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notabot writes...

Will Wolf ever find true love and haves puppies?

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Steven writes...

Hi Greg, did you that there was an avengers cartoon titled avengers earths mightiest heroes which was also cancelled after 2 seasons it was great show and if you didn't watch it I highly recommend it. It also featured spider man who was originally voiced by Josh Keaton but then redubbed by drake bell if you would like to hear Josh's voice in that show I would recommend spreading the #joshkeatonisspiderman and #drakebellisnotspiderman

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Scaramucci writes...

Was Mount Justice Garfield's current home at the time when Bumblebee became a member of the team?

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Samson P. writes...

I'm a very big fan of your work, and am extremely excited about the third season of YJ. Here are my questions:

1) Was Atlantis "discovered" recently on Earth-16? Like, was Aquaman's aiding in the Appelaxion invasion what brought attention to the underwater nation or was it well-known beforehand?

2) Was Aquaman raised as Arthur Curry on the surface world or was he raised in Atlantis as the prince from the start?

3) Does Queen Mera ever work alongside the League in battles and such? It always confused me that she never appears to be associated with the League despite having (in my opinion, of course) way better powers than her husband.

4) Regarding the Wildstorm character you snuck into the first season somewhere, how old was he/she when he/she appeared?

5) Did the Team (or at least some of the Team, not including Conner and M'Gann, and potentially not including Karen and/or Mal) attend Conner and M'Gann's graduation from Happy Harbor High School?

Thank you for your time, and I hope you're having an awesome day.

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Nathan writes...

So with the sad passing of the wonderful character actor, Miguel Ferrer, I would imagine that the character of Vandal Savage will be recast, but just curious how much, if any interaction do you ever have with the myriad voice actors on your shows? Do you have any noteworthy Ferrer anecdotes to share? Just curious, Im gonna miss that guy being a regular fixture in american media

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Anonymous writes...

We know that White Martians are discriminated against in Martian society. Do Red Martians face similar discrimination?

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Wyatt Nash writes...

When did Garfield learn that robin change to the hero name Nightwing in the young justice universe?

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Anonymous writes...

There's a red gargoyle on the opening credits of the show that looks kinda like Brooklyn. Although I won't asume anything (my headcanons will remain headcanons forever) I was wondering if there's something interesting you can tell us about said gargoyle :)

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Danny writes...

hi Greg i was just wondering was gargoyles for kids or did you just have to appeal it to them to

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Clockwork writes...

Hi Greg

I'm curious to know, have you ever seen Epic Rap Battles of History and are you familiar with any of the battles? There are a lot of good Shakespeare and superhero battles that I'd think you would love. I'm also a contributing user of the ERB Wiki and we are an active and striving community of nerds who have noting else to do.

Thanks for you time and being the best.

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