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John Doe writes...

Hey Greg, I'm just wondering if you've put any thought into your twitter/social media break and if you're close to coming back. Not trying to be pushy but I sincerely enjoy your tweets.

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B.W. Morris writes...

Hi Greg,

I wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed Young Justice, Spectacular Spider-Man and the first two books of the Rain of the Ghosts series. Your writing helped inspire me to try my hand at fiction writing and, after a couple of years, I now have my first novel published. So I wanted to thank you for being one of those people who inspired me to try my hand at it.

Looking forward to Young Justice 3 and best of luck with it!

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Stranger writes...

Did Wally take Vietnamese lit because Artemis is half Vietnamese?

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Anonymous writes...

Hi! I'd like to ask you a question from a writing standpoint if you don't mind. When juggling a lot of plotlines, how important is it to develop relationships on-screen? On the one hand, obviously the main couples should be. But for the minor ones/background characters, I'm not sure if it's better to leave their relationship status static (which would be unrealistic for most) until I can properly develop something for them, or sometimes put them in side relationships based on chemistry even without much prior development. This would be provided that these relationships could be used to further individual storylines, just not important enough to warrant too much attention from the main plot. It's okay if you don't have an answer, but I'm curious if you do.

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Anonymous writes...

I really enjoyed your work in Young Justice, and I loved Dick Grayson's character. It's a little sad how he changes from being a playful, comedic genius into this dark and brooding guy. He's still cool, but he seems lonely (since he's no longer with Zatana OR Rocket even though they're all still friends) I sometimes wonder what would happen if Carrie Kelley (Robin/Catgirl) was part of Young Justice and how he would take it. What's your master opinion on the subject?

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Gia writes...

1) I haven't seen Greg on Twitter for ages...what happened to him?
2) What is with "Masque of Bones"? Is there any hope left for the Rain of the Ghosts series? They were some of the best books I ever read and I would be so disappointed if the project just died...

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Diamondstar writes...

I looked and I couldn't find this question so I thought I ask: Why are you interested writing about secret societies like the Light or the Illuminati?

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Merlin's Beard writes...

What was Demona's goal in City of Stone? Was a massive killing spree the goal?

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The Grey Ghost writes...

1. Was there a reason you didn't allow Kaldur to keep his Manta armor or an attire similar when rejoining the team?

Only ask as a fan of the look.

2.Is the Green, Blue/Clear, Black/Rot and Red a thing in Earth 16?

3.Black Canary in Earth 16 is Dinah Laurel Lance or Dinah Drake Lance?

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Campbell writes...

A while ago I asked a question about the origins of Nashville's name. Recently I was browsing the archives and discovered my question was nowhere to be found. I was just wondering if that was because my assumption was correct?
I'm not going to repeat the question because for whatever reason you or others don't want it on the site...but I just wanted to say that it was in no way intended as a story idea. I based it on evidence already in play (ie. Your statement that his name was not related to the city & the t-shirt he wore in his first appearance).

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