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Zeke Hartman writes...

In Young Justice Season 3 Batman will became a Demon?

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Jonathan Samuel Kent Son of Superman writes...

Hello good day
I have a question

The animated films Justice League: Doom and Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths
Happen in the universe of Young Justice ie are they canon for young justice? That's all greetings and sorry for my english is not my first language

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Dhue writes...

Why did the league and team not allow Garfield join the team by the time Bumblebee join the team if he had the ability to transform into animals by the time she join the team?

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Fallenlegend writes...

Hey Greg I saw you mentioned in to different occasions that how strong Captain Marvel was depended on whether or not we were talking about season 1 or 2. I especulate that he might have shared his powers with Mary Bromfield and/or Freddy Freeman. The fact those two have powers is something you've confirmed.

So my questions are:

1.-What made Captain Marvel stronger or weaker in those two seasons?
2.- Was he stronger/faster in season 1 or season 2.
3.-How strong and fast is he compared to superman during season 2?
4.-Is Captain Marvel more resistant to magic than Superman? I ask because traditionally he has been more resistant while superman has been more vulnerable to magic . I wonder if this applies to earth 16 too.

Thank you Greg and congrats for getting young justice back.

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R.A Karthik Prasad writes...

Hey Greg,

This is a long shot but- Earlier in December 2016, you asked fans to buy more Young Justice comic books so the publishers will green light a new Comic book series on Young Justice.
Can we expect new Young Justice comics this year? or is DC at least considering a new series?
If the moderators decide to show you this, thanks for reading and much thanks for Young Justice.

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AsterMan writes...

1. Did Icicle Jr ever have a crush on Artemis, or were they just friends(in a manner of speaking)?
2. What would have been Icicles reaction after he heard Artemis died?
3. Will you do the YJ comics you never got to do, like the "Hello Megan!" one, or will they all be new?

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Somebody writes...

Did Sportsmaster wanted a son (someone who will be next Sportsmaster if he die, retire and etc)? Does he care of gender?

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Jamie writes...

Will Gargoyles ever be released on DVD/Blu-ray in the UK?

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Anonymous writes...

Just curious, was Garfield Logan born in Qurac on Earth-16, or did he move there sometime after his birth, before "Images"?

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me writes...

Hi ya first off im a huge fan of gargoyles how i miss them my questions are
1. Do you onow how to get in contact with the parto tge disney company that would deal with bringingback gargoyles for petition type thing thinking of doing
2. Do you know if tgeyll ever to another the gathering of gargoyles thing and why did they stop?
3. Could i ask about the avalon clan i know othelo ophilia angela boudica and the few on the wiki page but can you tell me what the other names are?

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