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Jack Carpenter writes...

As of your answering of this question (presumably a few months after I've asked, or so I'm counting on), do you know how close we are to a YJ trailer? If so, how close? Unless there already is a trailer by then (unlikely), in which case never mind.

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TheRantDragon writes...

Hey, Greg! I'm so excited for season 3, I can't believe the show is coming back after so long. I've never been so invested for so long in a cartoon series, and for that, I have to say thanks for providing this awesome series!

I'm a HUGE Spitfire fan, it's one of my main hooks to the series, that and Artemis is like my favorite female character ever. I just have a couple of questions regarding Spitfire.

1. In one of your responses about the pairing some time back, I recall that you gave a few reasons for why Artemis finds Wally attractive, such as his scientific brain and how he never gives up. Can you tell us some of the traits/aspects about Artemis that make her so attractive to Wally? (I'm not questioning WHY Wally would like her, but rather, from Wally's point of view, just what is it about her that fuels his crush/deeper feelings?)

2. During season 1, before they were together, did Wally and Artemis ever spend time together outside of missions, just the two of them?

And one question just about Artemis:

3. Out of pure curiosity, do you think Paula or Lawrence chose the name Artemis when she was born, or did they mutually choose it? How about Jade?

Thank you for your time!

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Thomas Kroot writes...

1: What inspired Wonder Woman to return to the wider world after WW2?

2: Do the Hawks have a secret identity? What do they do when they aren't heroing?

3: Have they considered having kids? If so would they lay eggs or give live birth?

4: Does the YJ Batman see Batman as the mask Bruce Wayne wears, or Bruce Wayne the mask Batman wears?

5:Who owns Kord Industries with Ted's death?

6: Do any of the league members have a pet worth mentioning?

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Aubrey Gibson writes...

Sir, i also wanted to know if Wally really died at the end of Season 2 or are you taking a spin of Rebirth and New 52 where no speedsters actually die they become trapped and submerged in the speed force until they find their anchor back to the material world?

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Aubrey Gibson writes...

Hey Greg huge fan and astounded Young Justice is coming back, I had two questions.

1. I was very interested in the whole five-year gap between the team defeating Vandal Savage and we see him meet up with Darkseid and the team five years later with new members and orgins as well as deaths. I was wondering would you ever consider making a season that would be dedicated to the five-year gap? it would answer a lot of unanswered questions as well as show some of the Jason Todd stories which is very cool and could mix up the story

2. My second question is with this whole new adoption and takes on the story of the team and the acceleration of time in the story, could see a Stephanie Brown and Tim Drake relationship and with Tim getting older possibly be leading up to a Damien Wayne Robin leading the team instead?

Thank you for your time, Mr. Wiesman, I'm such a fan and so stoaked this amazing show is coming back.

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Anonymous writes...

When's Tim Drake's birthday?

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Anonymous writes...

With Martian shapeshifting, would a reasonably powerful martian be able to incorporate changes permanently into their base form? i.e a Martian that saw fish and water creatures, goes "i think these creatures are cool, with their gills and floating around underwater" and incorporates gills into their base form? ....also, Martians true forms have webbed hands and feet....was there ever an explanation for that?

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Steven writes...

Hey Greg, there has been some fairly new explanations to the Speed Force in the comics that might make more sense to you at why there is a force that makes people fast, but not strong, etc. - Basically, the Speed Force is a force, similar to gravity, except that instead of keeping us grounded to the earth, it's the force that moves time and space forward. The reasoning for it granting people powers is because as it moves time forward, it builds up excess energy that needs to be released, which happens when speedsters run and give off lightning. Basically, the speedsters are the Speed Force's "release valve". Without them to expend the energy, time would not function properly. I hope this makes sense to you and I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks!

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One Of The Last Gargoyles in New Orleans writes...

In a fight between Oberon with only the strength of of one of his "Children" and the space spawn who would win?

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Helen writes...

Question: Just saw the character lineup for the Team! Looks wonderful, and I laughed out loud when I saw that Cassie looked so...CASSIE! It appears that none of the first six/eight members are present. Question: Where can we get those black Young Justice shirts?

How relevant...!

Thanks for bringing much joy to my life with the creation of my show, not to mention hardcore shipping feelings.

Yep, Traught.

And aw snap! I hope we get to see our favorites, and I don't doubt that we will. Slim chance that Mr.Greg Weisman would toss aside Nightwing/Artemis/Megan/Connor/Kaldur/Wally(oh.)/Impluse/Zee/Raquel(where did she go! besides the JL, obviously)/Tim

I can't wait to get my hands on this! I daresay it's my favorite animated series, ever.

And Traught (Nightwing/Artemis) is my favorite animated neverhapenning-couple/friend-lationship ever.

Think the internet would sign a Traught petition?

Thank you for your time, Mr. Weisman, your work is appreciated!

(P.S, can we get some throwback tidbits of humor? I am well aware of the fact that things will be getting more mature/dark, but I could use another "Hello, Megan!" or better, Dick and his "unwords". And maybe you would consider squishing in some more shared screen time with our dearest Nightwing and Artemis...because Gotham. And crazed fans.yay, Arrowette is here!)

I also feel guilty for not accepting the ships I'm supposed to ship. Just because I love Dick/Arty doesn't mean I hate you or any of the writers! Or Wally1 Or Linda Park!

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