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Catherine writes...

Well, this is more of a thank you for Young Justice, I am SUPER stoked it's coming back, it is a really amazing program and helped me through some tough times when I was a teen, and I remember thinking, "things might be bad, but at least I don't have to save the world as well". And now, I'm enlisting into the US Army as a combat engineer and am thrilled to be starting a new chapter in my life. The excitement of Young Justice will definitely motivate me through Basic. And thanks again for this show.

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Ashleigh writes...

Did Garfield join the boy scouts as a activity after his mom died and before Megan Morse became his guardian ? I ask this because he likes animas and he likes the outdoors.

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Sally Lewan writes...

Did Garfield start living at mount justice before or after Megan Morse begin attending college ?

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Ohtani writes...

What did Megan Morse do for Garfield on his first birthday since Megan Morse became his legal guardian ?

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Carolyn writes...

Did Garfield Logan have a party for his 14 birthday in 2016?

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Morrison writes...

Did the young justice miss martian know what religion beast boy had his believe in ?

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Ewing Jr writes...

Did Beast Boy have a bible during the time he live at mount justice since he is a Christion ?

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won writes...

this isnt really a question but. im still blown away that after so long, y'all were finally able to make a season 3 of yj!!! the fact that you and brandon made a world full of characters we all got so sucked into, are still invested in and excited for almost a decade later is amazing. i cant wait to see where outsiders takes us. best wishes to you, brandon and the rest of the cast and crew moving forward!

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Terasaki writes...

Did Marie make someone Garfield's godparent some time after Garfield was born?

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Tunes writes...

Did Noor Harjavti know where Garfield Logan was living at in 2011 after Marie Logan died ?

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