRUE or FALSE?: The Earth-16 version of Jason Todd

#1. Prior to becoming Robin, Jason was a street orphan.

#2. Jason first encountered Batman while he attempted to steal the tires off the Batmobile in Crime Alley.

#3. As Robin, Jason was prone to defying orders, sometimes to success and sometimes to failure.

#4. Jason being prone to defying orders occurs both whenever he works alongside Batman and whenever he works alongside the other members of the Team.

#5. Jason being prone to defying orders is part of the reason for his death.

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Geoffrey writes...

1. Are Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown boyfriend and Girlfriend?

2. Who will be Cassie Sandsmark's love interest now that she is broken up with Tim Drake?

3. Who is the fourth Green Lantern? (I understand if this is a Spoiler)

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Anonymous writes...

How did Conner feel about the fact that he was mostly naked for almost the entire fourth season?

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Caleb writes...

Hi, Greg!

I'm so excited for the new Gargoyles comics coming from Dynamite! I had a weird question cross my mind today, but I figure it's unlikely you know this answer, but: why did Disney license Gargoyles out to another company when they own a comic publisher already?

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

Are the following relationships correct? If not, please explain why.

Wally West's Relationships:
Rudy West (father)
Mary West (mother)
Barry Allen (paternal uncle)
Iris West-Allen (paternal aunt)
Don Allen (paternal cousin)
Dawn Allen (paternal cousin)
Bart Allen (paternal first cousin once removed)

Don Allen's Relationships:
Barry Allen (father)
Iris-West Allen (mother)
Dawn Allen (twin sister)*
Bart Allen (son)
Rudy West (maternal uncle)
Mary West (maternal aunt)
Wally West (maternal cousin)

Dawn Allen's Relationships:
Barry Allen (father)
Iris-West Allen (mother)
Don Allen (twin brother)*
Bart Allen (nephew)
Rudy West (maternal uncle)
Mary West (maternal aunt)
Wally West (maternal cousin)

Bart Allen's Relationships:
Barry Allen (paternal grandfather)
Iris West-Allen (paternal grandmother)
Don Allen (father)
Dawn Allen (paternal aunt)
Wally West (paternal first cousin once removed)
Rudy West (paternal great uncle)
Mary West (paternal great aunt)

*I do not know who is the oldest of the twins; please confirm who it is.

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Anonymous writes...

What state is Metropolis located in the Earth-16 universe?

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