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Cedric Calles writes...

Hello Greg. I read the last post and this indeed is my real name if curious " Cedric franklin kaili Calles " Proud Scott/Irish man. When I was younen I enjoyed watching your "Gargoyles" very much. I was fasinated of medievil times. Where times of honor, glory, and magic lived in those mystical ages. Atlass when I saw the last episode and the unfortunate fate awaited for Goliath and his clan. I was bloody mad at the end and later cried. Hours passed and I began to think, the cartoon era was changing and were losing their ways. A New Era of twisted cartoons that contained stories of no moral, ideas, or reasoning to the common sense and violence to the extreme beyond of comprehision, strange ideas of doing wrong was right, and the idea of its ok to be stupid or do stupid things as a normal daily life, was born. Which comes to my question...

Do you believe it was the right call for " Gargoyles " to end as it was to be saved from the New Era of Corruption, keeping its Orgin?

My final question, why did you not make a book out of it? To open a world of their world to ours.

Greg responds...

I'm not sure I understand the question, Cedric. I'm wondering which "end" you saw. Hunter's Moon? Or the end of Goliath Chronicles? I hardly think our ending (Hunter's Moon) was twisted or promoted the notion that doing wrong is right. Quite the reverse. So when you throw out phrases like "New Era of Corruption" or "keeping it's Origin", I don't quite know what to make of it all.

As for your final question -- sigh -- asked and answered many, many times. I'd love to turn it into a book. Just need a publisher.

Response recorded on June 12, 2007