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Lacy writes...

Hi, actually this is more of a general ramblin fan letter than a question.

I love gargoyals, and even after all this time I still do.

OH! Though one good question just came to mind (and likely has been asked a million times) Do you plan on ever re-releasing gargoyals as they were in the first two seasons? (not that stupid farce that ABC mangled.) Do you have to wait for any wavers of contracts or has Disney totally bought out all rights to the show so that we never have hopes of seeing it anywere unless they deside to grace us with it (like that would ever happen)

I also noticed that Aladdin the series was in your list of series you did, that was surprising to me, but then again not really, now that I think about it the series had alot of the same feel as gargoyals. (GO MOZENRATH! chee, I'm such a sap for the bad boys)

Gargoyals still holds a strong place in my heart and was definately the first series I ever did fan art, as well as stories about. (Hey I can read,just said I did it, not giving nothing here, nor do I want to. They just fun stuff for me personally anyway.)

Puck is definately my favorite charactor, and it was a huge disapointment to me, my little sister and our circle of friends who are all fans when he wasnt even given an apearence in that chronicals series. (well other than as Owen) So much got crammed and cliche'd in that series, BLEH gotta get off it >.<

Anyway, love the details and developement of the charactors, they all were so believeable and real. The series touched imagination and feeling as no show has, it wsn't just animation as america treats it, but a true series, like Babyalon 5 and StarTrek series. It is the exsample I use most often in arguements for animation used as another form of filming rather than just entertainment for children.

I really hope to see more someday.

OH!!!! End question!!! Did you ever write out how you planned the series to go? If so, did you ever put them to the web? If so... CAN I SEE?!!!!!

Greg responds...

I'm glad you liked the show.

I worked on developing Aladdin for television -- though that wasn't exactly rocket science -- but had nothing to with its production. I'm sorry if that was unclear.

Disney ALWAYS owned Gargoyles outright. Bringing it back is not up to me, though I'd like to and I continue to hold out some hope.

I have a master plan and tons of ideas in my head, going forward and backward. A fraction of that plan is on the web, and can be accessed by checking the ASK GREG FAQ.

Response recorded on January 09, 2004