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Harrigan writes...

Did Garfield live at mount justice for most of the years of the five year gape between young justice and young justice invasion ?

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Derek Hiney writes...

Did Garfield Logon attend a school after Queen Bee kill Marie ?

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Guy Bracha writes...

How old Aquaman and Mera was when they became husband and wife?

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Nusbacher writes...

By the end of young justice invasion does beast boy know martins age slower than humans ?

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Wade writes...

Regarding the Secrets episode of Young Justice, do any other heroes or villains possess the "purity" of heart to use the Sword of Beowulf? If so, who?

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Shelley Bridges writes...

How could Garfield go Conner's birthdays that M'gann gave during the time skip if he was not under Megan Morse guardianship ?

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Marvelman writes...

1) As of Invasion, is Miss Martian able to read peoples minds without them being aware of it? Was it a lack of skill that prevented her from doing so in season one, or is it just not how her power works?

2) Can J'onn read peoples minds without them being aware of it?

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Marvelman writes...

What are Brandon's responsibilities on YJ, specifically? What does his job consist of?

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Radcliffe Watson writes...

Why did person in charge of the location were miss Martian visit Garfield after his mom's death allowed him to go to Conner's birthday party ?

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Kofi Geddes writes...

Did it take years for Garfield to learn every thing he need to know to become a member of the team before he was permitted to join the team ?

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