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DCFan writes...

Hello Greg!! I'm a big fan and want to thank you for bringing my favorite characters to life in animation (Superboy, Impulse, Wonder Girl, Red Robin)! I am eagerly waiting for season 3.

I have a few questions, would you be up for a animated feature film from this Young Justice universe? I would love to see what you could do and who you'd choose as the villan.

Also will Cassie Sandsmark be getting a new costume? I feel like over the years she has never gotten a proper prominent amazon outfit in the comics except for maybe her memorable costume from the 2003 Johns Titans run. Will we see her in some cool amour at any point and not just in her sweats?

What are the chances of DC letting you use Zeus and Ares for the series? Is there a restriction on using greek mythology in the series?

Also given how good Young Justice has turned out to be and how much us fans love it, Would you ever be open to doing say a Young Avengers series for Marvel? If so, who would be in your lineup?

And lastly, I am a college student trying to break into the animation/ illustration/ sequential arts field what would you recommend I do to get to where you are and have a better chance at success? What did you do?

And lastly, do you have a favorite YJ member?

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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Greg Weisman,

As your work on the episodes "Young Justice: Outsiders" continues, have you made any considerations to expand the Earth-16 universe by introducing possible spin-off shows featuring other DC Comics teams such as the Legion of Super-Heroes...?

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Marvelman writes...

A thought occurred to me about Captain Marvel.

First, let me say, I'm not trying to get you into trouble. I'm really not. But I was wondering...

When ten-year-old Billy transforms into Captain Marvel does he gain an adult libido?

(I'll understand if you want to steer clear of this question.)

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Merchandise/toyline? writes...

Could you/would you be interested in spearheading a push to create new merchandise for the Gargoyles franchise? In the interest of proving it as a still-viable money-making franchise for a possible reboot/proper season 3 but also for us fans that are lacking modern representations of those beloved characters. I myself went well out of my way to aquire an enamel pin (unlicensed I'm sure) only to have ANYTHING featuring Goliath in my possesion.

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Nicole Feldman writes...

For Young Justice: Have you ever considered the idea that Dick created a book with all his made up words called "The Dicktionary"?

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Silas Crawford writes...

Hello Greg . I've been a long time fan of the show and I was just wondering when or if this show is making a comeback. It seems like shows like game of thrones which involves wizards and sorcery is in now. In addition Gargoyles had elements of science blended into magic backgrounds. It was a shame how the show ended abruptly because it has so much potential. Thanks!

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Zachary Jenkins writes...

I'm a huge fan of this show and Brooklyn,Goliath,Thailog,Demona,and Elisa are my favorite characters! But I have this one question, is there a slight chance that the Gargoyles would return?

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Ashley D writes...

I was wondering can Gargoyles with Feathered wings fly, like Zafiro from the Mayan clan or Staghart of the London clan.

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Millie writes...

Hi Greg, just bought your audio story of Rain Of The Ghosts, fantastic original story, and not to mention love hearing our favorite voice actors in your story, and it was amazing, gonna go find the second book and read it.

I also wanted to ask, Timedancer is one of my most favorite spinoff ideas based onto Gargoyles, and the sheer idea of Brooklyn Time traveling is awesome! I wanted to know, just like you did with Rain Of The ghost Audio story, would you be able to do Timedancer like that? Bring in the old voice actors (Jeff and Thomas ect) and bring in new ones to voice the new characters that would have been in Timedancer?

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Michael Shorkey writes...

If someone else were to come along and revive the Gargoyle Series, what would your opinion be if they had full Creative Control?

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