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Jack writes...

Before the breakup did Queen Perdita ever saw a picture of Garfield Logan before his hair and skin turned green?

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Suzie writes...

1. How close are Superboy and Black Canary? Do they share a somewhat familial bond and are they still close by season 4?
2. Has Garth moved on from losing Tula or is he still struggling to move on like Artemis did?
3. When exactly did Cyborg join the Justice League and how long was he with the Outsiders before joining the League?
4. When did Conner and Megan graduate and move in together? Year and day please.

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Cakes writes...

The thing that has always most impressed me about your shows is the meticulous planning that goes into them early on. The little, seemingly innocuous threads that you drop only to pick up seasons later (eg. The kids on the bus in Young Justice).

My question is, what is the biggest event (released to date, no spoilers 🙂) across any of your shows that was completely spontaneous, and not planned out from the beginning? Or else something that had to be changed drastically at the last minute from the original plan?

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Mreza writes...

Hello Mr.Weisman
How did bane almost defeat batman in hand to hand combat? Shouldn't batman be more skilled and experienced (If not stronger) than bane? Was he holding back or he is just getting older and is not as good as he used to be?
And sorry about the grammatical mistakes, I am not a native English speaker.

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Chad writes...

Why did you have Tara say mother of goat instead of mother of God in young justice outsiders?

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Purrchancetodream writes...

1 In Catwoman Hunted Selina is often talking to Holly, is this Holly Robinson
2 Also they talk about someone named Anna is this Anya Volkova, this is the only Anya I could think of and she is a new character, unless I am missing something obvious. Can you please confirm who this Anya is.

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Purrmeout writes...

Really loved Catwoman Hunted any chance you can reveal or share the Lyrics of the Ending Song "Thief in the night", I want to know what the English and non-English part of the lyrics was saying.

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Mark Thomas writes...

With the release of Catwoman: Hunted (no spoilers) that your state is "canon adjacent," similar to DC Showcase: Green Arrow (also did you’re written for that short film back in the 2010s). Thought if there are any plans to expand the Earth-16 just beyond Young Justice.

What other characters or team that you’re like and anyone else involved in DC that wants to next? Not only you’re guys making no longer Young Justice episodes. You're making the Young Justice Universe.

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Caleb writes...

I know this isn't that uncommon in the fandom, but I am obsessed with the Zeta designations used on YJ. I have a spreadsheet tracking revealed designations, every time they were used on screen, on panel, on Ask Greg, or in promotional material, and a (very rough) timeline of when each number was activated. I even have predictions of who might be the unrevealed numbers. My white whale is the A-series, which by its nature isn't easy to predict. I know it's useless to ask you to reveal the unknown numbers, but I feel like this question is playing fair with the Ask Greg rules: Has the audience been introduced to every individual who has been granted an A-series designation?

And since I have a couple more question slots:
2. Does Captain Atom undergo a significant enough physical change when he becomes Nathanial Adams that he would need a separate designation number, similar to the Marvel family?
3. What name is used for Billy Batson's A-05 designation? Is it William Batson, like how Mal Duncan is designated Malcolm Duncan? I can't imagine the JL computer reading out "Billy" without laughing.
4. Same question as 3, but for Lieutenant Marvel/Freddy Freeman's A designation. Is it Freddy or Frederick or some other permutation?
5. And one that I'm fairly sure will be hit with the SPOILER REQUEST: Are there any C-designations besides Wolf and Sphere?

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Anonymous writes...

How did you cast Jenifer Lewis? She's not commonly seen doing voice over work. Whose idea was it to cast here? How is she?

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