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Michael Broder writes...

What do you think Shade did to Stagg?

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Hari writes...

I've gotta say Garfield sure misses his deceased loved ones that he's lost (Including Superboy/Conner Kent) just as much as Makoto Naegi (Danganronpa series) misses his friends who became victims in the Killing School Life that happened in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (video game) and it's anime adaptation (Danganronpa: The Animation).
He (Makoto) even suffers from "Survivor's Guilt" as shown in the brainwashing scene of Danganronpa 3 - Future Arc Episode 11 underscores just how much Makoto regrets being unable to save those who died in that Killing Game including his former love interest Sayaka Maizono.
But still what's happening to Garfield has never happened to Makoto not even after he escaped the Killing School Life along with 5 of his other friends.

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Morri writes...

Hi there!

First things first, I wanted to say how pleased and surprised I was to see Zatara's faith not only not avoided but leaned into in the episode "Teg Ydear!"

As a Christian, it's become quite rare to see Christianity portrayed even neutrally in popular media. That scene literally brought tears.

My question are these:

1) Why was the Lord's Prayer shortened to omit "For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, forever"?

2) I've heard it said that a Muslim cultural expert was consulted to ensure Khalid's faith was accurately and sensitively portrayed. Was a similar expert consulted for the representations of Catholocism in this episode and the next?

I want to stress that that scene was beautiful and was and is greatly appreciated. Thank you for not shying away from it.

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Marvelman writes...

Do the Leaguer's children, like Jon, understand their parents are superheroes? I'm asking because if Jon, for example, sees Daddy flying, there is no way a young child is going to not talk about his dad flying. Kids have no filters.

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Jason Todd Fanboy writes...

Hi Greg! Long time forum lurker first time question asker. I won’t ask about any thing about what you have or don’t have planned for Jason. Instead I would like to ask your opinion on dc comics canon about Jason being trained by the all-caste. Since the introduction of Jason’s training under ancient mystical warrior monks I’ve always thought it was an amazing way to make him stand out on his own from the other robins.
1)As a professional in the industry what are your thoughts on that part of his backstory?
2)Do you believe it was a good way to add more layers to his character or wasn’t and the robins should all be street level characters?
Thank you for your time and thank you for creating one of my favorite shows of all time!

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Secret writes...

When day and month did Joan Garrick pass away and who exactly attended her funeral?

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Michael Broder writes...

What month in 2006 did the Joker invade the cave?
Was it before or after Bruce took in Dick?

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Anonymous writes...

Are Dick and Barbara living together (at the time of YJO)?

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Suzie writes...

1. When Miss Martian was acting affectionate with Lagoon Boy in front of Superboy in season 2 did she did do that on purpose to make Superboy jealous?
2. How long exactly was Miss Martian abusing powers? Did she start abusing them in 2015 or longer?
3. When Conner died, did anyone like Artemis, Dick or Kaldur try and contact M'gann after learning the news or has no one spoken to her and are waiting for her return to Earth?
4. Do you regret that Zatanna's feelings over the loss of Conner got no focus during her arc? A lot of fans were hoping for some insight into their friendship since they've had very little on-screen time together.
5. Is Black Canary dealing with her own grief in regards to Conner's death? Did she ever consider him like a protege or maybe family due to their closeness in season 1?

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Mark writes...

1) In the Musicology 101 Crossover Radio Play, Sandra Stanyon's character from Hello Megan is identified as Sandra Wheeler. Can we take that as confirmation of the character's first name in YJ?
2) If Sandra Stanyon played Sandra Wheeler and Rita Farr played Rita Lee, was Mr Wheeler's first name Jonathan after Jonathan Lord?
3) Was the Kobra seen in the flashback in "Volatile" Jeffrey Burr or Jason Burr?
4) Where were Savage and the Stranger when they spoke with the Lords of Order and Chaos in "Kaerb Ym Traeh!"?

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