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Anonymous writes...

Hey Greg,

I've got important questions I need ask you about the Young Justice version of Superboy, as well as other Superman-related topics. I apologize in advance if any of your guidelines are broken or if spoiler alerts are triggered.

The first question is a three-parter. How did you determine which powers Superboy were allowed to have during this first season? Why were his remaining powers left out to remain inaccessible to him? With the nature of Superboy starting with fewer powers instead of getting all of his powers at once, was your decision to make this move for the character inspired by watching The CW network show "Smallville"?

The second question is a two-part question about the powers Superboy does not have yet. In your opinion, do you and your team have a basic idea about which order these inaccessible powers will appear? Also, do you also have an idea about the type of situations Superboy has to be in so he will be able to trigger these powers?

The third question is about Superboy's clothing/costume. In your opinion, have you and your team considered the possibility of giving Superboy changes in his costume in future seasons in the show? There is a very specific reason I am asking. Based on what I have seen thus far, my assumption is that your team's character development for Superboy seems to parallel to that of Clark Kent/Superman as interpreted in "Smallville," especially since that show established the strict rule of "No tights, no flight." Can we safely assume that as future seasons of Young Justice go by, Superboy will be undergoing several costume changes similar to that of Clark Kent/Superman of "Smallville"?

The fourth question is about the location Smallville in the Young Justice universe. In the episode, "Failsafe" the location had a brief cameo as part of the mental simulation. In your opinion, will we be able to see the actual Smallville on the show, as well as its well-known residents (the Kents, Lana Lang, Pete Ross, etc)?

The fifth question is about the Fortress of Solitude. The only appearance of the fortress was the front door with the House of El symbol (Was that really a door? There's no keyhole). If the Fortress of Solitude appears again, will we see it in better detail (both inside and outside)? What exactly is the Young Justice version of the Fortress of Solitude based on (from other Superman-related shows to be exact)?

Thank you for taking the time to read my questions. I hope to hear your responses soon!

Greg responds...

1a. We based it on what we believed a super boy could do: enhanced strength, vision, hearing, endurance, etc. But none of Superman's more fantastic powers, such as flight or heat-vision or even X-Ray vision. And no super-cold-breath EVER.

1b. Didn't seem realistic for the way we were interpreting the character.

1c. I can't speak for Brandon, but I'd say we were way more influenced by Superman's original 1938 power level.



3. I'm not all that familiar with Smallville. I only saw a handful of episodes, but I thought Clark just wore normal clothes in that show. I didn't think he had 'costumes'. As to what our Superboy will be wearing: SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT.



Response recorded on February 23, 2012