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Stanley Cowens writes...

Just got done reading your first book and really enjoyed it. Just got the second book on kindle and will start reading it soon. I hope you are able to turn this into a movie or animated program at some point.The first book would make an awesome movie In my opinion.THis book seems to have Guillermo del Toro written all over it.

I was wondering what type of advertising you are doing for the book and what have found to be the most useful in getting the word out?

I was wondering about the possibility of you ever doing any gargoyles novels.I can not wait to see the story line continued in some form or other. I felt like I was just reading the tip of the ice berg or cool stories. I do not know how feasible that would be,but I would love to read more gargoyles related stories from you in any format.

Greg responds...

I'm glad you like Rain of the Ghosts. A short review on Amazon would help me out, I'm told.

Let me know what you think of Spirits of Ash and Foam, once you've read it.

I'd love to do a movie or show based on the Rain series, but so far no one has been interested.

I've used social media and done multiple, multiple interviews (print, online, even good old radio) to promote the book. I can't say anything has been all that effective, unfortunately.

Perhaps the Rain of the Ghosts AudioPlay (currently available for purchase and download at Gumroad.com/RainoftheGhosts) will bring more attention to the property as a whole.

I'd also love to do Gargoyles' novels. But that's not up to me. I don't own Gargoyles.

Response recorded on February 04, 2016

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Joyous writes...

Have you ever considered turning Gargoyles into a series of novels? I don't know how it would work with Disney owning the show rights, but a comic was made, so why not a book? There's so much story untold and I would love to see it continue in any form possible. :)

Greg responds...

Does anyone EVER check the archives? Like maybe the archive entitled "Gargoyles the Novel"? <sigh>

Yes, I've considered it. I'd love to. It's not up to me.

Response recorded on January 12, 2011

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Cody writes...

I just wanted to say thanks Greg for the fantastic story you've created here. I went on a nostalgic kick awhile back and revisited some series from my childhood.. most did not stand up so well, but I actually appreciate what you were doing with Gargoyles more now than I ever did back then and, in hindsight, recognize just how far ahead of its time it actually was.

The world you have crafted here is so vivid and interesting, it got me to thinking, have you ever thought about writing a novel about the Gargoyles? Or do you see Gargoyles always existing in a more visual medium, like animation or comic books?
Just to go a little further afield, what are your thoughts on "opening it up," Stars Wars style, so other authors can write the stories while you maintain tight control over canon? I think I know what your answer will be, but I have quite the appetite for more Gargoyles stories than exist at the moment, so I have to ask.

Thanks again.

Greg responds...

As I've said (here) many times before, I'd LOVE to write a Gargoyles' novel.

As for your second question, that's pretty much how I ran the series in the first place.

Response recorded on May 15, 2008

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Cedric Calles writes...

Hello Greg. I read the last post and this indeed is my real name if curious " Cedric franklin kaili Calles " Proud Scott/Irish man. When I was younen I enjoyed watching your "Gargoyles" very much. I was fasinated of medievil times. Where times of honor, glory, and magic lived in those mystical ages. Atlass when I saw the last episode and the unfortunate fate awaited for Goliath and his clan. I was bloody mad at the end and later cried. Hours passed and I began to think, the cartoon era was changing and were losing their ways. A New Era of twisted cartoons that contained stories of no moral, ideas, or reasoning to the common sense and violence to the extreme beyond of comprehision, strange ideas of doing wrong was right, and the idea of its ok to be stupid or do stupid things as a normal daily life, was born. Which comes to my question...

Do you believe it was the right call for " Gargoyles " to end as it was to be saved from the New Era of Corruption, keeping its Orgin?

My final question, why did you not make a book out of it? To open a world of their world to ours.

Greg responds...

I'm not sure I understand the question, Cedric. I'm wondering which "end" you saw. Hunter's Moon? Or the end of Goliath Chronicles? I hardly think our ending (Hunter's Moon) was twisted or promoted the notion that doing wrong is right. Quite the reverse. So when you throw out phrases like "New Era of Corruption" or "keeping it's Origin", I don't quite know what to make of it all.

As for your final question -- sigh -- asked and answered many, many times. I'd love to turn it into a book. Just need a publisher.

Response recorded on June 12, 2007