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Mr. Ricky Bobby The Third writes...

What you Greg Weisman think about the young justice fans are upset with you to have as part of the plot of young justice phantoms to have beast boy believe he cause superboy to die on mars and that make beast boy to have depression problems which cause beast boy to break Perdita's heart to only show later in in phantoms conner is not dead later have Conner and m'gann get back together in the end of the season 4 but Perdita and beast boy do not get back to together at end of young justice phantoms season nor have beast and Perdita get back together in a dating relationship at the end of issue 6 of young justice comic targets?

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Anonymous writes...

Is Juan Cordero supposed to be the Earth-16 equivalent of John Corben, OR does John Corben also exists in the Earth-16 universe but has NOT yet become Metallo?

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Mikayla writes...

Mr. Greg why did you choose to make the young justice comic story targets?

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Troy writes...

Greg why did HBOMAX choose to not renew young justice for season 5?

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Anonymous writes...

What DOES it mean in the logline of young justice comic targets issue 6 that issue 6 has a hear wrenching ending despite Perdita is recued at the end?

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tom writes...

in image after queen bee left did mgann get a chance to talk to garfield (did he wake up)

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Glassford Crossfield writes...

What do I have to do to get you on my podcast?

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman,

I've read through all 6 issues of "Young Justice: Targets." Thank you for giving us this series. I hope that more "Young Justice" stories come out in comics at some point in the near future... since... you know... until Season 5 comes out...

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Ashton writes...

Do you plan on making Young Justice season five in comic form if you don’t get another season? I’ve been a huge fan of the show and I want to see how it continues.

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Verdragon writes...

Was casting Yuri Lowenthal as Icicle Jr. in any way influenced by him voicing Iceman in Wolverine and the X-Men a year prior to Young Justice, or was it just sheer coincidence?

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