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Anonymous writes...

Did Lagoon Boy blame Superboy for Miss Martian breaking up with him and if so was that the main reason for Lagoon Boy's old grudge against Superboy or was there more to it?

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Suzie writes...

Are there any deleted scenes from the season 4 finale that you wanted to include but didn't?

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Kevin writes...

1. When did Vandal Savage start using his current name "Vandal Savage"?

2. Would Ra's Al Ghul martial arts ability be on the level of Sensei, Lady Shiva, Black Canary and Batman assuming they are the top martial artists? I only ask because relatively recent media have shown him being defeated rather easily. With the caveat that anyone can win any fight based on the situation would Ra's Al Ghul be up there? Or is he like King Arthur in the Gargoyles universe and has his skillset towards leadership?

3. In Young Justice Legacy why didn't the Light use Icicle Sr. over Icicle Jr given the latter's... well inconsistent success?

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Suzie writes...

I've been curious ever since the wedding, but since Icicle Jr. attended Miss Martian and Superboy's wedding aren't the heroes concerned that he might reveal to the other villains that the couple lives in Happy Harbour, not to mention he saw a lot of the heroes there too, some of them unmasked or members of their families like Clark Kent and the rest of the Kents!!!!

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

To clarify as to why I've been asking you certain questions (such as the full names of the Earth-16 characters, and paternal and maternal relationships of certain characters in the Earth-16 universe, for example), it is because I've been trying to make comparisons between the Earth-16 versions of characters and their mainstream DC Comics counterparts, and I try to see what they have in common. I usually look into the DC Database Wiki when I make comparisons, but most the mainstream versions of the DC Comics characters on the Wiki are between two sets of character pages; identified as New Earth and Prime Earth in parenthesis after their real names. Character pages with New Earth refer to those histories prior to the massive continuity changes which are a result of the 2011 DC Comics comic book event, "Flashpoint." Character pages with Prime Earth refer tho those histories after Flashpoint from 2011 onwards; even then, further events like DC Rebirth and Infinite Frontier have changed continuity in the mainstream DC Universe and making it similar to what it was prior to "Flashpoint."

So like I said before, the whole point of me asking those specific questions is because I was making comparisons and was trying to find what the characters from BOTH the mainstream DC Comics universe and the Earth-16 universe have in common. But it has been extremely difficult because some things end up being spoiler territory (Jason Todd and the Red-Hooded Ninja, for example) and some things you seem to absolutely refuse to commit to (Bette Kane's full name and exact nature of her relationship to the rest of the Kane family, for example). I mean, if there are certain things about the characters that are TRUE in BOTH the mainstream DC Comics universe AND the Earth-16 universe (full names, specific events/circumstances, familial relationships, etc.), why can't we have direct answers to certain questions from you if they are most likely true?

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Mr. Sidhu writes...

Hello Mr. Weissman, I've been a big fan of your work since Gargoyles.

1) Are the New Gods literal gods or just really advanced aliens?
2) Since YJ all takes place in a single galaxy as opposed to the entire universe as in the comics: is there life outside the Milky Way galaxy?
3) When were these characters born:
3a) Jor-El
3b) Zor-El
3c) Dru-Zod
4) When was the Green Lantern Corps first established?
5) What is the difference between Zeta Tube teleportation and Boom Tube teleportation?
6) Did Vandal Savage and Ra's Al Ghul know each other before the modern Light was formed?

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Parker writes...

Hey Greg! Huge fan of Young Justice! My questions are:
1)How long is the probationary period for a new GL?
2a)Was a young Green Lantern like maybe Kyle Rainer or Jessica Cruz ever discussed by you and Brandon for being a member of The Team’s starting lineup?
2b)Why did you ultimately decide to not have a GL on The Original Team?
3)In your original Season 3 plans, before the show was canceled, was Kaldur going to be Aquaman after the timeskip?

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Anonymous writes...

Questions in regards to the Earth-16 version of Wayne Enterprises:

#1. When was the company first formed in the Earth-16 universe?

#2. What are the names of corporate branches and subsidiaries of the company? Please provide some examples if all of them cannot be named.

#3. Is Bruce Wayne the chief executive officer (CEO) of the company?

#4. Who is the chief operating officer (COO) of the company?

#5. Who is the chief financial officer (CFO) of the company?

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

#1. If Orphan (Cassandra Wu-San) moved into Wayne Manor in 2018, does that also mean she became Bruce Wayne's fourth legal ward? The reason I am asking this question is because I remember in the comics (prior to the massive continuity changes in the aftermath of Flashpoint) that Cassandra Cain became the adopted daughter of Bruce Wayne.

#2. Even though Orphan's vocal cords are damaged by her own mother, that does NOT necessarily mean that Orphan will NEVER be able to speak, am I correct?

#3. Does Orphan know who her father (David Cain) is? If not, what is the reason why she does not know about him?

#4. Is Orphan's nationality considered to be half-American, half-Chinese; even though she uses her mother's surname (Wu-San)?

#5. Did Orphan's mother trained her in the following martial arts listed below?

Leopard Style Kung Fu
Dragon Style Kung Fu
Dim Mak (An ancient form of martial arts where you strike vital points of the opponent's body causing paralysis, intense and prolonged pain or death.)

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Unknown writes...

What is the interaction between Static and Rocket like In Earth-16?
They are both characters from DC Milestone.

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