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Babs writes...

ok this is going to be a pain, but I'm making a Gargoyle page page , and need mucho info about the chars and the land that they came from and so on and so on, I've been hunting for a few days and it seems that every few web sites I go on, thier info is different from what others are, and I would like to have the correct info for my page, right now I'm working on info for the main N.Y. clan, you know thier age, when they were born, height, wingspan, stuff that like. and i would also like to find out about info with other Clans around the world, what ever you can help me with would mean a great deal and also help that much you can get back to me on here or e-mail me at Barb018@hotmail.com for any info anyone have for me, just plz make sure that it's 100 % correct I don't want to spend hours making this site just to find out that its wrong, plus its my first site I ever made and im learning HTML and Flash and some other werid things to make it, if anyone has any pics or midis, mps, whatever thank you very much. This is the best page that I can find about Gargoyles, you has tons of info and it helps alot, so i know you won't let me down, from one Gargoyle fan to another .

Greg responds...

Uh, I guess I'm a gargoyle fan.

But, I'm sorry, you're question is too large and vague, and since you posted it nearly two years ago, I'm not going to expend a ton of effort to write up everything I can think of for a page you probably completed ages ago.

And I don't know wingspans, anyhow.

Still most of what you're looking for is available in the ASK GREG archives or FAQ.

Good luck.

Response recorded on June 17, 2004

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Derick writes...

why was is there no more new eposodies i really don't know why

Greg responds...

I really don't know what you're asking. But I'm guessing the answer's in the FAQ or Archives.

Response recorded on May 11, 2004

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Ruthie writes...

What led you to come up with this creative idea? I mean, I never would have thought up Gargoyles as actually living with emotions that usually human beings are the only ones to possess.
I'm also curious as to how you did break into the business. I hope to one day succeed as you have. I hope you can offer some tips and it's not at all luck that gave you a chance to make Gargoyles.

Greg responds...

All of this info is available at the ASK GREG FAQ...


If you still have questions after reading through this, you know where to find me...

Response recorded on May 07, 2004

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Erin writes...

Have you made any progress on getting the new gargoyles series up and running? If so then when can we expect it? Also, if this series does get going, will you disregard what happened to the characters in the goliath chronicles?

Greg responds...

No real progress, no. Though I think some positive steps include (1) the fact that they're now airing reruns in the Jetix block on ABC Family and (2) the coming release of the DVD.

As to your second question, I've answered it many, many times before. It will depend on the situation of our pick-up.

Response recorded on May 04, 2004

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Arystella writes...

Hi Greg!
Me again! I hope I'm not being picky or anything, but I wanted to ask you a question about Hudson's sword. . . sometimes when Hudson turns to stone, so does his sword, but other times it doesn't.
Why is this?
(What sorcerey is this!?)

Greg responds...

This is in the archives over and over. At the time of transformation, if Hudson is thinking of his sword as part of his uniform, it will turn to stone with the rest of his clothes per a spell cast during the time of Caesar Augustus. If he's thinking about it as a separate weapon (or whatever) it won't. He doesn't even have to be conscious of the decision.

Response recorded on April 22, 2004

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Anonymous writes...

why did gargoyle stop airing?

Greg responds...

Check the FAQ, please.

Response recorded on February 27, 2004

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Mark: PRJibaroPapi69@aol.com writes...

Hey Greg! Long time fan first time posting! I was wondering, you said that Gargoyles is the total property of Disney. Does that mean that even though you are the creator, you can't do anything with the series unless they give the okay? If so, does that mean your unable to buy ALL the rights to the show? If not, do you ever plan to reair the show with all new episodes in the future? The reason I ask these questions is because Disney was stupid in pulling the plug on the series just because they wanted to move on to something new. But if your able to buy the rights, I'm sure there's more than enough studio's out there who are so eager for ratings that they'll finance the reintergration of the show back to television. The WB would definatly welcome the show to it's programing as it was aired on that station in New York. Is there anyway that, at the very least, you can create a book series of Gargoyle novels that bring a close to the storylines that were never closed while the series was on the air? I just think that if Gargoyles will never make a big TV come back that comic books or novels should be made in it's place that bring a big close to the universe once and for all. Well... an official close because we all know that Gargoyles will always live on in fanfiction. That's all I guess. Thanx for writing such a wonderful series. One more questions, although it's not documented, in your most best thought opinion since the Gargoyles are the guardians of Manhattan, how do you think they reacted when, upon waking up from their stone sleep, they saw a big gapeing hole and a huge smoke screen on what used to be the world trade center on September 11th??? I, and alot of the fans, would really like to know.

Greg responds...

Yes. Again. Disney owns 100% of Gargoyles. They don't sell their properties, and even if they did -- WHICH THEY DON'T -- the cost would be way prohibitive.

I don't know if they were stupid to pull the plug after Goliath Chronicles. I'm not sure they exercised much smarts in pushing me out the door prior to Chronicles, but that's a VERY complicated story and in any case, should be attributed to individuals who no longer even work for the Mouse. Including me.

I also think, unfortunately, that you're wrong about other networks like the WB wanting the show. It's a moot issue, because Disney won't sell, but I see no indication that there is a single network out there looking for something like Gargoyles. No indication at all. Gargoyles has the greatest fans in the world, and I'm hoping that the DVD release will make enough of a splash and attract fans, both old and new, to wake people up to the possibilities that the series represents.

In the meantime, I haven't given up trying to get the property up and running again in some way, shape or form, and publishing (comics or novels) is something I'm extremely interested in.

As for the fans, the best thing they can do -- at least until the DVD's release -- is to come to the Gathering (our annual Gargoyles Fan Convention), this August, 2004 in Montreal.

Check out their website:


The more fans that show up to the convention, the greater our collective voice, the more likely that Disney takes notice.

Finally, I've answered the 9/11 question many times. Check the archives.

Response recorded on January 28, 2004

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Anonymous writes...

I don't know if you've heard of this show, but you've worked with some of its staff members on shows like "Men In Black" and "Max Steel- The shows called "Extreme Ghostbusters." It was 1997 spin-off of "The Real Ghostbusters" cartoon. If somehow you were able to bring back "Gargoyles" in the same way, how would you do it? Do you think you'd be able to work around it considering TGC, or would you have someone help you or take the torch? If this possibility did happen, what would your concept of villains be?

Greg responds...

I'm not sure I understand the point you're trying to make regarding Extreme Ghostbusters... I know of the show, know many people who worked on it, but I never saw it. Never saw much of Real Ghostbusters either, actually.

For more info on what I'd do to bring Gargoyles back, check the FAQ for my so-called Master Plan.

As for villains, I don't know how to answer this question generically. Do you have a specific villain you want to know about?

Response recorded on January 23, 2004

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Alfred Manifesto writes...

Long time watcher, first time question asker, I happen to be doing a research paper for colege concerning the literary references within Gargoyles (shakespeare and mythology). I was wondering what comments you might have concerning the way which you used these works. For example, your re-telling of McBeth in city of stone parts 1-4 is very different from the play. This makes sense because the play is an altered versain of the actual historical story to make it more entertaining as well as aceptable to the king of england. As i intend on focusing a majority of my paper to Mcbeth I was wondering how you went about combining history, shakespeare, and your own storyline. If you could make any general comments or speak about mythology in any way would be greatly apriciated. I ask not only because it would help my paper, but also it would be a personal thrill to even get a responce. I've known about this site for a while, but this is the first time i've had a decent question. Lastly, I know its quite possible this has been answered before, but i have not yet read all of the entries in the archives, you are creator and producer of one of my favorite cartoons of all time, how does one find themself in that possition of creater and producer? thanx for your time

Greg responds...

Well, unless your paper wasn't due until 2004, I guess I'm too late to help you there.

Macbeth (with an "a" and a lower case "b") the play was indeed a major influence on our version of Macbeth, but we chose to follow the less-told tale that was the true (or truer) history. But we kept the Weird Sisters in it, and even a few lines of Shakespeare where possible. Plus of course we added the gargoyle race, weaving Demona in and out of Macbeth's story. Or rather, we weaved Macbeth's story into the tapestry that is the Gargoyles' Universe.

As to my background, I'd suggest checking the FAQ and coming back here if you have more specific questions that the FAQ didn't answer.

Response recorded on January 21, 2004

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Lacy writes...

Hi, actually this is more of a general ramblin fan letter than a question.

I love gargoyals, and even after all this time I still do.

OH! Though one good question just came to mind (and likely has been asked a million times) Do you plan on ever re-releasing gargoyals as they were in the first two seasons? (not that stupid farce that ABC mangled.) Do you have to wait for any wavers of contracts or has Disney totally bought out all rights to the show so that we never have hopes of seeing it anywere unless they deside to grace us with it (like that would ever happen)

I also noticed that Aladdin the series was in your list of series you did, that was surprising to me, but then again not really, now that I think about it the series had alot of the same feel as gargoyals. (GO MOZENRATH! chee, I'm such a sap for the bad boys)

Gargoyals still holds a strong place in my heart and was definately the first series I ever did fan art, as well as stories about. (Hey I can read,just said I did it, not giving nothing here, nor do I want to. They just fun stuff for me personally anyway.)

Puck is definately my favorite charactor, and it was a huge disapointment to me, my little sister and our circle of friends who are all fans when he wasnt even given an apearence in that chronicals series. (well other than as Owen) So much got crammed and cliche'd in that series, BLEH gotta get off it >.<

Anyway, love the details and developement of the charactors, they all were so believeable and real. The series touched imagination and feeling as no show has, it wsn't just animation as america treats it, but a true series, like Babyalon 5 and StarTrek series. It is the exsample I use most often in arguements for animation used as another form of filming rather than just entertainment for children.

I really hope to see more someday.

OH!!!! End question!!! Did you ever write out how you planned the series to go? If so, did you ever put them to the web? If so... CAN I SEE?!!!!!

Greg responds...

I'm glad you liked the show.

I worked on developing Aladdin for television -- though that wasn't exactly rocket science -- but had nothing to with its production. I'm sorry if that was unclear.

Disney ALWAYS owned Gargoyles outright. Bringing it back is not up to me, though I'd like to and I continue to hold out some hope.

I have a master plan and tons of ideas in my head, going forward and backward. A fraction of that plan is on the web, and can be accessed by checking the ASK GREG FAQ.

Response recorded on January 09, 2004

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